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World Chill Begins

Recent record low temperatures in high Northern and Southern Latitudes are the result of massive heat exchange between global warming and melting ice caps. Scientists commence world wide deception campaign
The record low temperatures in high latitudes can be attributed to the melting ice caps. When these sheets of ice change their physical state enormous amounts of heat energy are sapped out of the surroundings. Scientists now say that their is no evidence at all for global warming despite the increase in carbon dioxide concentration. They are also beginning a campaign to deceive people with stories about "solar disturbances", "magnetic storms", "oscillating solar temperatures" and patterns of "ice-age" events. All of this is just a smokescreen they Know what's happening and they are on the payrolls of predator corporations. Critically examine what they say.
Could you give us a few examples? 13.Jul.2004 22:24


We all know there is alot of deception. Show us the links you are talking about. Be more specific. You don't give us enough to agree or disagree.

the heat before the freeze 14.Jul.2004 00:59

mr. freeze

There are theories out there that suggest an ice age follows the rapid rising of the earths temperature. Something to do with the sudden influx of fresh water from polar ice caps into the ocean. There are supposed to be currents in the ocean that circulate the heavier salt water, and fresh water, one way the planet regulates it's temperature. The sudden influx of fresh water would bring a halt to these currents bringing on a world wide freeze.

well, I tend to think 14.Jul.2004 02:29


I tend to think that the previous ice age began when Popeye jumped into a time machine to the past. Bluto set fire to Popeye's foot when the large-forearmed sailor wasn't looking, and suddenly Olive Oil noticed it and said "OhNo! POPeye! Your FOOT! It's BURNing!!" At which point Popeye simply ate a can of spinach and blew out the fire on his foot. Only, since the spinach gave him superhuman (hell, even meta-physical) powers, Popeye also succeeded in chilling the entire planet by a factor of about six degrees (centigrade) with his icy breath. Then, everyone jumped into the time machine and went back to the future, and found out that Popeye's dumb ass created a past ice age. But, they were all too embarrassed to tell anyone, so I had to use my godlike intuition to determine what had happened. Fuckin sailors, I swear to god...

a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam 14.Jul.2004 11:51

Frauds R You

"there are theories out there"

"Scientist now say that their [sic] is no evidence"

What a reference looks like:


Thanks clamydia! 15.Jul.2004 15:16

Bird dog

For your humor!

I almost busted a gut on your post.

I have a good joke for you.

Q:Why should democracts always keep a roll of TP with them?
A:To keep the republicans off your ass!

hilarious 15.Jul.2004 18:17

Frauds R You

I have a good joke for you, bird dog:

Q: How do you treat clamydia?

A: Behavioural Change: