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Sick of Scooters

Who made those little pests legal?
You've seen them around, the little motorized skateboard things. They were funny at first, but now that their numbers have increased, I've started to wonder, where the hell did these things come from? First, (buzzzzz there goes one) they're noisy, next they have no emissions controls so they probably pollute more than a car, and not only that, they're illegal. Very often the drivers are not liscenced or insured, they're buzzing around in the traffic but they're not street legal (no headlights or turn signals). Why are the cops looking the other way? Of course the Oregonian won't say peep about them: they're busy running the ads for them every day. But the rest of us have to decide: are we going to allow these little killler bees to invade?

Expensive, Noxious, Dangerous Toys 17.Jul.2004 16:41

Duck and Run

My brother out in Gresham owns two of these obnoxious toys. He encouraged us to try them out when we were there for a family gathering. The smell alone made me sick, just taking it around the block.

Riding one of these in traffic makes about as much sense as taking a snowmobile through downtown Portland. You can be sure that if folks were out in the street in traffic on skateboards the police would descend and ticket them, pronto.

Just thank your lucky stars that that stupid Segway isn't proliferating as its manufacturer had hoped.

filthy two stroke motors 17.Jul.2004 17:32

red suspenders

Those damn things run so much 2 stroke oil, and run rich. Theres no excuse for any motor vehicle to have a 2 stroke. They ought to be illegal as hell. Even the new ones pour oil-smoke into the air, I've got a twelve year old chainsaw and it doesn't smoke anywhere near like those things One scooter goes by, doesnt seem to matter whether it's an aincient vespa or one of the new apprillas you can smell the smoke for five minutes. You can make the same power with a 4-stroke. make it a little bigger or rev up higher. I've got a 1981 Honda CB 750 that I bought for cheap and named "beater-bike" One scooter driving by makes 5 times more god-damn smoke than a fleet of old junker "big" bikes.

The outrage is that these rolling 2 stroke smoke machines are still being imported and sold new. Hey you italians- put a decent motor in your scooters or get the fuck out of my country.

Sorry for the cussing. People die young in big cities all over the world due to 2 stroke motors.

This rant is from a guy who belives in relaxing the standards for heavy metal contamination in drinking water...

Hummer scooter guy 17.Jul.2004 18:29


I see this guy all the time in NE that sells these noisy little scooters from a fucking bright yellow HUMMER. He has about 4 on top and on the inside. He has a contact phone # on the back 503-784-6400.

Racist Sexist Classist Thugs are well and thriving on PDX Indymedia 17.Jul.2004 19:43


OK, so lets beat up on another minority.....kids on scooters. Lets even associate them with the dreaded "Hummer". I mean, c'mon guys, don't you have anything better to do with your time?

They're breaking the law for christs sake! I mean fuck, what happened with teenage rebellion..... The only people I could see getting upset about this issue is the fucking SUV drivers out there who have to slow down for these scooters. Maybe all the bitches who are complaining here, drive SUVs.

I'd Like To Know 17.Jul.2004 20:17

When We Got So Lazy

that we cant even peddle a bike or push a skateboard. Now we need them motorized. Lazy bastards...ride a bike. BTW scooterist, I do not own an SUV but instead ride a bike. And I hate the scooters. The good thing is that most of the scooters are gone for 9 months of the year. Fair weather riders

get rid of the stinky lawnmowers and weedeaters too ! 17.Jul.2004 21:57


Hey, as long as you're getting down on the petrol motorized scooters, then get rid of the petrol lawnmowers, weedeaters, blowers, and chainsaws too. What's wrong with an electric scooter or electric chainsaw which is charged up with a photovoltaic solar panel?

they're illegal on a sidewalk 17.Jul.2004 22:18

choking on the smoke

Motorized vehicles are illegal on a sidewalk. Here is the Oregon Statute detailing the infraction. Rebellion is one thing, but using these things shows a disregard for other people, the environment, and one's own eardrums. Anyone riding these things must be an idiot.


814.524 Unsafe operation of motor assisted scooter on sidewalk; penalty. (1) A person commits the offense of unsafe operation of a motor assisted scooter on a sidewalk if the person operates a motor assisted scooter on a sidewalk, except to enter or leave adjacent property, or the person operates a motor assisted scooter on a sidewalk to enter or leave adjacent property and the person:

(a) Operates the motor assisted scooter so as to suddenly leave a curb or other place of safety and move into the path of a vehicle that is so close as to constitute an immediate hazard.

(b) Does not give an audible warning before overtaking and passing a pedestrian or does not yield the right of way to all pedestrians on the sidewalk.

(c) Operates the motor assisted scooter in a careless manner that endangers or would be likely to endanger any person or property.

(d) Operates the motor assisted scooter at a speed greater than an ordinary walk when approaching a crosswalk, approaching or entering a driveway or crossing a curb cut or pedestrian ramp and a motor vehicle is approaching the crosswalk, driveway, curb cut or pedestrian ramp.

(2) The offense described in this section, unsafe operation of a motor assisted scooter on a sidewalk, is a Class D traffic violation. [2001 c.749 11]

Harley Davidson 17.Jul.2004 23:38

Bad boy

Just don't mess with my loud $40k Harley that I only ride on sunny days. Amd there's a copyright on the sound, so fuck you.

electric is good 18.Jul.2004 00:22


I applaud the suggestion about electric gardening tools....I use electic trimmers, blowers, and chainsaws...they all work just great for residences....think of the pollution that could be reduced if all residentially owned tools of this kind were electic....

Filter for bike paths 18.Jul.2004 05:09


They should not be spreading their noise, smoke and invitation for worse invaders on the bike paths of Eugene, Portland or anywhere else that should remain human powered transportation.

A comealong cable about two inches high pulled tight would dismount the idiots while the bicycles would ride right over it.

If too many of these things invest the paths before they are rightfully removed legally, harrass and drive out these things anyway possible.

Thoughts 18.Jul.2004 10:26


ok well what about the issue that a 90cc Vespa can get 75-85 miles to the gallon. I understand the two stroke pollution issue (it's why Vespa's stopped being imported into the US many years back), but was wondering about the gas milage savings vs just the pollution.

For example: SUV's = less milage 14-24mpg & less polution vs. Vespa's (at least the early models from the 60's) high milage 75-85mpg & high pollution.

p.s. Being in my 30's I think it's funny that I am also tired of those new skateboard type scooters roaming my neighborhood, yet when I was a teenager I was tooling around on a 2 stoke 90cc Vespa and my neighborhood might not have cared for me and my scooter either. Funny how as we gets older we become more like the people we didn't use to like as teenagers.

electric is good??? 18.Jul.2004 14:56


seriously, fascism is going on and people here complain about scooters and fireworks.

but electric gardening supplies to save the environment??? remember any of the millions of dams on the colombia and other rivers?

do we have any thing else to complain about?

re: comealong cable 18.Jul.2004 17:00


Don't you put your stinkin' comealong cable on my bike path! A: If I don't see it, or if I see it too late and I'm not ready for it, it's likely to "dismount" me even on my bike. B: If I'm on my skateboard, I'm fucked. BAD IDEA!

That was me 18.Jul.2004 22:36


I did the fireworks rant too. I think people are getting careless about the changing environmental threat. Maybe you think things are getting bad when they fire Trojan up again, or start using lead paint. But these two are worse because they involve people just cutting loose like there was no tomorrow, which comes from the prevailing sense that there is no tomorrow. Bush is ravanging the Constitution and the National Debt and the Army and all our foriegn alliance, AND the environment, so why don't we just give up and wallow in the same mudhole he roots around in. I'm just encouraging people to not give up. And don't give up on the cops either: they're ignoring the fireworks and the scooters, and if they weren't so severly understaffed they could be enforcing the laws.

China. They come from China....... 19.Jul.2004 01:02


That is why, even though they have been around for years (Go-Peds) they are evrywhere now. They are cheap. They are supposed to use a 50:1 gas/oil mix but most morons who own them don't know how little oil that is, and they buy cheap oil, not smokeless full synthetic. I rode a Vespa (a real) Scooter for years but finally got tired of the Ring-a-ding-ding-ding exhaust note and when gas went up I could not justify a 5 dollar fill-up for a motorscooter. Add to that the traffic and the fact that you can't lane split and I just didn't enjoy riding anymore. I have a bike now and I feel healthier and I have less stress.

Electric Scooters 19.Jul.2004 11:15

Are Great

I think the electric scooters are great. Short trips in the neighborhood can be taken by folks that can't, for physical reasons, ride a bicycle. The two strokes I don't like.

scooters are not the problem 19.Jul.2004 16:44

accommodating cars over people is the problem

A point that seems to be missing from this discussion is the issue of urban scaling. Cities that were built up before cars became common are built to a human scale. Generally you can walk from where you live to where you need to be. The more recently an area was developed, the more impossible this is. New cities are built to car scale. The main streets and places of significance are spaced apart so that everything's easy to figure out when you're driving around at 40 or 50 miles an hour. On foot you're stranded for hours just hiking from one place to the next.

Scooters may annoy car drivers because they're slow, and because they don't mesh well with large-scale car traffic, but as far as I'm concerned that sounds like a step in the right direction. Slow the fuck down and use smaller vehicles. Car drivers who hate scooters hate bicyclists for the same reasons.

Air pollution is a whole other issue which may or may not point the other way.

You can get places faster on a bicycle. 19.Jul.2004 18:25


I can keep up with one on my track bike which is geared very low. Like someone stated above, it's laziness,the sedientary American lifestyle, and also the fact that those scooters and their cousin the pocket bike(basically a 1/4 scale Ninja) are featured in Rap videos. See , once the kids see it on TV, then it is cool and it is safe to buy without your peers' ridicule. It's pretty obvious that in this city you can get anywhere with a bike, especially with the assistance of Tri-Met.

Scooters rule! 02.Aug.2004 16:53


I own an Electric scooter and I love it. I had a bike, but sometimes you just don't wanna get all sweaty and worn out just to get to work. Cars are too expensive, with gas prices and insurance and repairs. Beyond the occasional repair or new tire, there is no additional costs to my mode of transportation. I agree that the gas ones are noisy, which is annoying. But so are Harley's, and so are the stupid souped up Honda accords that teenagers drive with the super loud mufflers, and so are lawn mowers, and so are busses, and...oh jeez everything is loud! And yes the gas ones may pollute more than a car. But they get something like a 100 miles to the gallon, so the increased pollution is actually far less than a car, which burns about three times as much fuel. If you're worried about pollution then ban the SUV's. And I can't even believe someone quoted "Rap videos" as being the cause of this "problem". ha ha ha. I suppose "Rap" is to blame for all of societies "problems".

So loud they should be illegal 17.Aug.2004 15:02

Sleepless in SE

I can see the benefits of riding a motorized scooter (the lazy-people's-skateboard variety, not mopeds) for the cheap transportation, free parking downtown, and fun of riding one. But all that's right out the door the second I'm awakened by the one that buzzes past my SE Madison Street house full throttle every morning at 5:20 AM, sounding as though it was right in the room with me and sending our cats into hiding under the couch. Sleep is impossible after the dumbshit who rides the thing has passed by. Closing the windows doesn't help, nor does complaining about it. I'm going to try contacting a late-night cop to hang out and wait so they can get an idea of how loud the stupid thing is. I don't know what else to do...

You can't deny the facts. 05.Sep.2004 23:20

we win, you lose... to bad, so sad

Pollution: Cars and pretty much everything else that has a motor attached are MUCH heavier and thus burn FAR more fuel. I guarintee you that there are at least ten thousand cars running, driving, 24/7... for every scooter out there, INCLUDING the ones that are sitting in a garage or on a shelf. The other thing, you people are IGNORANT! You think there are more pollutants because you can SEE more of the smoke, (fools) just IDLING, cars blow out MUCH more, less visible exhaust than a small 2 stroke. We won't even get into how much worse it is at high speeds and for extended periods of time (freeways).

Noise: There are a million other things that are 100% legal, MUCH louder, and much more common. Ex. motorcycles, busses, trucks, street cleaners, air compressors etc. etc. If it isn't a small motor buzzing by, its someones car stereo rattling your windows. so get over it. You want to complain about noise? where's the ban on the screaming fucking kids, or endlessly barking dogs?

Liability: Most don't go fast enough to cause any real damage. You have just as much to fear from a crashing bicycle or electric wheelchair. Usually people drive their scooter or skateboard on the side of the road, unlike bicycles and electric wheelchairs that comonly mingle with pedestrians on the side walk. Risks are almost entirely limited to the owner/person riding the scooter/skateboard, and that is their risk to take.

so... having said that, all you complainers out there should shut up and waste your time bitching about an arguement you can win.

(Juan said it perfectly, "seriously, fascism is going on and people here complain about scooters and fireworks." AMEN BUDDY!)

Scooters ARE LEGAL on the sidewalks! 20.Sep.2004 11:50


The comment above citing the Oregon codes is so republican. The operative word in the statute is "and". Yes, if you are on a sidewalk AND you drive recklessly or faster than a walking speed, THEN you will be cited. If you are not competent to cite law then perhaps one should keep their mouth shut. If you read ALL of the sections on mobility scooters, which are treated the same as, and must follow the same rules as, a bicycle, you will understand the slanted ignorance of the "It's not legal" person above. You may use the sidewalk IF you can do so like a responcible person and not an idiot. Some of us do use the sidewalks (unless a bike lane is present, in which case you MUST use the bike lane) to get around in our mobility scooters. Some of us need to use these devices because we are tired of wheelchairs and staying home all the time. It's the gas powered "scooters" with the 2 stroke engines that are the nuisance. We just have to be careful we distinguish between them if we are going to get all bent out of shape over one.

Dont judge them 26.Sep.2004 20:46


You dont know how much fun they are to kids and you shoudlnt be dissing things like that when you drive a car and that actually pollutes about 4 times as much as these scooters do so get they facts straight b4 you say stuff llike that!!

Plus they are legal and you really need to lighten up, when you were annoying u am 100 percent positive you did stupid little annoying things like that so dont blame anyone, especially if you are going to be a hypocrite about it.

WHAT?! 26.Oct.2004 06:36


you guys got nothing better to do than argue your points about the noise of petrol scooters and such on a website..? Shame be on you all....
(im now going to contridict everything i have just said, and put my point forward..)
My 7 year old brother just recieved a Petrol scooter for his 7th birthday, and id like to say, i was shocked as to how much pollution and noise the little bugger kicks out. On the other hand, it is fantastically fun, but also very dangerous...i dont think i could take a side on this one.
id also like to say that i am 14, and cant believe i am putting my points forward to you guys...:s

That buzzzzzide the point! 17.Mar.2005 14:01

he-man Steve and the Krylon Ninjas

before I worry about the annoying (true)'buzz or smell of some kid on a gas scooter I have to keep YOUR all cats(rats with a 'c') from crapping in my yard. I have to hope my kid will not be playing outside when your unleashed 'big' dog...so-called pet charges everyone who walks by. Or barks the peace off my street worse than the occasional buzzer. I have to worry about you driving 40 in front of my house than the posted speed of 25 mph. Or that I don't have to listen to 'YOUR' music thumping so loud i can hardly hear my t.v. as you work outside or wash your 'ride'.
By the way...those gas scooters ARE legal because they are under 50 cc turnsignals or not. bicycles are street legal and have neither. the motors are kept under 50cc for that reason. LOUD yes...but NOT at all the main problem around most streets I visit or have lived on. Living in the city SUCKS...always has and always will. If you are not willing to give up your own hallowed ride and street clogger...do not worry about the kids on their rides. they did not screw up this town(anytown)...the big people do!

Gas or Electric???? 05.May.2005 01:59


Why does everybody complain about these new scooters? I just dont get it. I have no complaints about them... Hell.. I have one and I love it.. Mine is electric and gets aroud just as well as a gas scooter does, and I obay all traffic laws.
I see no reason to complain. I live in a small town of about 300 people and everybody here asks me where they can get one of these scooters when they see me riding. I do agree with the polution issue of the gas scooters, especially the 2 stroke engines "YUK!!" but it is still far less polution than a car. I am even considering buying a gas scooter (power board) for the ocasional need to satisfy my need for speed. It wont be a 2 stroke though.. I really dont think these scooters are a problem.. Its mostly some of the people that ride them... 30Mph on a sidewalk is just rediculas, and dangerous.. Just realize that there is assholes
out there that abuse the privlage to operate there scooters and there are people (like me) that have respect for the other people out there and dont do stupid things that can get me or some1 else in trouble.. The noise doesnt bother me (cranks up 800 watt stereo) because the engines on the gas scooters are really hard to make quiet without adding a lot of extra weight for a HUGE mufler system. I ride my bike most of the time for health reasons but ocasionaly I like to have a little fun and take my scooter out for a spin. I think it is a good thing that people sell these chaep scooters... It gives people another option insted of a car that costs a lot of $$$ for maintanence, gas, and worst of all HIGH insurance prices. Besides... try going 100 miles on a dollars worth of gas in your car... or seriously overated SUV... with punp prices being $2.50 a gallon and up... I think a small gas scooter is your best bet if you want to save money at the pump. Not to mention the fact that you dont need to waste money on insurance... So I think every1 should get a scooter
and save the car for LOOOOONNNGGG trips. for everyday tasks the scooter or bicycle is perfect. for longger trips then the car is a good way to go.

That is all I have to say
Happy Scooting

overgeneraliztion of 2 stroke engine pollution 10.Feb.2012 10:41


The pure fire 32cc robin/suburu engine is c.a.r.b tier 2 tested in bin 3. The average car on this scale is a bin 5. Bin #1 is the cleanest, zero emissions. Very few cars are bin 2. The Prius is one of them but I still get 4-5x the mpg making my miles far cleaner. In residential and congested areas it's courteous to not use the engine. The bike engines seem to be more suitable for long distance travel on rural roads that are beyond the physical abilities of the ride rather than a one mile trip in the city. Do your research about emissions before you generalize all 2 stroke enginges as heavy polluters. These bike engines have great potential as a low impact alternative transportation when compared to other vehicles.