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Documentation of Official Oppression by the FBI

Article detailing FBI use of CARNIVORE in harassment operations. Under development...
Please follow the link to read the documents:


homepage: homepage: http://www.stephen-devoy.com/technology/fbi_lied_about_carnivore.htm

Sounds like paranoid rambling to me. 13.Jul.2004 10:03


Why would ANYONE bother to mess with your websites?

You sound like someone who has not quite got a grasp of the technology at his fingertips. Maybe you inadvertently screwed up Stephen. I can tell you how you did, and I could explain to you "what really happened" but I won't.

You work it out.... Your websites are not mysteriously altering themselves now are they?

Keep up the good work, even government agents need a laugh every now and again.

Wow 13.Jul.2004 11:58


It really seems like this person knows what he is talking about and he certainly has his experience well documented. The website is about stopping facism, so why is it so difficult to comprehend that some gov't tool would mess with it? If the website was about promoting facism or pink fuzzy bunnies or something it would be less likely to be monitored. It's not like the gov't hasn't harassed people before. And why the hell wouldn't you help this guy out if he really did just mess up his web page? Are you pro-facist?

Dude! 14.Jul.2004 22:56


I've noticed some of what you're taking about w/ the insertion of characters into data too. What I've noticed is that it comes sometimes as an inserted character in a word or a transposition of a letter. For example, "word" becomes "world" or "form" becomes "from". I'm not kidding about this either. Usually, I think its just a typo that I missed, but in reality I know I proofread my docs sometimes really good (but not always) and it still happens. It happens to my work on the IMC alot and it been happening for years too. I know it sounds stupid, but I can recognize a mistake is a mistake, but weirdo rama dude...I can see that happening in my works too. Extra characters, mis-spellings that a spell check won't pick up. Who ever invented that system was f*kn smart and you're even smarter for figuring it out.

Dude this shit happen on the IMC all the time and I know I'm not the first to notice it.