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Ding Dong: Al-Qaeda Calling!

In light of DHS warnings, do not allow Avon ladies into your home....
Al-Qaeda Calling
Al-Qaeda Calling
Al-Qaeda is now recruiting crackers.

homepage: homepage: http://www.stephen-devoy.com

Who Knows... 17.Jul.2004 19:10

I Spy

...your next visit from the FBI might just be al Qaeda in disguise. Protect yourselves.

look on the bright side.... 17.Jul.2004 21:59


bu$H and cronies will be able to use this as more examples of jobs created in the U.$.

Crackers? 18.Jul.2004 14:49


Just exactly who are you referring to by the racial slur, "Cracker". Is that all white people, or just the ones that happen to disagree with you? Is "Cracker" the euro-american synonym to "Nigger" or are we talking about just dumb, uneducated, lower-class white people? If you are going to use the term, you should be a little more specific...