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Where can one find cheap soymilk?

Where can cheap soymilk be acquired in Portland?
Well, after paying $3 per half-gallon of soymilk at Safeway, I was overjoyed when I found that Big City Produce in North Portland was selling 3-gallon cases of the stuff for $9 (Half the price!). But it seems their soymilk supply has dried up at the moment and their shelves are stuffed full of "Rice Dream" which is less tasty and appears to be of less nutritional value.

So, does anyone know anywhere else I could find soymilk for less than $6 per gallon?

Make your own 13.Jul.2004 13:09

Bison Boy

"Joy of Cooking" has a recipie... I read it just last week. It looks like it's tedious to make, but pretty straightforward. Depending on how you value your time, making your own might be cheaper.

TJoes 13.Jul.2004 14:43


Try Trader Joe's == I don't know offhand what the price is, but it's better than most.

I've recently been comparing the sugar content of different brands - most are very high. Silk is the lowest I've found so far -- but it's not the cheapest.

Also, see  http://www.bryannaclarkgrogan.com/page/page/638376.htm for homemade soymilk ideas.


you should try 13.Jul.2004 14:48

rice milk

Rice milk is also really great! I started using it in place of soy milk because I use tofu and other soy products in my diet. Rice milk is easier to make and less time consuming then soy milk. Just look it up in any vegan cookbooks or on the web:)

soy milk is easy to make 13.Jul.2004 14:48

old hippie

Just boil the beans in a bunch of water unti they are soft, puree the mixture, and strain. If you want to make tofu, you need nigari or magnesium salts to congeal it, and some kind of a box to mold it in. Really good, much, much better than any store-bought tofu, though Ota direct from the factory is a pretty close second.

ah the milk dilemma 13.Jul.2004 17:24

chai mama

hey there, stumbled into your inquiry, here's a few quick thoughts:
1. while silk is really tasty, one of the main ingredients is canola oil, the other is sugar. you mentioned wanting some health benefits, so i'd keep looking around.
2. pacific foods in tullatin or, make some nice, no sugar milks: oat milk and hazelnut milk.. the oat is organic and has no sugar. the hazelnut is not organic but it is made with oregon hazelnuts so you're supporting a local company and local nut growers. the hazelnut is sweetened with brown rice syrup. they are a bit more spendy than soy and rice though.
3. try making your own, i did and discovered that i actually don't like soy milk. it's very beany. for many years i thought i loved soy milk, turns out its the processed shit that i like. ouch.
hope this is helpful, the food is god.

Silk 13.Jul.2004 17:53


The label on my Silk container does not list canola or any other oil, . Only filtered water, organic beans, calcium carbonate, sea salt, natural flavors (hmm, wonder what those are...), carrageenan, vit A palmitate, vit D2, Riboflavin, vit B12. Is there something hidden there I'm not seeing?

the vanilla flavored lists organic cane juice. It's still only 6 g sugar, where Pacific was around 9. The plain flavored clocks in at 1 g sugar.

Silk/canola 13.Jul.2004 21:43


The Silk creamer contains canola oil, not the Silk soy milk. just fyi. if ya care.

Grocery Liquidators 14.Jul.2004 00:10


...aka the "Smashed Can" store. There's one at MLK and NE Dekum; it sells dented cans and overstock, and often has soy milk in stock.

hmm 14.Jul.2004 08:50


Trader Joes soy milk sucks. It's cheaper but it has too much carageen in it (i think) cause half way through a half gallon it turns really thick. I get the feeling that the thickener in it may be hevier than the rest of the milk cause when I shook it before every use I got a better result. The trouble is that bieng as thier half gallons dont come with a nozzle the lip of the carton usually deteriorates before you can finish it. Then when you shake it the stuff sprays everywhere. I've had numerious incidents where trader joes imployees talked to me about my "extreme diet" when they couldn't find somthing I was looking for; and basicly gave me shit for bieng vegan.

A good way to get cheep soy milk is to become a member at your local co-op. Then you can get bulk discounts. Alberta food co-op in ne, Peoples food co op in Se. I don't like making my own soy milk cause it tastes like (GASP!) turkey meat, or a nuasiating trip back to the early eighties when macrobiotics ruled and vegan food tasted like fertalizer. Making your own tofu on the other hand is good news. There's also also a curd you get as a by product of the process that can be frozen and used later into yummy homade vegie burgers. I think the recipie's in Soy not OI.

If your into mind blowing vegan experiences I'd suggest trying lunch at calendula (all vegan, all organic, best desserts in portland) cafe on 33rd and se hawthorne. If you'd like to see oregons ONLY vegan mini mall check out FOOD FIGHT on about 44th and se division. Also if your downt town on a week day check out DOGS DIG on like sw 2nd and thurman?

Calendula also has a kickass daily food cart on 5th and oak.

There's also an indian cart in that cartplex that's got some of the cheepest best vegan indian food around. GHEE FREE!

Calendula is expensive 14.Jul.2004 12:55


If Calendula wasn't so expensive I would eat there, but because I have little money and am not buddy buddy with the owner like you Micheal B I can not afford to go there, do they have a good dumpster?

I've had the same problem with 14.Jul.2004 16:14


TJ's and other soymilks being too thick at the end. Here's what I do: I have a small metal strainer and I just pour it through that before it goes into my cup or anything else, when it gets down to that level. Works fine. Be creative.

TJ's strawberry and coffee flavors are GREAT!

I don't know that the people at TJ's are any more hostile to vegans than the generally hostile person in society. I've had people at "health food" stores look at me like an extremist for veganism too. But we all have our own experiences.

calendula 14.Jul.2004 16:56


anyone who charges that much for a meal ought to be paying their dishwashers more than minimum wage.

good news! Calendula's prices are lowered now. 15.Jul.2004 09:19


Calendula recently lowered thier prices by 2 or 3 dallors on most of thier menue. They started carrying 8 inch vegan pizza's for about 6$ Most of thier sandwiches are around 25 cents cheaper than the red and black. They've got the the largest selection of organic beer and wines in the state. If you can afford to eat at Mcdonalds you can afford to eat healthier food here. All I can say is I wish there were more Vegan organic restraunts in this country. I and a good number of other vegiterians in this town want this place to suceed. If it were doing well Craig would be able to share (as I know he is and wants to) in that sucess.
I know which bars the local folks hang out at and frankly calendula's prices are comparable with few exceptions. For example vegan organic ice cream is not cheap this means that thier vegan milkshakes are like what $4.50? A pint of vegan ice cream is 3.00 at the store. But there isn't another place in town that smoothies aside, makes a kick ass smooth and creamy Organic Vegan milkshake. The only discount becca and I get is a modest, and much appreciated (yum), gift certificate for hauling out thier massive loads'o stinky compost.

I also had good expierences with TJ's strawberry milk. If the poster of this thread hasn't tried the Red and Black worker owned cafe you should. They've got these "don't feed the bear's zine" style peanut ginger noodles that are kickass (and good for your sinuses) and thier TLT or Tempeh Letuce and Tomato is just mmmmmm. If you live in NE you can take the 4 bus south off a freemont stop, through downtown, strait to SE 21st and division ya can't miss it. You'd also find yourself 4 blocks north of the greatest co-op in the country- PEOPLES.

Is that garfield house sky, back in town?
if so email me @  mb@resist.ca and we should hang out.

Also to the sad friend of dishwasher. I'm sorry, I wish my friend were doing well enough to help your friend. Also, if you rightly don't like working for someone else- work hard, save your money, organize some friends and start a worker owned buisiness. There's a good orgnaization in town that can help you with this. It's called the Co-operitive Buisiness Alliance (i think) people at peoples know about it. They help folks get it on, and from what I can tell they're down with the spanish syndicalism kind of thing. Can I get a Hell Yeah?
Also should ya'll hold a benifit to do somthing like that email me, or look me up on the grape vine and I'll contribute $ to it. Can somone from the CBA give more info?

In love and war,

Soy milk 22.Jul.2004 07:29

Julian Hebbrecht

I buy my soy milk at Cosco - vanilla flavored - in boxes of 12 cartons. I love this soy milk. Check it out.

Carrageenan in Soymilk or any product is dangerous to health 31.Oct.2004 19:59

Linda Beal

I never by soymulk that has carageenan, a thickning agent.
Because carageenan is what scientists use to cause ulcers to digestive system of animals, to test anti ulcer drugs.

Carageenan has no purpose to be used in food, other then to permit the manufacturer to water down the Soymilk or other items to save money, by thikening it up to fool the customer with carageenan.

Carrageenan 29.Mar.2005 14:52


Carrageenan, by the way, is a seaweed extract. This particular type of seaweed is common in the Atlantic Ocean near Britain, Continental Europe and North America. You boil the seaweed to extract the carrageenan. In that sense, carrageenan is completely "natural" -- it's not much different from tomato paste in its creation.