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Crash th National Governors Association - Seattle - Saturday, July 17th

Saturday, July 17th: Put People First!  http://www.putpeoplefirst.org/ is a festival and march to expose the National Governors Association's annual conference, where the nation's governors come to meet with federal government officials and corporate leaders.
We need to send messages from all over Oregon and America repudiating corporations running our state and local governments as well as our national one. Is YOUR governor going? Who influences him/her, who's he/she working for? You'd better tell him that you're his real boss.

Shouldn't we all be demanding that our governor repudiate this organization and urge Locke (Gov of Washington, the host) to back off? Locke will be leaving office soon. If he wants to, he can get rich after he leaves from payoffs for support he's giving the corporations now.

The webpage below on the National Governors Association reveals its sham -- it is organizing to have governors get instructions from corporations, complete with Newt Gingrich. (Yes, Newt is back. Probably, he never left.) Forget about serving the rest of us; they won't let the public in to their meeting! >From the Tacoma Tribune's article,  http://www.tribnet.com/news/story/5287819p-5224906c.html

"NGA events are closed to the public , said spokeswoman Chris LaPaille, because of security concerns and because the association is a private organization that exists to develop and advocate for policy positions.

"We're conducting the business of our association," she said. "It's a business meeting. It's not a public meeting." [Then why are the corporations allowed in? Obviously, this is an association of governors AND corporations.]

"Washington Gov. Gary Locke said the association has "led the charge" in advocating states' positions in Washington, D.C., on issues including welfare and education reform and in releasing federal money to the states for highway projects and children's health insurance programs. [Look at the results of that "charge". The states, through the Natl Governors Assn, have advocated the devastation of support for these needs that has occurred since Reagan? That's why the governors need to be working for us, not for corporations through this organization.]

"The association was designated the 12th-most powerful lobbying group in Washington, D.C., in a 1999 Fortune magazine survey of lawmakers, lobbyists and congressional and White House aides.

"If it were his call, Locke said, he would open some of the panels to the public. But it's the NGA's call, added Locke, pointing out that many of the policy sessions are broadcast on C-Span."

Locke is saying that the governors are not in charge of the National Governors Association, the organization is independent of them! Someone else is running it.

To carpool to Seattle, from the Portland Kucinich people:
If you are interested in carpooling please send a reply to  bkind2animals@mindspring.com . Please put 'Seattle Carpool' in the subject, indicate whether you can offer a ride or you are in need of a ride to Seattle, and give your city/town. Please let us know by 6:00 pm Wednesday, July 14. After that time we will send a message to those who responded and attempt to link people who want to carpool.

Remember the trickle-down theory of economics by which the Reagan administration justified tax cuts for the rich (led by Sen Packwood of Oregon) and resulting cuts in human services? The richer the rich get, the more money the rest of us make. Without this, there would be no justification for governments' turning to corporations for wisdom and guidance on how to help corporations.

The result: Economists told us in the 1990s that the largest transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich in the history of North America occurred during the 1980s. This meant that most of the middle class went downhill, a lot became poor, and those already poor got annihilated; the number of us who were homeless increased greatly. Compare the number of homeless in Portland now with the numbers in the early 1980s.

We all know women now who were poor, single mothers who got to go to college and universities, got bachelor's and masters' degrees, became professionals, and provided their families' needs, including sending their kids on to similar or higher education and careers. This was the norm envisioned in Lyndon Johnson's Great Society; Democrats' taxes and funding provided support and college educations for such families. Truly healthy economics came, not from corporations and the rich, but from these women (and probably men) who used these resources to empower themselves, their families, and everyone they touched, including the healthcare professionals they could afford to pay, the stores where they shopped, those who built and sold and provided goods and services for the houses, cars, etc that they bought, teachers, government employees, and non-profit organizations providing the public services we need... Compare that with the reality now, enforced by the big money and exploiters who took over the Republicans and cowed or seduced the Democrats (led by Bill) into taking their campaign contributions and voting for NAFTA, tax cuts for the rich and for corporations, and their other rip-offs of the rest of us. Our country now has more total wealth than in the 60s and 70s, but we don't and we vote for those who say we can't afford such expenditures. We have shrunk into poverty as our vision for our country. We have not had the courage and initiative to take back our country.

Go to  http://www.putpeoplefirst.org/ , for the info copied below and the links (they didn't copy with the text) to find out what the National Governors Association is and does -- the corporations tell governors what to do and we aren't allowed in . Remember the WTO meeting in Seattle? Instead of a meeting of national governments, this one is a meeting of state governments.

Metanoia, this is what I first drafted for MACG <  oproject@hevanet.com>. After that are copies of webpages and the original Kucinich message.

Next Saturday, July 17, in Seattle
Look at Put People First!'s issues below and compare with MACG's.
I think this is a rare opportunity for MACG and its members to influence the national governance.
We can't make the Portland area hunky dory just working here. We won't be able to have living wage jobs and not full health-care coverage nor funding for affordable housing and education here if the rest of the country is doing everything on the cheap to send the $ to the exploiters. Oregon Action lobbies Congress on these issues. They may be involved in this action and lobbying.

Without allies around the country, we won't be able to change things a lot.
So, I hope that we will get to this festival and march and articulate the coalitions in Oregon that demand the overhaul of our country's values, practices, and public speech. The rest of the country needs to lead our federal government. Governors and state legislatures should be better able to represent us, so let's get them on board.

Are we planning to send a lot of bodies, evidence of our backing, and an emphatic message?
This is the first I've heard of this. If the Natl Governors Assn is what its name says, we need to be there with clout and clarity. A long-planned family memorial takes me out of town this weekend. What is MACG doing? What can we get together?

I've gone to Put People First! Festival and March's website and copied below their message and their webpage on the Natl Governor's Assn. The picture is like the WTO meetings -- its set up to work for corporations, no one else is invited! The Kucinich campaign sent this to me. I'm glad that they and AFSCME are on top of this, but we, the people of Oregon need to be telling governors what our messages are and invalidating this organization, apparently set up for the corporations to buy the governors and give instructions to the governors.

What about Kulongoski and Locke? Shouldn't we demand that they expose and repudiate corporate bossing of governors? Should they go and do this or boycott it and do this? The article below by the Tacoma Tribune indicates that Locke is leading this meeting and says this organization advocates for

Jack Herbert
Metanoia Peace Community

This July, the nation's Governors will come to Seattle for their annual conference with federal government officials and corporate leaders . Featured guests will include Homeland Security chief Tom Ridge, Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson and Contract on America architect Newt Gingrich. The assembled governors and their friends will be discussing priorities for government. We need to let them know the the priorities of the people come first!

On July 17, join us as labor unions, environmentalists, public employees, military families, young people and other concerned citizens speak out for the public priorities often left in the margins by state and federal governments.

Converge at Westlake Park at 1:30 Saturday, July 17 for music and festival entertainment. At 2:00 we will march to the NGA site (Westin Hotel) and return to Westlake for a rally. Featured speakers include:

Congressman Dennis Kucinich
AFSCME President Gerald McEntee

with Deana Knutsen (Washington Citizen Action), John Boonstra (Washington Association of Churches), spoken word performance by On Call Poets and more!


Establish affordable and comprehensive health care for all Washington residents.

Create educational opportunities for present and future generations.

Create budget priorities that benefit poor and working families, immigrants and undocumented workers, and provide assistance to the most vulnerable in our communities.

End the offshore outsourcing of public jobs and services.

Limit corporate influence on government and demand real corporate accountability.


Event flyer

8.5x11 telephone pole flyer/handbill front/ reverse



Go to  http://www.putpeoplefirst.org/, click on About the NGA to get the links listed below.


About the NGA!


Governors conference has steep entry fee (Tacoma News Tribune, July 11)  http://www.tribnet.com/news/story/5287819p-5224906c.html Very revealing.

National Governors Meeting Coming to Seattle (Puget Sound Business Journal, March 23)

Governors Come to Indianapolis: Corporations Welcome, Citizens Locked Out"
(Counterpunch, Aug. 2003)

Grassroots media coverage of NGA 2003 in Indianapolis

ADAPT Heats Up NGA 2002 in Boise

"Public Barred as Corporations Host Governors' Meeting"
(Washington Post, July 10 2000)

More coverage of NGA 2000 at Penn State

Lobbyists Buy Access to Governors
(AP/New York Times, May 17 1997)

National Governors' Association official site

List of NGA Corporate Fellows (pdf)
-----Original Message-----
From: Kevin Mieras [ mailto: bkind2animals@mindspring.com]
Sent: Sunday, July 11, 2004 11:05 PM
To:  knet-oregon@efn.org;  kucinich-northernoregon@lists.riseup.net
Subject: [kucinich-northernoregon] Put People First! festival and march with Dennis Kucinich, Seattle, July 17
As the National Governors Association meets in downtown Seattle later this month to discuss priorities of government, thousands will rally in support of public-centered priorities. The Put People First! (www.putpeoplefirst.org) festival and march begins at 1:30pm Saturday, July 17, at Westlake Park (www.ci.seattle.wa.us/parks/parkspaces/westlake.htm).

Topping the speakers list are Congressman Dennis Kucinich and Gerald McEntee, President of the public employee union AFSCME. Local speakers include Deana Knutsen (Washington Citizen Action) and John Boonstra (Washington Association of Churches). Put People First! is organized around five broad themes:

affordable health care for all
educational opportunities for present and future generations
ending the outsourcing of public jobs and services
corporate accountability
budget priorities that benefit poor and working families, including
immigrants and undocumented workers.
Put People First! is being organized by a coalition led by Jobs With Justice and the Washington Federation of State Employees/AFSCME. State employee unions are currently engaged in historic negotiations with the state over what will be their first-ever contract covering wages and benefits.

Two other groups are also planning July 17 events focused on the Seattle NGA meeting. A student-led coalition is planning a noon rally and march ( www.ngaaction.org ) leading from Capitol Hill to the Put People First! event downtown. Grassroots disability activists ADAPT are planning a 4 pm rally and march ( www.freeourpeople.org/aar/nga04/) at Victor Steinbrueck Park ( www.ci.seattle.wa.us/parks/parkspaces/victorsteinbrueckpark.htm ).

This is the kind of struggle Dennis Kucinich has always supported. The more of us that can show up to lend our support the more we will help our National Convention Delegates advance the Progressive Agenda, by showing how much broad based support these principles have. We would like to encourage people to form carpools from their communities if possible.

If you are interested in carpooling please send a reply to  bkind2animals@mindspring.com . Please put 'Seattle Carpool' in the subject, indicate whether you can offer a ride or you are in need of a ride to Seattle, and give your city/town. Please let us know by 6:00 pm Wednesday, July 14. After that time we will send a message to those who responded and attempt to link people who want to carpool.

Portland Kucinich for President