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Comments for Killer Coke!

Did you know!
That coca-cola was made with cocaine when it first was produced!

Think for a second!

They produce a product that makes you dependent, so they can make more money off of you!

Just like nicotine from tobacco!

They have shown that they preach to us about morality, while at the same time selling a poison in order to make a buck!

Does this not make you wonder?

Do the research, check the source!

Connect the dots!

uso 13.Jul.2004 18:20


it was known by many when we were kids way back that coke was originally made with cocaine.this isnt a completely hidden thing.

I bet you did not know! 13.Jul.2004 19:40

Bird dog

That coca-cola is owned and run by a mormon.

But I guess that would not matter!

Would it?

Can anyone say Hipocrisy!

And in the case that you still do not see the point!

The point is a hypocryte preaching about how other people should live their lives.

The point is live your own life and keep your religion to your selves.

But I guess you do not remember the point about judging others.

The one without sin to cast the first stone!

But I guess you cant see the point with your head buried in the sand!

But it does not stop you from trying to run other peoples lives, does it?

Coca-cola, Chiapas, Columbia, Mama Coca 14.Jul.2004 05:46

mariposa nocturna

Here's some dots to connect..

Coca-cola claims ownership of aquifers underneath the feet of indigenas people in Chiapas Mexico. This is some of the last pure water in Mexico, now privitized and drained by this soft drink comapany. It also happens that Vincentes Fox, President of Mexico and GW Bush mimic, was formerly the CEO of Coca-cola Mexico..

Coca-cola's success was simultaneous with America's thirst for cocaine, after adding cocaine to Coca-cola, it was also available in pure form without the glass bottle..

Columbia's mountains are one of the places where the sacred coca plant grows, Mama Coca. The leaves of the coca plant are medicinal and were used by indigenous people to deal with altitude sickness..

Making cocaine from coca leaf involves toxic chemicals spilled into the rivers of Columbia's rainforest. Then the powdered cocaine is shipped into the US where it winds up the nostrils of wealthy Wall Street stockbrokers who stay up late to make more money, supporting capitalism..

The cocaine/military weapons trade between the CIA and right wing paramilitary drug lords of South America (Nicaragua, Bolivia, Columbia) resulted in the Iran-Contra scandal..

The so-called "war on drugs" sprays Columbia's Putomayo rainforest with Monsanto's "Round-up" glyphosate herbicide, supposedly to eradicate the coca crops. In reality, the rivers and food crops of indigenous people are contaminated, children have skin rashes and cancer increases. Facing these real life dangers makes the indigenous people less likely to protest the offshore oil drilling exported to US..

So now Coca-cola contains high fructose corn syrup from biotech Monsanto's genetically engineered Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) corn, and also Monsanto's GE "round-up Ready" corn that is engineered to be resistant to their Round-up herbicide..

Thanks for your post! 14.Jul.2004 12:54

Bird dog

It's great when people start to learn about the truth, don't you think?

Then we can learn from the lies we are toled.

And grow as a society!

One step at a time.

The real question is when will society learn to walk?

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