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It's Been Five Years Since JFK, Jr. Was Killed By A Conspiracy Involving The CIA, Mob, FBI

Hard to believe it's been five years since John F. Kennedy, Jr. was killed by a vast conspiracy involving the CIA, Mob, FBI, Bush administration, the vast right-wing conspiracy against the Clintons, Dr. Ruth, the ghost of LBJ, Castro, and the KGB. We all miss you John John.
Five-Year Anniversary Of Kennedy Plane Crash Arrives
JFK Jr., Wife, Sister-In-Law Die Off Martha's Vineyard

POSTED: 10:09 am EDT July 16, 2004
UPDATED: 12:23 pm EDT July 16, 2004
BOSTON -- It's been five years since the tragic plane accident that took the lives of John F. Kennedy Jr., his wife, Carolyn, and her sister, Lauren Bessette.

Since then, there have been investigations, provocative tell-all books and many, many quiet remembrances.

It was a hot, hazy summer night on the East Coast when a tiny Piper Saratoga airplane went missing off the island of Martha's Vineyard.

It would not be until the next morning that the nation would learn the shocking news: the pilot of the small plane presumed to be lost at sea was John F. Kennedy Jr.

Search and rescue teams frantically combed the waters as hope faded and the country braced for the loss of yet another Kennedy.

The three bodies were recovered five days later, still strapped to their seats in the wrecked fuselage of the plane beneath 116 feet of water.

On the night Kennedy's plane plunged into the sea, the weather was poor. Visibility was limited by haze and rapidly fading daylight. The investigation determined that he had become disoriented during the flight and entered a "dead-man's" spiral.

Kennedy, his wife and her sister died instantly as the plane struck the water.

On July 23, only a week after his fated flight, Kennedy's cremated remains, along with his wife's and her sister's, were scattered by his uncle, Mass. Sen. Ted Kennedy, his sister, Caroline, and other family members from the deck of a Navy destroyer back into the ocean -- not far from where he had plummeted to his death.

From his childhood adventures with his father to his promise-filled days of adulthood, Kennedy was always the dashing embodiment of the bright hope for the next generation of Kennedys.

The nation mourned for weeks after. The steps to his apartment in New York were covered with tribute and remembrance.

The torch -- which had been passed to the next generation of Kennedys -- now burns a bit less brightly.

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The March of Time 17.Jul.2004 06:21


It has been eight years since 'we' had a national election.

what did jfk jr. say to his maid before he left? 17.Jul.2004 10:22

incipient bang-utot

you feed the dogs, and I'll feed the fish!

Media Changed Story Several Times 17.Jul.2004 11:58

Rogue Pilot

>On the night Kennedy's plane plunged into the sea, the weather was poor. Visibility was limited by haze and rapidly fading daylight. The investigation determined that he had become disoriented during the flight and entered a "dead-man's" spiral.<

Has any other pilot or flight instructor who flew with Kennedy ever come forth with an assessment of his flying skills? Most flight instruction includes basic instrument training such as maintaining heading and altitude. As I remember, conditions that day were official VFR or visual flight rules, so visibility had to be at least three miles. If Kennedy was anywhere near half way decently trained as a pilot he would know how to use directional gyro and altimeter to maintain straight and level flight. The "dead man's spiral" story does not pan out. As I recall, someone from the National Reconnaissance office was assassinated (died mysteriously) shortly after the accident. The first news reports mentioned something about radar data showing an acute nose up angle followed by an accelerated stall - as if the plane just suddenly went completely out of control.

Nobody knows why 17.Jul.2004 14:09


I've heard Hillary had him snuffed to keep him from running for the US senate in NY. Good theory , except he hated politics and didn't want to come near it.

The media acted like the guy could walk on water (just not fly over it).

He might have spiraled in and never knew it.

He might have gotten a lot of back seat driving advice from his wife and sister-in-law and was distracted.

He might have had felt that Kennedy Arrogance-gene kick in that told him to push forward even though he wasn't Instrument qualified. That would be the same gene that got his cousin killed playing football while skiing, a few of his uncles, and helped get his father's PT boat T-boned by a Japanese Destroyer in WWII (a tale of heroism was concocted from that episode).

He might have been in a argument with his wife (rumors of that have surfaced) and wasn't paying attention.

He might have been doing a few lines of blow with his wife, and sister-in-law and joining both mile-high clubs at once. Uncle Teddy pulled some strings to have the corpses cremated before a proper autopsy could be conducted, just in case it was true.

We will never know what really happened...

Or Another Possibility 17.Jul.2004 17:32

Black Ops

The aircraft had an autopilot coupled to a computerized flight director. Sometime before the flight a black ops team replaced the autopilot/flight director with the same equipment, but modified. The modification included a small radio receiver integrated in with the autopilot/flight director. During the flight a digitally encoded radio signal from a boat or land based transmitter activated a program in the auto-pilot/flight director. That program locked out the manual controls and put the plane into either a dive or a decending spiral. After the crash a team of black ops when in with the Navy divers and recovered or replaced the modified auto-pilot unit. Quite simple and well within the technological capability of black ops.

KKK 18.Jul.2004 13:40

politics as impossible

Why doesn't "K" ("a tale of heroism was concocted from that episode") give full initials? Why not own up to where the crap dished out by "K" is coming from --- namely, "KKK" ! !

The "right" are so pathetically obvious when they think they are being cute-sy and oh-so-subtle. One thing for sure, "K", or "KKK", will never acknowledge what really happened, anymore than they ever acknowledge what is really happening. All the time. Every day.

politics as impossible, if you are a loon! 18.Jul.2004 22:00

K (as in Kennedy), not the KKK


You wrote ""K", or "KKK", will never acknowledge what really happened"

So please enlighten us to your theory/proof of what happened to John-John's aircraft?

We'll wait until you have your foil hat tuned into the correct frequency...