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What the hell. is going on in Newberg?

Huge military presence on the outskirts of Newberg-does anybody know what the hell they're doing there?
I was driving around the outskirts of Newberg this afternoon and saw something rather alarming. Concentrated around an empty building (somewhere not too far from Aspen Way.)were dozens of military vehicles, including transport trucks. There was a green tent outside the building, and a group of uniformed soldiers guarding the whole mess. The vehicles were going west along 99 by train. (I saw a veeery long flat car loaded with vehicles along the side of 99 going into Newberg)

I am wondering if anybody knows what the reason for this might be? It happened pretty suddenly, and is rather alarming.
It's most likely nothing 13.Jul.2004 04:11

Matt kaltrop@hotmail.com

Military stuff gets moved around by train quite often. Don't assume that just because you saw some military equipment that it's something diabolical. As for the troops, they were most likely national guard guys on thier weekend drill. Did you see their arm patches on their left shoulder? That will tell what unit they are from.

Seriously dude; pick your battles. This is most likely just your overactive imagination.

photos,details pls 13.Jul.2004 08:14


curious - it would be great if you could post a bunch of photos of what you are describing, along with a cross street or directions for others interested to get there. If they won't talk, get it on video.

Sounds like a criminal conspiracy to me. 13.Jul.2004 08:23


Are they wearing nationalist insignia? Are they carrying guns and loading supplies? Then they're probably going to kill somone. I wonder if that person will be poor? Knowing thier history I'd be suppised if they didn't.

where in newberg ? 13.Jul.2004 09:35

Kim Sky

i live in newberg, haven't seen anything ...

outskirts of newberg ??? that is everywhere in 360 degrees ...??

WHERE. i'll go check it out !!!

who has a camera? 14.Jul.2004 00:02

be the media!

Give us some photos and let us make better-informed judgements and commentary on your somewhat intriguing story...

Sounds like routine Guard operations so far... if they were throwing up concertina wire around a makeshift camp next to a siding full of boxcars with DOD markings, now that would be cause to worry. (BTW the boxcar-shackles myth is thankfully just that... a myth. Ask anyone who works in the railcar industry, especially Gunderson, the subject of the myth. There is no way to hide the construction of such things. No hidden facilities. A joke, folks. Having said all that, it would be cake to buy huge lots of ancient, unwanted boxcars, repaint them, and retrofit them with cuffs, on an existing army base. But I'll believe it when I see it...)