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Tigard man sees that hate gets a later time slot

Credit Ken Scheckla here for tapping the wisdom of Solomon.
Scheckla, Tigard's representative on the Metropolitan Area Communications Commission board, was disgusted over neo-Nazi and skinhead programs aired on cable television's public-access channels.
"That stuff teaches hate, that one group is better than another," says Scheckla, 71, a Tigard native. "We should be trying to blend everybody so we make the people feel part of the community -- not divide it. Once that gets rolling, it can be like a snowball going downhill. It can get out of hand."

Meanwhile, however, Scheckla, a former Tigard city councilman, is well versed in the First Amendment protections for free speech.

But he is not an absolutist -- and that's the source of his wisdom for navigating life's gray areas.

Scheckla, searching through the Federal Communications Commission rule book, found that agencies that manage local public-access channels, such as Tualatin Valley Television, can restrict adult-themed programming to late-night hours.

And that meant the programs submitted by the Tualatin Valley Skins could be moved from prime time.

"I visited the Tualatin Valley Television folks and pointed it out," Scheckla says. "The FCC rules changed last year."

Following suit, Tualatin Valley Television's own board adopted a similar rule in February.

In case you don't remember the Tualatin Valley Skins, they're the folks who have been bombarding driveways in Tigard, Tualatin, King City, Beaverton and Vancouver during the predawn hours with racist, anti-Semitic literature in an attempt to recruit new members.

They're the people whose swastika-punctuated Web site presents "white pride" in a barely camouflaged call to arms against all others.

And if you ever feel the need to see Adolf Hitler's face, you can find a couple dozen heavy-lidded portraits there.

What makes Scheckla's Solomon-like solution so defensible is it is rooted in the same principles that allow institutions such as libraries to limit children's access to adult-themed material.

"It's pretty much the same idea," Scheckla says. "You have the material for any adult to view, but it's not available to young people."

At the same time, says Marci Hosier, Tualatin Valley Television's executive director, the Skins have stopped submitting videos of "Freedom of Thought," rehashed neo-Nazi lectures over video clips of lovable kittens and puppies.

They still are submitting "Resistance Rock Radio," a mixture of high-energy heavy-metal music with "white pride" lyrics.

Of course, Tualatin Valley Television is required to air it, but now it runs after 10 p.m.

Scheckla, a retired lithographer, says he remembers growing up with Japanese American and Chinese American classmates without any friction. And he says a Latino classmate remains one of his best friends.

"We never had any problems," Scheckla says. "I'd sure hate to see them starting now."
Glad to see he got somewhere....... 12.Jul.2004 21:14


I E-mailed Free Speech TV about and they weren't aware that it was on, but oddly enough enough they didn't do anything about it. When i had cable it always annoyed me that I would have to stay up until 2-3am to see stuff about the WTO roits or the Union-busting McDonald's did in Canada but I could tune in at 8-9pm and get a(n) (un)healthly dose of real live hate speech. here is a part of me that says this shouldn't be on telivision but then I remember that I believe in the U.S. Constitution and The Bill Of Rights.

free speech tv? 13.Jul.2004 00:08

didja call michael moore too?

Free Speech TV is a private leftist nonprofit public-affairs satellite station.

They have nothing to do with local public access cable channels.

Really, the only thing they've got in common is low budgets!

TVTV agenda ? 13.Jul.2004 10:57


Some of us out here in washington county have noticed a disturbing change in the
the overall image at tualitan valley cable access. Im all about free speach, but decisions are being made there that reflect a one sided agenda. Have gotten nowhere with phone so far.

Hey smart ass.... 13.Jul.2004 11:46


If you had a TV (which I bet you are too progressive to own) you would know that Free Speech TV comes on right after Resistance Rock Radio. So, I mistakenly thought that it was part of their programming, which they said it wasn't. They wrote to me and told me that they weren't showing any white pride/power programs, although they have in the past. That kind of throws your theory that they are exclusively leftist out the window. I don't know why but I thought that they might contact the public access station they are shown on to see if they could get an earlier time slot for Free Speech Television and Democracy Now!

hey dumbfuck 14.Jul.2004 02:47

as long as we're calling each other names

good guess -- actually I'm too poor & stingy to bother with cable, and if I had cable I'd join the other 99% of the population that's got enough sense to avoid the crap on public access 99% of the time

and all I know about FSTV is it calls itself "The Nation's First Progressive Television Channel" ... I have no more reason to believe yer story about them airing Nazi propaganda than I do to believe the statements on their website, nor any special motive to give a shit which of you is lying

kiss kiss

TVTV agenda? 14.Jul.2004 11:01


Some of us out here in the consertive wasteland called washington county have noticed a disturbing trend at Tualitan Valley cable access.
Firstly TVTV has started running a disclaimer that appears to differentiate it's management from other cable access channels in the metro area. So who is running this show? A little preliminary digging has revealed at least one board member who is well known to us activist types because of previous conflicts. His demonstrated corporado mindset would lead me to believe that he has little interest in presenting freedom of expression especially if it challenges the capitalist dogma.
Management has stated clearly on the phone that they have classified Free Speach TV as " objectionable progamming " and therefore will only run it after midnight.
Yet they chose to run white supremicist programing during primetime!
What the hell is up with that?