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Cyprus IMCista Investigated by United States Intelligence Services

Last week we learned that the US Central Intelligence Agency directed the US Embassy in Cyprus to instruct the Criminal Investigation Division of the police in Cyprus to investigate an IMCista who is politically active both in the US and in Cyprus. Petros Evdokas has been living in Portland, Oregon, USA recently and is one of the volunteers and journalists for Cyprus Indymedia

The intelligence investigation is based on an article he wrote for Cyprus Indymedia documenting some of the manipulations by US intelligence operations using the United Nations to influence the recent referendum in Cyprus on the "Annan Plan" (the UN's plan to reunite the island in an apartheid-style arrangement). The article has just been republished by IndyMedia due to renewed interest by newspapers and other political organizations. [ read the article ]

We're trying to publicise this and let people know what's going on. The investigators questioned the author's parents and wanted them to state in writing whether he constitutes a "threat to US interests". The implications of this episode go beyond mere harassment of an activist's and journalist's family. This case illustrates the US policy of interference in even the most minute internal affairs of other countries and it shows the degree to which the local authorities jump when the US says to.

Following is a segment of a writtten dialogue between Petros and one of two independent filmmakers who are on the island right now doing documentaries on the situation there:
.... One benefit, is that our people can see a lot from the Empire's intervention ...through our case we are able to show that:

1. The Empire is threatened by exposure and documentation of its vile and despicable domination, its political, ideological and financial control of large sections of the BiCommunal Peace process. Even if our opposition is "only" words, these words seem to make a difference,

2. The spineless co-operation of the Government of the Republic of Cyprus with the directives of that "Certain Intelligence Agency" (who has ever heard of an independent Republic, simply following the directives of a foreign Embassy without question or protest?), reveal how much really, to what a terrible degree, Cyprus is still a colony of the global Empire. The academic term for is "neo-colony", but who wants to be splitting hairs over definitions?

3. The fact that there are at least 2 independent filmmakers who are aware of this situation, and who understand the meaning of this effort to silence us by intimidation, gives courage to our people to continue our work. Knowing that other independent media workers such as yourselves appreciate what we do, and are aware of and concerned about the risks of independent journalism on issues surrounding the BiCommunal Peace process and its manipulation by the US intelligence operations, and who appreciate the need for building unity between Turks and Hellenes in the region on the basis of *opposition*, not servitude, to the Empire, makes it all more worthwhile and less scary for us to continue our work.

A friend and comrade here in the States, remarked that this investigation against IndyMedia and me is really a very instructive case study of the whole process of how the US Empire has branched itself into the minutae of the administrative machinery of not only a tiny and defenseless country like Cyprus, but of an international project of the United Nations (note the recent revelations and public admission that even Kofi Annan's office at the UN Headquarters was under surveilance by the same "Certain Intelligence Agency"). The blending of diplomatic action, surveillance and covert operations machinery, computer administration systems, police intimidation and military force, and above all financial domination all radiating from the core of the global Empire and extending into the very fabric and tissue of every community on the planet, paints a good picture of a world "under the thumb" of the oppressor. Referring to the action of the US Embassy in this case against me, he said "with diplomats like this, who needs generals?"

Our case has been able to demonstrate:

a. total subversion and control of the United Nations administrative machinery (at least its Cyprus mission) by US intelligence operations,

b. total subservience of the Government of the "independent" Republic of Cyprus to a "Certain Intelligence Agency" of the US and to a foreign Embassy,

c. complicity by many of the "heroic" individuals who are active in the BiCommunal process, but who seem to be more accountable to that foreign Embassy than to our own peoples' mobilizations for freedom and democracy among our communities in both the north and the south (many BiCommunal activists have been notified of this intimidation, why are they silent now? For them, it's just the same as when they were silent about the invasion of Iraq, they don't want to bite the hand that feeds them),

d. the tiny and "insignificant" Cyprus IndyMedia has a real role to play in the unfolding historical process, that what we say and do makes a difference, and it does have something of an impact in the efforts to create a world free from domination by corporate influence and authoritarian state power.

Our activities - yours and ours - as independent journalists and activists in the global liberation movement provide us with a unique, double benefit : - the occasional opportunity to experience that our work somehow, even in small ways, helps to empower our communities, build bridges toward international Peace, and help the movement to disarm (in some future day) the largest killing machine in the Solar System; - also provide us the opportunity to plunge into fear, despair, and helplessness (an emotional daily staple, for some of us), during most of the time that we spend doing this work, not knowing whether it is of any value ...until "the man" comes knocking.

The big reason 19.Jul.2004 02:51


I don't know if this was mentioned anywhere in the posting, perhaps only tangentially, but the major incentive for unifying the island was so the US/UK could install somekind of massive radar tracking system to monitor everything in the Middle East/Meditteranean region and beyond. This didn't sound like a great plan to Russia, so they shot down a UN resolution (I can't remember exactly what it was, but it was just before the referendum). It must have been BBC radio where I heard about this, because later I tried doing research online and couldn't find much about it.