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Bush Skips NAACP Convention To Avoid Criticism

No big money . . . no votes . . . why should he bother? Bush has said he that he couldn't attend the convention because of a scheduling conflict . . . fund-raising and campaigning are apparently more important that attending a convention of concerned constituents which NO US President since Warren Harding has missed.
The bottom line is that our pResident doesn't want to appear anywhere where he will be asked to answer difficult questions or where his agenda is not implicitly accepted and applauded. Recently he walked out on a Press Conference where reporters began to question him about Enron felon Ken Lay.

And now he has passed on appearing before Black Americans.

The President of the NAACP continued the group's blistering criticism of President Bush on Monday, saying the President didn't attend the group's convention because he was afraid of what he might hear.

"If he were willing to listen, he would hear our opinion of what it relaly means to be pro-family, why it's really important to save Social Security, and why smaller classrooms for students and day care for working parents must be more than song or dance or a 20-second sound bite," said NAACP President Kweisi Mfume.

Bush is the first President since Warren Harding to skip each meeting of the NAACP, the country's oldest civil-rights organization, held during his term in office.

Bush has said that he couldn't attend the convention because of a scheduling conflict; he will be on a campaign bus tour today and Wednesday. Supporters also cited NAACP leaders' harsh rhetoric about Bush and his fellow Republicans.

Senator John Kerry will speak to the group's 8,000 delegates Thursday. Though the NAACP is a nonpartisan group, leaders concede its goals are more in line with those of the Democratic Party.

Or any party, it would seem, that does not treat its members like invisible Americans.
high and mighty 14.Jul.2004 15:27

greg snyder

bush has always considered himself better than other people. he is condescending, arrogant, ignorant, illiterate, rude, has absolutely no social graces whatsoever, so why should anyone expect anything different from him? besides, it's well known that he doesn't care for anything other than his base. you shouldn't expect him to want to hear any outside views. he's not interested. never has been.