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tre arrow update july 13 - great news!

tre arrow has been deemed admissible to canada by the immigration review board adjudicator.
dear friends,

great news! we've just learned from tre himself that the adjudicator has deemed him admissible to canada! this means that tre can now take the next step and apply for refugee status.

tre's lawyer rudi will be setting a date before the immigration board for an early detention review, seeking the release of our dear brother from jail. as soon as we know this date we'll post it here.

tre wants everyone to know how thankful and grateful he is for all the positive thoughts and prayers which have been sent his way. there is no doubt that we've all helped contribute to this positive ruling with our energy focussed in this way.

tre humbly requests supporters to increase efforts at fundraising as he may get bail now when the detention review hearing takes place. cheques and international money orders made payable to "tre arrow legal defense fund" can be sent to the following address:

p.o. box 229
roberts creek, bc
v0n 2w0 canada

deepest and sincerest thanks to everyone who has contributed positive energy, prayer, and funds thus far. together we will have our brother released in the very near future!

does anyone have a recent picture of tre? 16.Jul.2004 13:04

blackberry blackberry@riseup.net

does anyone have a recent picture of tre?

i haven't seen the kid in what, 2 years... i know what he looked like then, it ain't nothin' like all of the web pictures of him in portland on the ledge, etc. i just got to missin' him and thought i might reconnect if i could see what he looked like after making it through this whole ordeal. maybe i'll get a chance to see him in bc, but until then i'd love a picture...

if you have one, please post it or email me at  blackberry@riseup.net