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John Kerry aint no democrat

The Prosecutor vs. the Laconic Cowboy or What's the Difference Between Asshholes.
John Kerry Ain't No Democrat
by Rachel Olivieri
July 17, 2004

Ok, time for a concession. I, Rachel Olivieri, of somewhat sound mind and body, do hereby bequeath my franchise of "one" self-elected vote to one undeserving John Kerry on Nov. 2nd, 2004: with great trepidation and reservation. I do this for that great American cause: ABB. I urge all others to grant and reserve as well. And, hold on to your reserve.

Having said that, I am "free" to exact the consequence of my vote; critical analysis.

It's not that Kerry is a liberal or a Democrat; he's neither. He fessed up to the Liberal part in an address: "I am not a Liberal." Of course, unapologetic Kerry was addressing a group that would not vote for him if he were. Now we all know "Liberal" has been lobotomized in recent times, as has much of the useable workman's language. Perhaps Kerry knows this. Bring 'em on.

In Kerry's case, he told the truth about "Liberal" but misleads about being a Democrat. John Kerry is an SOB. Yes indeed, but not the first one that comes to mind however. I have more dignity than that. Rather, SOB as Salesman of Bush. Indeed, Bush could not have optimized a more engaging devotee. Furthermore, the Less-Than-Democratic Party (LTDP), Kerry's real party affiliation, is License to Defraud People.

Now I suppose, I will have to make good on this declaration: Okay. First, Kerry's meteoric rise to national prominence. Having been stalled on empty campaign strategies, along some lonely stretch of political highway going nowhere fast, was essentially catapulted to front runner position. All of this of course, after Dean's unfortunate DLC/Mainstream Media shark feeding frenzy. In the swirling pool of blood and bits of flesh that remained, Kerry was able to rescue most of Dean's rhetoric chunks. To wit: Lazarus rose from the dead, except his long face of course, off another man's fervor and conviction. And, that is all I have to say about that.

Now the Democratic Leadership Council, (DLC), or Democrats like Corporations, should have been named Democratic Leadership Council Majority. Then, they would have completed their main themes: (DCLM) which would be Democrats like Corporations and Militarism. Yes, John was present at its founding. That is John Kerry, the Corporatist and Militarist. By most accounting methods, the DLC is driven, no obsessed, with purging progressive ideals from its platforms. That is you and I. We progressives are after all, Anti-WalMartizing and Anti-Imperialistic-Militarism. Enough said.

This is not to say I don't support the military or dislike corporations. I just don't want them to rule the planet earth is all.

Both Iraq wars, Patriot Act, WTO, NAFTA, every job slashing trade pact that floated through the Senate, racist death penalty and insane war on drug users swelling our prisons populations to over 2 million. Wall Street protection from suits filed by ripped off little gal/guy investors. Senator John Kerry how do you vote on these issues: "Aye!"

I will say this, one thing Kerry has over Bush is time in elected office. (Bush has none) Under Clintonesque reign, Kerry voted for the 1994 Crime Bill (Federalized Crime). This bill was reformed in 1995. Remarks from Stephen Moore, Dir. of Fiscal Policy said; "an affront to the second amendment, and the efforts to "federalize crime." I read it - what a mess.

Kerry said "Aye" to Clinton's 1996 Counter Terrorism & Effective Death Penalty Act. Little brother to Bush's civil liberties robbing Patriot Act.

Senator Kerry will you continue to support the Kyoto Treaty? "Nay," affirmed Environmentalist Kerry.

Did you catch who his foreign policy advisor is, Rand Beers, Bush's National Security Council advisor until a year ago. What was he thinking? Just a coincidence I am sure, after all, how many qualified National Security Advisors are there to choose from? Good question?

Kerry would have all African Americans believe he will serve as the "Second Black President." Hubris! Only, how does Kerry explain his rhetoric about black people being solely responsible for their plight. Their dependency on welfare programs prevents their rise into society. He disfavors affirmative action. How do you explain to a man that has never milked a cow, how it feels to be kicked by one while to trying to milk one.

You do not. Clueless Kerry, the super-privileged is completely lost to the plight of the poor. If Kerry is worried about welfare costs, he ought to look no further than Wall Street. They have milked more money from public coffers than all the welfare programs put together. Kerry will have to rely on strong advisors who have been kicked by a cow.

Kerry's position on Iraq really wonks me. We have Negroponte, the butcher of Latin America, teamed with Minister Allawi, CIA paid assassin, running the show. He supports both nominations.

Kerry's position on Iraq fails Iraqi sovereignty and serves neo-conservative self-interest. Iraqi's know their culture and freedom is lost to "Thieves in High Places." They see all too clearly the greed for oil and Middle East dominance. Iraqi's know exactly what they need and exactly what they are not going to get with either Bush's or Kerry's plan.

What does Kerry want? Twenty-five thousand more troops for starters. His view point is based in militarism. Kerry is ripe to do a "Johnson" in Iraq. If Kerry were truly committed to Iraqi self-determination and democracy, he would:

* Disband the puppet government

* Sponsor free elections

* Cancel privatization contracts; End war profiteering

* Send Negroponte packing

* Employ Iraqi's to major participation in their reconstruction

* Provide UN participation with accountability and oversight

If Kerry would make these vital changes to Iraq policy, most of the insurgency would dissipate allowing for stabilization and real reconstruction efforts to begin and troops to withdraw. What Iraqi's need is a sense of hope for the end of occupation, the reclaiming of their resources and the right to have a voice in their future? Do we think Iraq is incapable of rebuilding their infrastructure? You know, the one they erected prior to our bombing it to rubble without legal cause.

Ok, so Kerry is not a Progressive or a Liberal or even a Democrat. Get over it and just vote for him he isn't Bush. Nuance of slight genetic code. We will get some economic scraps to keep us pacified and be damn lucky to get it.

The Prosecutor vs. the Laconic Cowboy or What's the Difference Between Asshholes. What is the difference? The Laconic Cowboy, the untreated pathological megalomaniac alcoholic, has his "Raptured" inspired finger on nuclear holocaust. That's the difference. And a big one!

Rachel Oliveri is "not a writer, just a pissed off progressive."
After all that ... 17.Jul.2004 20:40

George Bender

... she is still going to vote for Kerry. Therefore her opinion makes no difference whatsoever. She's just blowing off steam. If you want to make any difference, you have to put your vote where your mouth is.

true 18.Jul.2004 03:26


i , me , of non-certified mental health status, do hereby deny item "vote" from said ketchup lord john kerry on the grounds that kerry will be exactly like bush where it really counts (foreign policy; sources: kerry's platform) and will lull all of the article writers friends (those who smile when they say ABB) into a false sense of comfort...

you see; frankly mrs. and mr. middle class america, even when you see a relative rise in your comfort level, you should never again be allowed to ignore the fact that your little d democrat leader is just as efficient at keeping darky down (underneath an exploded building) to make sure you can have that kitty who only likes the best brand of kitty food. you know, that cute little kitty whos trip to the emergency room cost more than 10 iraqi brain surgeries.


ok, now ill go choke down the article i just commented on.

i, me 18.Jul.2004 03:29


"This is not to say I don't support the military or dislike corporations."

this is to say i dont support the military and i dislike corporations.

The only justification I see at this point for voting for Kerry ... 18.Jul.2004 05:45


... is for the Supreme Court, and the federal courts generally. He'd probably make somewhat better appointments, consistently, than Bush.

My biggest fear with Kerry, at this point, is that those Democrats aggressively insisting "Anybody But Bush" - just as they aggressively insisted in 2000 that "A vote for Nader is a vote for Bush" will sit back on their behinds when the election is over if Kerry wins. If Bush wins they MAY actually fight his policies and work for defeat of his gang in 2006 and 2008.

Kerry's policies will be essentially the same as Bush's: not quite as overtly militaristic, greedy, anti-civil libertarian, etc., but basically boiling us and the rest of the world slowly in the same pot that Bush boils us in quickly.

At least under Bush, some people are seeing how bad the ruling structure is: And it took 1 year of war, 2 years of exploiting the patriotism and fear aroused by 9/11, and 3 years after the theft of the presidency for most of them to see that, or at least to stand up against it.

The Democrats have us progressives exactly where they want us. That itself be a reason to vote against them, for it can be argued that was fortuitous; not plotted by the Dems, but a gift from Dubya and the Republicans. But it certainly isn't a reason to vote FOR them.

Don't have too much faith in the courts 18.Jul.2004 11:08

Dead Horse

After all, they appointed pResident moron.

Alternate Headline: "Political Bulimics for Kerry" 18.Jul.2004 16:52


They cast their vote and then want to throw up. The Democrats could provide airline barf bags labeled "Vote Kerry Anyway" to help voters of this ilk.

Bulimic Non-Writier 01.Aug.2004 23:22

Rachel Olivieri rachelolivieri@yahoo.com

My position on Kerry is subject to criticism. I agree. It comes down to a vision of the planets supreme official, George Bush, worrying incessantly about "enemies of the state." With a Captain Queeg "state of mind", he intones Biblical quotes one time and angry epithets another; he finds no solace in either. Disturbed by plaguing doubts of self-importance, challenging the core of his sanity, he scorns even his closest associates fearing treason from them as well. Lost to all reality and reason, he prepares yet another folly. He looks skyward as if to dare rationale to protest either his deity or his vision. He is the President and he can.

The world's loss of faith in the US and our messianic president can be measured only by the acts of the Stalin's and Hitler's of this world. Little imagination is required to realize we have a rabbit hole with considerable depth. The fact that he is not currently blind-folded hog-tied and made to learn syntax while undergoing impeachment hearings in an "outraged" Congress may be one of the greatest mysteries of our time; then again not.

Excluding the Constitution, which this Administration attempts to achieve, every progressive movement over the last 100 years of our American experiment has been deleted, modified, or is presently severely challenged by the Bushites.

What a mess we have. Our President lies continuously, pathologically. His claim to "war president" legitimacy comes from God Almighty not Congress. Our attorney general defeats personal and civil liberties and renders art godless. Our VP conducts business as if he never left Halliburton and duck hunts with Justice Scalia prior to a Supreme Court ruling involving the "maintenance" of secrecy over his energy task force. Rumsfeld secretly authorizes detainee torture outside the realm of the Geneva Convention. Then assures the world that, "The world will see how a free and democratic society functions." Secretary of Education Paige, calls teachers terrorist. We have a General who "calls out" the God's of others to battle his God. Tom "Don" DeLay and his southern gang of capo's have strong armed legislation paid for by special interest. And the list, like a demented bunny rabbit, goes on-and-on.

The American psyche is bruised, disillusioned and ruptured. The call to patriotic conformity, the frame job of the Bushites, has left most folks in denial if not downright outrage. Where we go from here is clearly unknown.

Our preoccupation with "Anybody but Bush" leaves us out-of-focus to all issues save one: Deselecting Bush. ABB does not change the reality but rather enhances it. What needs to change is our focus. Consider this:

Bush, the most powerful president of all time, achieved that extraordinary position via the catastrophic event of 9/11. Congress, unwilling to exercise its constitutional leadership defined by our founders, gave rise to the first American Emperor illegally. We were all blindsided. We were lied to and used. We are outraged and this makes us vulnerable. Bush's policies are the new catastrophe following 9/11 and Kerry stands to benefit.

We are handing Kerry absolute power without making him accountable and without testing his sense of our needs. Not unlike Congress abdicating its responsibilities to Bush. There is no "other" candidate to debate the serious issues of our time. Through the magic machinations of corporations and the mainstream media they control, we have been offered two choices: their choices. The only option is between smart and dumb. What kind of choice is that? A wise man said, "When given only two choices; pick a third."

Kerry offers one thing. He offers the corporate power brokers an elite "manager" of American Empire vs. the eternally incompetent Bush. Do not count on Kerry altruism to speak to our needs. End of story.

Hoping that a president, no matter his good intentions, is going to lead us to the Promised Land will languish in the desert. Will perish waiting for the manna from heaven that will never come.

What needs to change is our focus. We have the two deadliest sins of mankind: Nuclear holocaust and a dying planet. All else is secondary to these issues. There are only two reasons for nuclear weapons: to dominate or to prevent domination. Every motivation for owning nukes is provided and none to disown them. Most of the planet's destruction is due to fossil fuels. We have no dialogue concerning either during this election.

Our focus is oil. We are all complicit to it. We are all addicted. We are faced with the realities of "The American Way." Consider there is no "America to Take Back." Consider the American Dream is a myth of heroic proportions.

And if we could, why would we? The "American Way" consumes 25% of the planets resources while we claim 5% of its population. Third World countries fade in poverty and disease to support our life style. The "American Way" is terminal. Our oil is terminal. Our oil fix comes at the price of lives; others lives. And will continue at a still greater rate as we plummet off the slope of declining oil reserves.

Do we hope or expect that Kerry will find a more acceptable flavor of Empire? Can we hope he will find one that justifies our expensive habit? One that kills, maims, robs resources and liberties more humanely than Bush? Kerry will be like tracking a falcon in the fog; one may catch the sounds of its bells yet never knowing what direction it will turn next.

The biggest fear is that with a Kerry election, far too many will drop there guards. Tune in their "reality shows" and forget their outrage and the reason they wore it. Our memory, in a world of 200 channels, last 24 hours in this country. That will allow the snakes to slither unnoticed through the tall grass of deceit.

Imperialism will not be reversed by the political/corporate machinations that exist today or those that might exist tomorrow. All that is powerful will protect that which makes it powerful. Controlling the world's resources is the only way. Fear and endless war is the method by which it is achieved.

It comes down to this. Either we get busy supporting the American Empire in providing our "American Way" through its pursuit of oil and world domination. We support fear and endless war as a necessary manifestation. We ride this "junkie-fix wave" for all its worth until it crashes on shore collapsing all hopes for mankind.

Or, we get busy reclaiming our Global Humanity and our Global Planet. Reclamation comes from one source, the smallest of entities yet the most potent, the individual who cares and acts. The ground swell of collective consciousness has already begun. It can be heard in public powered radio sweeping America. You can hear the call for "Freedom to Know" in programs like Democracy Now, Alternative Radio and similar venues.

We witnessed the power of "grass roots" momentum 21st century style through the Dean campaign. Indeed that took the rich and powerful by complete surprise, hence his demise. It can be recreated. We can connect our collectiveness to prevail over the 1% who rule over the world and us today.

Some of us look at the Third Party option and think "no way." They would never make it to mainstream politics let alone the presidency. Yet, if one where to look back some thirty years ago, we would find a Republican Party beaten and downtrodden. It was from this stance that they strategized their reemergence to control all three branches of government today. I can be done. It must be done.

It is not my intent to change your mind, your vote or your lifestyle. The fear factor is so high with the Bush Dynasty that it would take serious guts to vote for a third party. One would have to be entirely convinced that the distinction between Bush/Kerry is lost to God and imperialism. That analysis will show the only distinction will be how many innocent people lose their lives under one as opposed to the other.

Only through our participation in progressive organizations that solidify collective dissent can we act as a drag on a tractor pull, halting imperialism in its tracks. Our collective consciousness exercised through massive protests, petitions and boycotts is the only weapon we have short of outright armed revolution.

Two critical elements that will form the basis of a true political revolution will require: Federally funded elections and the return of a free press. Without this our country will continue to be for sale and our corporate press will wantonly mislead through deception and selective inattention leaving us searching in the dark.

I believe the duoploy between the current parties will not change either from the top down or the bottom up. We can criticise each other all day long about whom we might vote for and what that vote might mean.

The reality is that we are all to blame for the current and future condition of our planet. Indeed, you and me. The first person we have failed has been ourselves. Failure to elect ourselves first as the prime source of our individual power to unite and change.

Until the collective conscioius of man can rise above self-induced-limitations, can we begin to see that which transforms us. That's the ember catches substance, firing the collective, a momentum "begins" to elect community, state and then federal leaders. The "people blockade" if you will that holds back the tide of imperialism. Just long enough for a political revolution to take hold.

Rachel Olivieri