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New Mult Co Jail Sits Empty

Spanking new jail sits empty.
Did anyone else see the story on news late last night about the brand new, local multi-million dollar jail facility that is sitting empty because money was allocated to built it, but not to staff or run it?

I think the figure for getting the place up and running (beyond the millions spent to build it) is $10 million. MultCo Commissioners interviewed had no idea where the money was going to come from but mumbled something about "finding it somewhere."

Footage covered an opening "tour" given to an unidentified group of people.

Embarrassing as hell that, stretched for space and supervisory personnel, all other institutions in Oregon are cycling people through at an "in the front door/out the back door" record rate . . . while this huge new facility sits empty. Bernie Guisto looked very unhappy.

Obviously in today's economic climate we cannot afford to incarcerate the rising numbers of citizens convicted of crimes.

Another graphic example of how we have gone "through the looking glass."

Maybe this facility 17.Jul.2004 11:24

Back Spin

would better be used as a shelter for the homeless.

OR 17.Jul.2004 12:54


fill it up with the bad corrupt cops and let inmates from other prisons work as the guards

Give my money back! 19.Jul.2004 11:09

Taxed voter

I could use my tax dollars.

empty jail 26.Sep.2004 17:32


just another SNFU to go with all the other

mental health care center? 08.Feb.2007 18:04


Why doesnt someone turn this into a mental Hospital or something???
The money could come out of a new tax on cigs
Then we might be able to make this place popular like Salem.
Just think of having an emotional panic attack in a jail cell.
Oh.....I forgot they lock up mental people all the time anyway,
I think to forget about them.
This would at least get better care for patients from docs not mult. co. jailors. hmmmmm?????