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Hey- do you know SARAH and SHawn form portland?

Hi there. This isn't the best place for this, but I'm trying to find two folks form portland who hang out a lot together. I met them at reclaim the commons in San Francisco, and I really need to get ahold of them, ASAP
I was having a hard time in San Fransico and met two really amazing people, Sarah and Shawn. They helped me out a lot and Sarah has something that I really need, I'm hoping that this will help me get into contact with them.
sounds interesting 12.Jul.2004 19:43


"sarah has something that i really need"

seriously though... 12.Jul.2004 19:50


i hope you find them. i don't know them...

I think i saw Sarah a few... 12.Jul.2004 20:34


I think I saw sarah at Powell's Bookstore last week, but i'm not sure if it was her because i didn't get a really good look

Have you tried Craig's List? 12.Jul.2004 21:01


It's mostly "personals" related, but it's free and easy, so it is worth a shot. See the link below.

did you see this guy? 13.Jul.2004 04:14


Hey since we are on the subject, do you know bob from Canada? has anyone seen him?

oh and one more thing 13.Jul.2004 04:15


OH yeah....stay in california. Don't move up here, mmmkay? we got enough of you california peeps already.

echem 14.Jul.2004 22:44


really, and if yer from LA dont even think about it. last time we got Keroker from you guys.

could sara and shawn possibly be 14.Jul.2004 22:53

from gresham or beverton or lake oswego or possibly Ashland

damn theres no IMC in those citys your really screwed.

oh right i forgot there is only one reeal city in ORE EEE GONE
just us hicks up here

please make this a front edition 14.Jul.2004 23:00


just for summer ha has

you suck 15.Jul.2004 13:07


The reason I need to get into contact with Sarah is that she has a picture of a rapist, and it's the only one I know about existing. A group of people supportling some of his survivors -the ones they know about- want's to put his picture on flyers and let communities that he's been around, or going to be, know what's going on. I'm from Portland too, by the way, and I'd appreciate a little less judgementalness from you all. Have a great day.