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Intel Dirt Sheet of Somers Building Maintenance (SBM) Janitors

Somers Building Maintenance:

Bringing Sweatshop Conditions to INTEL
SBM Janitors at INTEL Subjected to Sweatshop Conditions

At its Portland headquarters, INTEL outsources its janitorial work to Somers Building Maintenance (SBM), a dirty cleaning contractor with a reputation for sweatshop working conditions. Full-time SBM janitors are subjected to unsafe working conditions, are often forced to work through injuries, and are harassed by supervisors.

SBM Janitors at INTEL Suffer Poverty Wages with No Affordable Health Care

SBM Janitors at INTEL are paid poverty wages as low as$1,200 net per month with health insurance "offered" at a staggering cost of $122.74 month. In contrast, janitors who clean at Portland's Downtown corporations work for responsible union contractors that pay decent wages, provide no-cost employee-only health care, create safe working conditions, and respect workers' rights.

Contractor Under Investigation for Serious Health & Safety Concerns

SBM janitors have reported a myriad of heath & safety violations across the country. At least fourteen current and former employees of SBM have reported injuries due to an unsafe work environment. SBM has had health and safety problems in other locations across the country. Working conditions are so terrible that an SBM janitor was killed in Tennessee. The TN State Division of Occupational Health and Safety has cited and penalized SBM for serious violations of health and safety procedures.

Contractor Attempts to Silence Janitors When They Stand Up for Better Jobs

SBM is a notorious lawbreaker embroiled in a national labor dispute. SBM has repeatedly broken federal labor law by threatening and harassing janitors for standing up for better working conditions, affordable family health care, decent wages, and the freedom to form a union. Since 1995, the National Labor Relations Board has found evidence of more than 100 violations of labor law in California alone. At INTEL, SBM is facing three unfair labor practice charges filed with the National Labor Relations Board.

SBM Should Live up to Area Standards

SBM should clean up its act and live up to Seattle area standards. Responsible cleaning contractors in Downtown Portland pay their janitors $9.85 per hour, provide no-cost employee-only health care, follow the law, create safe work environments, and respect janitors freedom to form a union. By doing so, SBM will not only move their employees on the path out of poverty, but will contribute the overall economic health of our community.
SuckBallsMightily 13.Jul.2004 20:09

ndwinl ndwinl@yahoo.com

I worked for SBM at HP Corvallis doing graveyard cleanup ( recycling ) in the late 90's. This news of wage slavery, etc. doesn't surprise me one bit. I got canned by SBM for adjusting my hours. What I'd do is show up early, finish a few hours early and quit before my schedule was done. The supervisor blew a gasket when she found out I was doing this and I was summarily relieved. I can imagine this corporation being very harsh on immigrants and Latinos who don't speak proficient English.

The other side? 27.Jul.2004 11:06

Happy to be there

I have been with them for a while and do not agree with what is stated on this article. We have a high level of safety awareness. I had to take my wife to see the doctor and my boss called to check on her. We are given a nice meal once a month and paid for the time that it runs over our lunch time. I have always been treated fairly and think they are very good to all the employees. The treat everyone equally and do not show favorites. I think the union is not telling the truth with this article.