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Exceptional events in the skies over Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

A couple of months ago I wrote one my weird pieces where I described a very unusual event in Saskatoon and then speculated that this must mean that there would be some terrible terrorist attack about to take place. Something big was about to happen, I suggested, but after waiting for some time, and watching these events repeat on a nightly basis it has become obvious that this initial speculative conclusion was wrong, although something really big is happening...

An open letter to the churches and the World Social Forum

I have decided to headline this piece as an open letter to 'churches' and 'the WSF' for reasons I will attempt to explain as I go along. I am using the term 'World Social Forum' as a kind of generic appellation to refer to a grouping of people that one would expect to have something to do with such things as the Summit of the Americas protests and so on, since these events are related to the Summit, a story I have attempted to tell before, and thus these events are related to the 'WSF' and the symbolism of the events are borrowed from some ancient Christian symbolism, and thus a relationship exists between these events and certain churches. I say certain churches, because these events are also related to me, and that would cause a big problem for some churches so that in the end this would be a description of certain events that would relate only to certain churches (those 'certain churches' for whom I am not problem...you know, to borrow some old church language, to receive me is to receive those who sent me, and to reject me, is reject those who sent me...this is another piece of church symbolism, borrowed in this case from the Gospel of John for those unfamiliar with old church symbolism.)

About two months ago I posted a piece on the Portland Indymedia site titled Adapting to global change. The date on the piece was May 19, 2004. This was not one of my better pieces, kind of a hodge podge really. The first discussed how a famine seemed likely in North Africa due to flooding caused by increased rainfall, which is related to the warming of the Atlantic, which is related to climate change caused by global warming It takes from 3 to 6 months to get ready for a famine, and since the rosy scenario describes how we will 'adapt to climate change' I suggested that we prove the point by getting everything ready and in place to respond to that famine. As well the glaciers in South America provide the only source of drinking water for millions of people, and are receding at a very rapid rate, and will probably be gone in as little as twenty years, if not sooner, since the rate at which they are receding has suddenly increased, and of course we wouldn't want to wait to the last minute to start some of that 'adapting' and that problem is something we would want to get on top of right away. There point here was to debunk those rosy scenarios which state that if the climate changes, its no big deal, because we are, they say, an adaptable species. Now we may be an 'adaptable species' but unfortunately we live in an non=adapting social order, and that's where we run into really big problems.

Now at the end of that piece I tacked on commentary about some spectacular event that took place in the skies over Saskatoon, this being the sort of thing I am known for from time to time and In included what turns out to have been an erroneous interpretation of the event, which read as follows...

Last night I once again witnessed that symbolic display that in two cases in the past indicated that a type of terror attack was imminent. Due to the nature of the symbolism what is coming is much worse than either 9-11 or that Madrid attack. The effects will also be lengthy. What we are looking at here is some kind of horrible ordeal that drags on for some time in its after math.

What was accurate about the above interpretation is that something was about to happen that would be lengthy and that would continue on and on and on. Now I suppose that if I wanted to try to force an interpretation onto what I said, I could note that it was after this that those retrograde terrorists began kidnapping people, cutting their heads off and then posting those videos they made onto the internet. I suppose that could qualify as some long ordeal that just never seems to end. It is also amazing just how retrograde those terrorists really are, in that they capture, as one example, a very poor man from the Philippines, one of hundreds of thousands of Philippinos working in the Middle East, and then they threaten to saw his head off to punish really powerful people in Washington and Manilla.

However what is interesting is what has been happening since that time. Night after night after night, pretty much without fail, I have spent hours outside in the evening watching spectacular displays of these craft. Yes, these displays just 'drag on for some time' and the whole process has proved to be lengthy, in that here it is, two months later and the phenomena continues. It would appear to me that it is most likely the case that while I understood that something was going to begin that would last for a long time, something very important (yes, even more important than 9/11) but my understanding at the time was limited and thus I misinterpreted what I saw (well, unless I was right, and grueling terrorist ordeal is underway, and this just happens to have started at the very same time...I suppose that is possible).

In the piece I posted in May I suggested that an experiment be performed in that at the end of August some sort of an appointment would be made, so that these craft could be sought out in some place like Meadow Lake Park. As it turns out, that wouldn't be necessary. These craft can be viewed at any time, just about any night of the week, in the skies over Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Now I have waited two months before posting this piece, just to see if this was some kind of fluke, or something really major is actually going on, and now I am totally convinced. Actually I was totally convinced two weeks ago, but I have been fighting writer's block (caused by the fear that I would attempt to write something on this subject and it wouldn't turn out right...this afternoon I made up my mind to write something, no matter how poor, and just get it over with).

Let me share something about the emotional experience of this event...it is thrilling. I have been up on my feet applauding, cheering. I have felt some kind of trembling chill run down my body and down my legs to my feet. I have waited a very long time for this. The time has come. I haven't had a decent nights sleep for longer than I can really remember, but its worth it.

A preliminary introduction

There may be some people who are reading this who have not read any of my previous weird postings on this subject and who therefore do not understand what I am talking about and for that reason I feel the need to quickly sketch out a rough description of what is taking place, and what it all means...

What is happening at the present time in my hometown (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) parallels what took place when this all began, when I was fifteen, in Melville, Saskatchewan. Now before I begin, was it Shakespeare who wrote that 'there are more things in heaven and on earth that are dreamt of in your philosophy, Horatio.' This is true, very true, and while the subject matter I discuss here may sound unbelievably weird to some people, it is your philosophy that is in error and it is your limited view of reality that is incomplete and needs correction, all the more reason for you to become informed (or even better you might want to take a look for yourself and that should settle the issue once and for all).

With that having been said I will now proceed to indulge myself in more 'weirdness' by telling the story which is the background required to understand where I find myself today, and which also illuminates what is to come in the future, whatever that may be (whatever it is it certainly won't be boring). I can tell this story with confidence, because no matter how 'weird' this story might be it certainly can't be any 'weirder' than what is happening every night in Saskatoon, and what happened every night in Melville Saskatchewan in the past...but then you know, as they say, seeing is believing, even if hearing is not.

It would seem that this all began when I was twelve years old. I felt something like a presence enter the room in which I was sitting. It seemed to come from the upper left corner of the room and the feeling was so real that I looked up in that general direction. I dismissed the experience as being similar to that 'deja vu' feeling and ignored it. I then heard a voice, that seemed to come out of nowhere, and which spoke into my left ear, and which said, 'the telephone is about to ring. Your grandfather is dead.' I was spooked. All my senses became intense. I could have heard a pin drop a mile away. I waited. The phone rang. My mother picked up, there was a delay, then the sound of the phone crashing to the floor and she rang up the stair steps in tears. About fifteen minutes later she knelt down in front of me to 'break the news' but I just nodded my head. I already knew. For the next three weeks I was haunted. That white thing in the closet, was it a shirt or a ghost. Was there something under my bed?

When I was fifteen my family took a trip to Banff National Park. The experience I had when I was twelve had affected me deeply. It radicalized me. Suddenly I understood that everything I had been told, everything I had been led to believe was true was actually a pile of crap. As I looked at the culture around me it seemed shallow. I investigated religion, but that seemed inadequate (the Bible made me so angry with all its violence and cruelty that I threw the book against the wall and broke the spine...I still have that broken bible, with the busted spine and the loose pages). I was also having a big problem with what I will call the philosophy of science, because that was an insufficient as well as it did not offer an explanation of reality which seemed any more viable than the religious belief system it had replaced, and what was worse, it actually excluded the truth, and in that sense it seemed to resemble the dogma it had replaced..

This radicalization led to a deep dissatisfaction with the way of the world, that cruel steak of greed and the lack of caring, which led to such things as what I call the starved baby problem. Most people don't starve their own kids, but everyday tens of thousands of kids die around the world from hunger and malnourishment, and that is one hell of an indictment of the present world system. It was at this point that I decided to try saying some prayers (and here is where we begin to encounter some of that Christian symbolism I mentioned briefly above...This Christian Symbolism caused me a lot of problems...the technical term for what happened to me is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and given that we are all familiar with the cruelty and violence of ancestral Christian doctrine, a person should be able to understand how I developed that illness...this is of great concern to me, and it is also what motivates me to write all my critical commentaries on both the Bible and Christian doctrine, both as a way of healing myself of the deleterious effects of PTSD, but also it is an attempt on my part to make it possible to discuss these matters without running the risk of 'infecting' anyone else. For this reason I plan to include a long list of links to some of these critical Christian commentaries at the end of this piece, both as a way of indicating that I AM NOT A CHRISTIAN, in that I reject our ancestral superstition, and also as a form of medicine, but even though I am forced by circumstances to use what I feel to be very dangerous Christian symbolism, I have no intention of 'infecting' anyone with PTSD, and since I have been there, done that myself, I am keenly aware of the dangers...PTSD is one of the most life destroying, destructive personality disorders a person can endure, and I have deep regrets about the way my life was devastated by that PTSD and there is no way that I am going to tolerate the possibility that anyone else contracts PTSD because of me. As well it is one of the characteristic symptoms of PTSD that one practices avoidance of anything that resembles the stimuli that caused the PTSD in the first place, and given how I am attempting to share something here it would be counterproductive for people to contract PTSD and then avoid investigating the matters I am bringing to your attention here...Once again, I avoided these things for many years, so I understand how this works, and it is counterproductive, as well as being a mistake, since our ancestral superstition is a fraudulent interpretation, and can be ignored, well, it can be ignored provided that someone is dedicated to tearing it down, and that is what motivates me in this regard, in case anyone was wondering...And my writings on this subject could be stacked in a large pile, so then, if anyone finds themselves experiencing the classic symptoms of PTSD (avoidance, stress, violent outbursts of temper, lack of interest in life, withdrawal, a feeling of impending death, and so on) well I have already prepared a stock pile of medication designed to deal with exactly that problem. I know this medication works, since I have been forced to heal myself, since unfortunately, the therapeutic community was always diagnosing me as some kind of psychotic, when actually what was bothering me was PTSD (but then that's another story).

I feel the need to touch briefly on this subject of Christian symbolism because PTSD is such a violent mental illness. According to our ancestral dogma, the 'Jesus Christ figure' was a type of torturer, an Atilla the Hun, you might say. You see, after being tortured to death, and rising up, he then decided to get even perhaps by setting up his own torture state and becoming a sadist himself. You know, if you toss out that Right Wing Authoritarian overlay known as Christian theology (the purpose of which was to vindicate Caesar and Rome, by reinterpreting the symbolism of the crucifixion) - someone had to bleed to death to 'pay for sins' before a vengeful 'father' god, you can then see the political significance of the Christian symbol, which is kept hidden by theology. Through theology it was possible to turn the symbol inside out and upside down, and in the end rather than condemning Caesar and the right wing torture state, the believer is invited to identify with the torturer, rather than the victim. I feel then that the Christian religion was an ingenious and interesting example of how to go about co-opting a movement, and it was one of the more successful attempts made in world history, and makes for a good study for that very reason. You see, the symbolism of the crucifixion could be summarized as follows - Caesar crucifies slaves, but God raises his victims from the dead. As you can tell that symbol makes an asshole out of Caesar, makes him look a bully, a cruel vindictive prick, thus the need for the status quo to cook up that other Right Wing Authoritarian doctrine, you know, the one about how a vengeful animal eating father god required a bloody murder in order to pay for the sins of the world and thus stop that vengeful god from frying all those sinful slaves on a barbeque. It is pile of shit, but it is also remarkable how that pile of shit can hide the political significance of the Christian symbol, but then it was supposed to do that, for obvious reasons, since Christian doctrine is an elitist creation, created by elite priests who worked for Caesar, who didn't mind their creativity, for obvious reasons, and made Christianity the official religion of the state, only after they got through fu****g the whole thing over, once again, for obvious reasons. The record shows that originally Christianity was a lower class movement, with most of its followers being Romes bullied and persecuted slaves. It only became a tool of the cruel elites later, after it was perverted by the ancient religious right, and 'Jesus Christ' became a torturer himself. As for the murder, well that did not reflect poorly on Caesar for that bleeding had to happen so that the doomed, damned slave population could be 'washed in the blood of the lamb' and thus escape the flames of hell and that torturer known as Jesus, who was now threatening to crucify anyone who got out of line. Its real creative, that elitist theology, and it just goes to show you that no matter how bad things get, if you use some imagination, you can come up with some odious pile of bullshit to save the day. After the Christian elites pulled a rabbit out of the hat that time and as their reward were invited to share a spot high up on Caesar's throne. Now every religion needs morals, right, and the morality of the Christian symbol is so obvious, once you toss theology and 'salvation' down the shitter, yes it is so obvious a person doesn't even need to preach a sermon on morals, since that symbol can speak for itself. Now given the choice between the slaves, or saving Caesar's sorry ass, the ancient religious right decided to save Caesar and plot against the slave movement, and consequently as a result of this choice, they had no morals left to speak of, and what religion can survive without morals? However, they were creative, and so they came up with The Focus on the Genitals, whereby controlling your evil genitals became the 'moral duty' of every Christian, for you see, it turns out to be the case that the Christian God created everyone with what was known as 'sinful flesh', and rather than launching a lawsuit for criminal negligence, it was the duty of everyone to feel guilty about what that Christian God did and then launch moral crusades around the world, which always involve a genital, and that keeps people real busy, and real worried, and real distracted, and in the end it also keeps them from making problems for Caesar, and thus Christian theology was 'perfected.' Well they did need some morals, since after they destroyed the symbol, they were a little short on morals, but fortunately they managed to come up with something to plug that gaping hole that was left behind.

Okay, now hopefully, by briefly dealing with the dangers of PTSD and the sadism of our ancestral superstition I can then move on...I felt this was necessary because I must deal with certain aspects of Christian symbolism in order to truthfully tell this story and as you can understand being joined to the hip to something like Christian dogma isn't something I am to keen on, not to mention the dangers this poses to anyone who listens to me...

As I was saying previously, I went to Banff, I was upset by the cruelty of the world order, I was battling fatigue and burn out, and for some reason I decided to experiment with saying some prayers. The first prayer employed some Christian symbolism. It said something along the lines of 'you know I am a child of God as well myself, being just like that Jesus Christ figure, so why don't you give me a sign of some kind.' Nothing happened. I said a second prayer I can't remember, and then a third prayer, in which I said 'you know that sooner or later you are going to have to give me a sign, and since we both know I am going to receive this there is no point in delaying the matter so we might as well just do it right now.' Nothing happened. It was late. I was tired. I remember I crossed my arms on the roof of the car and I laid my head on my arms to rest for a moment, and then I felt something like ice cold water fill my head, run down my neck, and then my neck muscles contracted and in the sky was a brilliant object sitting next to a puff of cloud. Suddenly the object moved. It went into the cloud, the cloud disappeared and there was nothing there. A few minutes later it reappeared, much closer and much more brilliant, and because the air was humid it was surrounded by a shimmering rainbow.

The following is a link to Real Media file I made which is a representation of the object darting into the cloud...Real Media file. I also converted the animation into a gif (which is speeded up to decrease the size) ,,, Gif page...The text of a letter I wrote describing what happened at Banff is here ... banff.html and scanned images of the magazine pages in which the letter was published are located here .... Page One my letter begins in the second column... page two.

It turns out that what I saw was a kind of Christian symbolism. 'I saw a mighty angel coming down out of heaven. It was wrapped in a cloud, the rainbow was on its head...I was told go an prophecy to many kings, nations, and tribes.' The reference comes from the book of Revelations, the tenth chapter. I was fifteen at the time, and here at age sixteen we get our driver's licence, and when I got mine there was a second Christian symbol, this time the symbol of evil, from the 13th chapter of the same book . '6 6 6'.


For those unfamiliar with that strange document, the book of Revelations was written to express rage at Rome, with the beast of the book a symbol of Caesar (with some scholars thinking that the Beast symbolizes Domitian, who was persecuting the slaves who had joined the movement).

So then we begin with some ancient Christian symbolism, coming from some document written by someone with a real problem with Caesar, and there is a strange dichotomy here, a dualism in that one symbol is good (Banff) and one symbol is evil (the driver's licence). Good and evil. I have never been able to figure out the reasoning behind that dichotomy to this very day, and I just bring it to your attention since that is what happened.

Now let me make a long story short, by saying that after this came years and years of devastating, life destroying, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

From here I will jump ahead in time to the Summit of the Americas, more weirdness, and some more borrowed Christian symbolism, this time with myself being the initiator. Once again the source is Revelations, this time the 12th chapter. There we find a woman, who is pregnant, in labor, and attempting to give birth to a child. Meanwhile there is this fierce dragon plotting to eat the child the second it is born. However the baby escapes the dragon and the woman sprouts to great wings like those of an eagle and then flies to safety in her place out in the desert, where the dragon can no longer torment her. Now considering the Summit of the Americas, that previous 'Battle in Seattle' and so on, well let's just say that I thought the symbolism was perfect, and so I began to 'lobby' to be able to protest at the Summit of the Americas. My idea was that we would make a big giant wing, made out of clouds, and then unroll that thing like a giant banner over the Sahara, which, of course, was Eden thus making it the perfect spot, and just the right desert for her to 'fly to safety' and thus get away from the harassment of that dragon. Of course I would need a little help from my friends in the sky, which is why I had to lobby. On Friday evening I began to send out my 'press releases', the worst press releases ever written (it was all about how we were getting ready to unfurl the 'Eden Stork Wing' so that the woman could 'Fly to Eden on Stork Wings with Yahweh' ... as I recall I was very disappointed by the reaction I got to those press releases...what was the matter with those people).

Those really bad press releases are found on various newsgroups, by following the link to this page...Press releases. Now I am very embarrassed by some of the earliest writings on my website, and that press release is embarrassing to me now. One thing you have to understand is that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can make a person weird, and one of the functions of that website was to cure PTSD by writing my way out of it and that took some time. What is important here is that the wing appeared on Earth Day, April 22nd, during the Summit of the Americas, and the press releases announcing the wing are dated Friday, April 20th. I prepared a page on the 'Eden Wing' and once again its probably some weird sounding page...I don't want to read it myself because it will probably embarrass me, but the link is here as a zip file...wing photo zip There are links to videos on the page which beings on Friday evening and ends on Sunday, Earth Day. One example, in real player format is here...real player file.

What you wind up with on Sunday is a wing shape made out of clouds over the Sahara (Eden as I called it) ...


A few days after the Summit, one of these flying objects appeared outside the International Space Station and was caught on tape by the Shuttle's space camera, and broadcast live by NASA. Shortly after that all three computer systems on the space station were knocked out, which seemed hardly coincidental to me (you know the main computer, the back up computer, and the back up back up computer...the statistical odds against a failure of a system with triple redundancy is quite small). Over three years have passed and I still have not been able to get NASA or the Pentagon or whoever has it now to release that piece of videotape. It is interesting to note that NASA once (just once) did admit that they have such a tape. The following page was posted on the BBC site about six weeks after the taping occurred. UFO video goes to Hollywood. a quote from the article: "officials at NASA are said to have asked to examine the tape, because they believe it shows the same type of craft once spotted by the space agency's own cameras during a space shuttle mission. "

Now it has frustrated me that they would not release that tape, since it is the space craft on the tape which was also connected with the creation of the wing shape made out of clouds two days before during the Summit, and of course the whole thing goes back to when I was fifteen as I mentioned above. However, in my hometown of Melville Saskatchewan these objects created a great stir over a period of months and now the same thing is beginning to happen in Saskatoon, today, here and now. I predict that by September there will be a disturbance and turmoil in this city, because you see the sun goes down early in the evening in the fall and people are going to start to notice, if some night owls haven't already noticed what is going on in the skies above this city, and has been going night after night after night (although you would have to be up past midnight to see the sights at the present time). For that reason I figure that the Pentagon can just keep that video, you know, and hide it so no one will find out, since I don't need it anymore. What is going on here is much much better and it suits me fine. As for that piece of tape, hiding it is foolish, if you think long term, since it looks real bad and accomplished nothing at the end of it all in any case (think about it).

Direct Action

Now I am running out of time here. I have spent hours and this is as far as I have gotten, and I still have to go to work, and then stay up all night again until the break of dawn, so as you can see, my plate is full. So I am going to attempt to make my point here as briefly and quickly as possible.

And what is that point? Well, you see, another world already exists. As you can tell I have borrowed my slogan from the WSF, with a few modifications. You see, the WSF is correct in their thinking, in that if you want to change things, first you have to change the thinking of people, and consequently that diverse collection of people being referred to as the WSF is currently bogged down trying to convince people as a first step that yes, another world is possible. As for myself, well I am bogged down trying to convince people that another world already exists.

Let's discuss motives. Now why would it be considered so important by me that this experience be shared and become well known. I am interested in what I call a 'spiritual revolution'. I intend to create a new person, in that old things have passed away, and all things are made new. If this is to be achieved it is necessary that certain powerfully entrenched attitudes and conventional thinking are destroyed. Included here would be such ideas as that which states that 'this is the real world...that is just the way things are.' The truth of the matter is that despite the powerful indoctrination of pedestrian experience and conventional thinking, this is not the real world, but it is actually fraudulent. For some reason there are powerful forces at work to hide this fact from people, and that consideration alone should help a person to understand why it is so important that the conventional thinking of this world be overturned and destroyed. To do otherwise would be to act to entrench something usually referred to as 'the status quo' and anyone who is devoted to that worthless cause must be doing so only because they are doing rather well the way things are and therefore would prefer that people continue on with their erroneous, incomplete maudlin thinking. Furthermore, it is better that people think that no other world is possible, because then things will always stay the same, and once they find out that their doctrines are false and icomplete, and once they find out that another world actually already exists, well then the notion that another world is possible is no longer something impossible, but rather it becomes a requirement, since the old world has perished, and all things have been made new.

I speak from personal experience on this matter. Thinking back I can recall how this experience caused me to undergo a type of conversion experience, a spiritual revolution you might say, and then the consequence of this sudden revelation that the world was false and phony, led to a changed perspective, and this led to changed relationship with the world around me, and this then to a powerful desire for reform and change. As just one example I am not prepared to put with people starving babies every day. Most people won't put up with their own kids getting starved, and that maudlin, helpless, hopeless thinking so characteristic of this maudlin, confused, lost in the woods, ignorant planet nevertheless causes people to put up with baby starvation because 'another world just isn't possible.'

Previously I spoke about an open letter to churches. I also referred to 'certain churches'. The reason why I would refer to 'certain churches' is that other churches would read my reinterpretation of Christian symbols and get damned angry. The type of church I would be referring to here would be the type that would hear what I am saying, and be able to live with the idea. Furthermore, it would appear to be the case that I have some of your property, and you might want to claim it. The alternative would be to have church for a little while longer, and then board the place up and shut it down. You know church could be a real boring place, or it could be electric. I am convinced that there is a real future, but the future is not in the past. Actually the future is already here, unfolding before our very eyes.

Now if you can understand the point I am trying to make here, we can then ask 'what is to be done.' I have a few ideas which I will sketch out here.

As I mentioned this city, Saskatoon, will be in turmoil probably by about the month of September, and I have been through this before. They phone the cops, they phone the news media. The news media stubbornly refuses to cover the story. Controversy builds. Finally the media can't ignore it anymore so they report the false conclusions of some debunker (you see it was caused by natural gas smog from Humboldt reacting with the van allen belt, blah blah blah). Yes this city is going to be real interesting in a short time, and so therefore I don't need that NASA videotape anymore. This is much more interesting, and so pay attention!

Last night I was contemplating a second option, an experiment if you will. Now am I the center of the universe? Am I THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN THE WORLD? I certainly hope not. Now let us assume that I do not have to present in order for this sort of phenomena to take place. It would certainly be the case that it is happening in Saskatoon because I am here, but could it not happen somewhere else? Could I lobby once again and perhaps win for myself another request? You know, I don't always get what I want, but it never hurts to try.

So then, let's pick a city. Now for my own personal reasons I have picked a city, Portland Oregon. You see, not everyone can travel or afford to go on some sort of pilgrimage. Now let us just assume that my lobbying efforts bear fruit. What you do is as follows. You get a lawn chair. Wait until after dark on clear starry evening. Out in a wooded area is just perfect. No streetlights, and its beautiful. Now if the pattern here repeats itself what will happen is that you might find yourself waiting and waiting, perhaps half an hour, perhaps an hour, and at first a few questionable objects will appear. It will be a distant object, that still has brilliance, and looks three dimensional. (When an object is very far away it begins to look 'two dimensional' while closer objects seem to hang in space as it were, giving them the appearance of hanging in three dimensional space rather than being flat). Now that would be one of these objects far away, but as I said, it is ambiguous (what is that the space shuttle, a satellite, and so on). What has been happening here is that something ambiguous happens a couple of times, and then, suddenly, you are dazzled. These craft are completely silent and astonishingly brilliant. Let me tell you it is just dazzling. Really really beautiful. Then if your real lucky, by around September, the whole city of Portland will be like Saskatoon, you know in turmoil, the news media will be under increasing pressure due to all those constant phone calls, the cops will be getting phoned all the time, the CIA will have to send some debunkers down to try to bullshit the population. It will be interesting. And remember we are trying to have a spiritual revolution here and so it is unacceptable to let them get away with all that kind of stuff.


I am out of time...

I have set up an email address for this matter, which hopefully will remain free from spam.
followed by that round letter a
and the domain

You will have to figure out that email address yourself since I don't want spam.

By the way my home page is getting badly cluttered, and one of these days I will have to start paring but the link is here...

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