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CHEMTRAILS are real...here is a personal story!

here is reposting of a personal story of the REALITY of Chemtrails. Let the
debunkers grab ahold of this one...rip it apart...BUT, still rip all they're
able to, they're not able to debunk the REALITY>>>CHEMTRAILS ARE REAL!
To:  chemtrailtrackingusa@yahoogroups.com
Sent: Monday, July 12, 2004 10:14 PM
Subject: [Chem Trail Tracking USA] Re: The bad air we are breathing

I'll throw my two cents in on this one as well.
In the past 2 years I've watched my own health decline and this year
it's going south in a handbasket. I've been to doctors and have had
all kinds of bloodwork done and everything is normal. I've been to
VA doctors and private docs very recently and everyting is coming
back... negative or normal.... GOOD NEWS!!! yes definitely.I ask the
docs what is making me sick and they nod there head and can't give
me an answer. I know what is making me sick and what is making my
spouse sick and my family members here in town sick... LOOK UP. It's
in the skies, It's air we breathe, the water we drink and even the
foods we eat.
I've watched my spouse suffer through two bouts of cancer since 2001
and a MS diagnosis this year. Somedays she gets so discouraged at
being sick all the time and she is only 42 years of age.
I'm only 41 years of age and I still consider myself young and in
the prime of life. I should be full of zest, energy and not feel
like what I hear some 70-80 year old people complain of.
I used to be an avid health fitness enthusiast and have been all my
adult life. I want so bad to get out and start even walking and
doing some weight training but I don't even have the energy to start
walking. I always astounded others how I didn't get sick except for
a simple cold in the winter months and that was it. I've always
taken vitamins, supplements and exercise that kept my immune system
in tip top shape.
Now I have alot of ahces and pains and find that I'm totally drained
energy wise. Somedays taking a deep breath is difficult and I loose
my voice especially when working outdoors and I don't smoke.

I've noticed the severe decline in my health start about 2002 to
this year where maybe 3 days out of the week I have enough energy to
get out and work.
Only times I feel half way decent is during the night time.

We have or I should say had a flourishing business. With both of us
constantly getting sick that business is falling apart at the seams
becasue we can't stay well long enough to get out and work and stay
caught up with our clients needs.
We are extremely fortunate to have found this site and the loads and
loads of information and the research we have done on the Internet
has helped up fill in alot of blanks. Additonally some of the folk
here on CTTUSA have helped us alot with suggestions, remedies and we
thank those folk tremendously.

We are eating healthier, even to the point of making alot of our
food products homemade as much as we can as opposed to buying the
processed, preprepared stuff full of chemical preservatives.

I'm watching other people, family members and their health decline
rapidly here as well. Doctors offices down here so booked it takes
weeks just to get an appointment. The days of walkins are long gone.
God only knows what crap they are spraying in our skies but I do
know it is making us very sick. We are in the process of changing
our business entirely so that we can remain indoors and out of the
chems but establishing a new business takes time and money.

I can attest that I've spent a lifetime of watching and studying the
skies and climate, held a career for a number of years as a
meteorlogist and the cloud formations, weather patterns do not
reflect anything I've seen before, studie about and certainly don't
see the clouds and skies I did as a child. How our porch screens get
full of polymer fiber webs is something that is not a natural

As far as scientific proof to CTs?
OH yes there is TONS and TONS of it.. but the average person cannot
get there hands on it as it's classified most likely. The scientific
reports that do make it on the Internet are soon wiped out or the
disinformists come along and debunk it.
Media doesn't mention CT's because it's not that they don't believe
it's because the media is run and controlled by higher echelons that
most folk have no idea. It's these higher echelons that keep much of
the real information from ever reaching the public.

There have been some members of this group that have taken in
various specimens for scientific analysis and only to be railroaded
around,pass the buck routine happen to them or they are totally
ignored. There speicmens get lost or the disinformationists come
along and say they only have "seed pods" We all know the real truth
though. The attrocities going on above in our skies and on our soil
are there if one just "WAKES UP" There are those out there that
want to keep those "ASLEEP" and will do everything possible to
ensure that happens and remain that way.

I intend on helping many wake up as I can and I've woken up quite a
few down here in my neck of the woods and more and more are Looking

cowboy, Key Largo, Fl Tuesday 7/13/04 1:14 a.m.
Unthinking cynicism is just a mirror image of unthinking belief. 13.Jul.2004 13:25

Yumi-chan cat

I always like "personal stories" where any possible conclusive evidence is out of reach to me as an "average person", and where "debunking" is considered as "disinforming" rather than pointing out obvious logical flaws.

The most ardent cynics of a regime become the most ardent supporters of the regime that supplants it.

a very thought-provoking question 13.Jul.2004 15:06

raised @ www.rense.com

Does Chemtrail Spraying
Follow The Sun?
By Marjorie Tietjen

Is it just coincidence or do military jet traffic routes intentionally correlate with the position of the sun? Every day of course presents with varied scenerios. During heavy spray days the whole sky will be intensely saturated. Thick clouds usually form as a result of this concentrated activity. However, on what many of us still call "blue sky" days, jets appear to spray lightly, mostly around the sun. This specific technique of spraying has often led me to the conclusion that perhaps there really is a problem with too much of the sun's radiation entering the atmosphere and that the faithful hazing around the sun is to perhaps block this radiation.

Several years ago when the chemtrail phenomonon was first being observed, there was much discussion on the Carnicom.com website concerning the extraordinary amount of particulate matter pouring down through the atmosphere. This "fallout" can only be observed under very limited reflective conditions. The specific methods used to view this horrendous sight, were openly discussed on the carnicom site. One requirement for viewing these different types of particulates.....metallic and polymer, was a clear blue sky surrounding the sun. The other ingredient for effective viewing was to place yourself so the sun would be mostly hidden behind a roofline. One doesn't want the sun to shine directly in the eyes. With these two conditions in place, unbelievable amounts of particulate matter can be observed...some of which appears to be electrically charged.

I called Lisa Chang, a jet emissions specialist, and relayed my concerns to her. Of course she parroted the official government position on chemtrails...... everything is normal. I do have to say she was very pleasant. However, her advice was for me to collect this material and that then they would analyze it. I tried to tell her that much of this fallout was submicron in size, can only be viewed under highly specific reflective conditions and once the particulates pass through this observable region of the atmosphere, it was undetectable. I also mentioned that very expensive equipment would be required.

Soon after these discussions on Carnicom, other chemtrail websites, and calls to government officials, the spraying habits changed. There were no longer clear blue skies visible around the sun. I began to notice that much spraying would be done in the morning in the east where the sun is rising. The spray activity continues to follow the path of the sun throughout the day and much of the time it is concentrated around the setting sun in the west. It is now much rarer, at least in my area, to be able to view the heavy saturation of particulate matter during the day. An alternative method used to view this pollution is by using a million candle power spotlight at night.

Have the spraying patterns been modified to keep the extent of this pollution from being observed? Even a light haze around the sun prevents detection. I used to write to Patrick Minnis, a cloud and jet emission researcher at NASA. He would tell me that commercial jet traffic has increased exponentially ( which I question ) and that jets do indeed form cloud cover. However he contends that jet contrails have always formed cloud cover. Why would jet traffic increase so drastically just about overnight...around 1998, when the public began noticing the unusual jet emissions? Minnis explains that the reason for contrail fan patterns and crosshatching, is due to set air traffic patterns leading to local airports. I then wrote to him and asked why the jet air traffic routes seem to change every day and why the jet routes follow the track of the sun throughout the day? Here is his reply..."As far as the trails tracking the sun, I would say that this is pure coincidence."

Many researchers feel that there are several purposes behind the intentional hazing and the clouding of our skies. I tend to agree with this conclusion. I don't presume to know the answers to the chemtrail enigma. Trying to tease it all apart is certainly challenging, frustrating and at the same time fascinating.

I do think however, that a central question we should be asking ourselves is....why is the sun always being obscured or filtered? Would filtering or hiding the sun play any role in HAARP, weather modification, military communications, biological warfare, scalar weaponry, etc? I have limited scientific knowledge of these subjects so from what I can understand, solar screening and perhaps disguising the aerosol program's fallout may be possible logical explanations for one aspect of this multifaceted aerosol program.

I would appreciate hearing from any of you with your observations concerning this matter. Together.....some day.....we will unravel this mystery

here is another CHEMTRAIL-related 13.Jul.2004 15:14

comment found on the internet...?????????

Posted By: captskip9 <Send E-Mail>
Date: Tuesday, 13 July 2004, 4:53 p.m.

By now you have seen the aftermath of the freak thunder storm that hit maryland,new jersey and pennsylvania.I live in maryland in a small town and we had 5 1/4 inches of rain it came down in buckets .Well the small town of north east in maryland got a foot of rain yes a foot the people that were interviewed on the local tv station were in shock they said it rained like the flood in the bible.The tv weatherman said the storm was a 1000 year storm .The weather is going nuts with all the lightning and rain this intense, it makes you know something has changed.Some say the harp experiments or chemtrails are to blaim i don't know what is causing the severe storms, but how can a thunder storm produce twice as much rain in a shorter time than a full blown hurricane ?

no logic 13.Jul.2004 22:55


While I try to keep an open mind, listen to all sides, etc. I have to say -

People are soooooo paranoid. Isn't it enough that jets pollute the atmosphere with their exhaust, dump excess fuel prior to landing to lighten their weight, etc.? Why postulate an apparently unproductive program by some dastardly government operation to poison the people, when there is so much more poison and death right in front of us? (bad food, cars, etc.). Anyways, dead/sick people don't work and buy stuff and pay taxes to line the aristocracy's pockets, now do they?

I have tried to see it the "chemtrail" way, and every single time I end up with no evidence whatsoever that makes me think there is an active program to spray shit out of planes everywhere. It doesn't make sense.

Hot exhaust from planes makes different funny clouds when spewed into cold wet atmosphere. What more is there to look at? Cars poison the air so much more than planes...

On the other hand, I agree that the weather has been damned strange... the East Coast in particular is getting some freakish climate change, while we on the West Coast are merely suffering through a drought unprecendented in recent decades....

but there are other factors. For example, the recent thunder-lightning-hailstorm in Lane County was preceded 18 hours earlier by a 4.9 magnitude earthquake in the area... interesting huh?

My Chemtrails Wake up 13.Jul.2004 23:29


Back in 2001, I developed a rare autoimmune disorder. It only affected my scalp where I was exposed to the open air. Due to my job exposure to the outside was unavoidable. No doctor could help me so I had to cure myself. After intense research I started looking into the chemtrails issue.
After watching a pattern of freak storms that were distinctly unnatural in formation and behavior, I began to notice the odd airplane traffic not associated with the civilian nor the regular military traffic. There were these unusual aircraft at high altitudes leaving distinct persistant trails in the skies, that would gradually change the skies from clear and blue to a solid milky white. These same aircraft would spray hours on end for days bringing not only bad air days but everyone would come down with respiratory and sinus infections, irreguardless of the season.

When these planes plant their trails on the front clouds of an oncoming storm system we get unnatural weather, such as, bizarre lightening or thunder with no storm or buckets of rain like a hurricane without the hurricane.

Not only can the local weather forecast never get the weather right but the typical patterns that have been part of our records established over hundreds of years for this area are no longer reliable.

So my personal observation and the others I have read and spoken with convince me that this chemtrail debacle is real and the objectives are sinister.

more of this nonsense 14.Jul.2004 02:07

blah blah blah

It's too bad you're getting sick. I did too. I've got a "diagnosis" and when the bureaucrats decide I'm eligible for help I can get treatment that makes me feel about halfway better. The rest of the time I feel about twice my actual age. Could be worse. I can walk and talk and see, and I can think pretty clearly, although without my previous speed.

But I don't blame weird shit in the sky. Or my neighbor across the street casting hexes on me, or any other such spooky bullshit. Maybe I was exposed to some bad stuff sometime in my life that fucked up my body, or maybe I just rolled snake eyes in the game of life. Human bodies don't come with warranties, and we can't take 'em back to the dealer for guaranteed service. Hope you feel better soon anyway.

Different Skies 14.Jul.2004 19:31

New Perspective

Just live in a different country for awhile and you will realize how fucked up the skies are in the US. I had to move to Japan to see the skies that I knew when I was a kid in Oregon.

Clifford Carnihan was on 14.Jul.2004 21:00

Alex Merklinger's MYSTRIES OF THE MIND

tonight talking about CHEMTRAILS. Folks, they are real. Get use to them...they're here
and our task to figure out WHY? Why is our government spraying our sky's with stuff?

28 and my body is broke too. 15.Jul.2004 01:12

chroic pain

I am confused I don't know why my body is feeling so broken? I mean I am 28yrs old! My back pop's more than rice crispy's and I have no addictions. I am clean nothing is really wrong with me, but I am living in chroinc pain everyday, and it is progressivly getting worse. I never want to get up in the morning and I take care of my health as best as possible, I drink 80oz of filtered h20 everyday and always wonder what is wrong with me... I heard a story from new york said: somthing about showers and steam releasing toxic gas, it is in the water, and when it is in steam form we breath it like a vaporisor? I am not sure but it makes alittle more sense so I take baths. P.s. I think it may be fibermyalgia so I would get my medical marijuana card, but I think I would be too Paranoid!

Chemtrails over New York 28.Mar.2006 12:48


There is no doubt in my mind that something is being sprayed over our heads without our consent. I live in Western New York State and have been documenting the spray episodes here for a little over a year. I have many photos of jets spewing chemtrails that last for hours and spread out into a man-made overcast haze... even while other planes travel along side leaving no persistant trails. And all one has to do is check out the FlightAware software that is available to see that most of these flights are not listed as commercial aircraft or just don't show up at all. I post regularly on Chemtrail Central and just posted a topic today which includes pictures of persistant chemtrails and a huge criss-crossed "asterisk" shape that was drawn in the sky here. How many air traffic controllers would send three or four planes through the same exact airspace so close together that their con/chem trails have'nt had a chance to disperse yet?? Bring it on "debunkers".... I've been watching....

Interesting observations in 2006 21.May.2006 01:16


In Seattle on August 26, 2006 I had observed a fairly heavey day of
aerosol dispersals across the skies. I decribe them as such due to the way the jet trails hung in the air and expanded. They seem to decend and sread out. I,ve been watching for about three years now.
On this particular afternoon I watched one of the jets write something with its trail that appeared to be over the Olympic mountains.
I couldn't make any sense of it but I imagine that some photos exist. There were three letters followed by what might have been a triangular symbol or another letter. It's hard to say but I'd estimate the letters were maybe 10 miles accross. They were evenly spaced and I will add that it seemed evident that the 'message' ? , was made by one of the jets in the program.
This was no low flying airplane. It appeared at a equal elevation to the other
trails that were simultainiously being formed. The letters also evolved
the same way as the rest of the day's trails.

It looked something like this, I C O >

On May 15, 2006 after a morning sky full of the typical expanding
trails, the afternoon was clear. That evening a few minutes before sundown
I was looking at the sky through my car window while riding the ferry across Puget Sound when I noticed a trail start to form fairly low on the horizon to the north-west. It appeared to be of the aerosol variety, so as I sometimes do, I picked up my binoculars for a closer look. The trail was intermintent. There were three lines of several miles in length with slightly smaller gaps in between. I've seen trails being layed out before with gaps. They had seemed to be at the end of a load, since I'd seen the jets continue along on their same course without a trail until they were out of sight. The jet changed course about halfway through it's third spurt. I hadn't recalled ever seeing that before, but what was real interesting was that I was following the front of the trail with my binoculars as it was forming and I couldn't see the jet. In the past, when I've looked hard enough, with eyes alone, it seems that I've been able to spot the craft but I've never had any problems spotting them with the binocs. The sky was clear, no glare from the sun. It took about one minute for the three trail segments to be layed out along a single path. I was focussed clearly on the leading end of the last two trail segments through the end of the third which ended cleanly and there was no jet to be seen.

There is one thing I know for sure and that is - I don't know.