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Ballot access laws keep Greens off the Oklahoma ballot

The Green Party, like all minor parties must spend valuable resources to achieve ballot access. The impediment to the ballot is set by the two major parties who conspire to keep other parties out. In Oklahoma, new parties are required to gather 35,000 valid signatures.
The Green Party, which cannot get its presidential candidate on
Oklahoma's election ballot, criticized Oklahoma's ballot access laws

To get its presidential candidate on the Oklahoma ballot, the Green
Party would have had to obtain signatures of more than 35,000
registered Oklahoma voters.

To get the party recognized, it would have had to get more than
50,000 signatures, Green Party officials said.

"Today, July 15, the opportunity to get on the presidential ballot in
Oklahoma ends," a statement from the Green Party said.

The Green Party's presidential candidate this year is David Cobb,
said James M. Branum, an Oklahoman and co-chairman of the Green Party
of Oklahoma. (www.votecobb.org)