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AUDIO FILE: Brief History of Struggle to Save the Solo Timber Sale

The forest advocacy group, Bark, hosts monthly groundtruthing hikes to the Mt. Hood National Forest, leaving Portland the second Sunday of every month at 9:30 from the Daily Grind, 42nd and SE Hawthorne.During this months hike, the hike leader gave an account of the struggle to save the Solo Timber Sale from being clear cut.
This months Bark hike was led by Brian Frank and Sara Wald to the Solo Timber Sale in the Oak Grove Watershed, a tributary of the Clackamas River. The Solo Sale has been controversial from the very beginning, galvanizing the community to fight for its permanant cancellation with every means at their disposal, including strong and well attended protests at the timber auction at the USFS office in Sandy Oregon, numerous tree sits and litigation.
A 30 minute audio file of that auction protest in Sandy Oregon on July 30, 2004.
Solo Auction Protest

The sale is currently under court injunction, and its fate will be decided in Federal Court this August 11th, 2004. A Federal Judge forced the Forest Service to provide a new Environmental Impact Statement due to the fact that members of the community located endagnered species in the Timber Sale area. The new EIS has been released and the judge has to make a decision whether to accept the new document. According to Bark, the new document varies little from the prior EIS. The decision will affect other Timber Sales, both in the Mt. Hood and the Williamette National Forests.
During the hike Sara pointed out two tree sits, the first named after a woman named Horehound, who died at the Eagle Creek tree sit, just days before papers were signed cancelling that sale. Sara detailed a little early history of the Solo struggle before moving on up the hill to another former tree sit, which still held the platform and some of the gear for the action. At this second tree, she went into greater detail about the ongoing sruggle to protect old growth forests from commercial logging.
A 22 minute file of this history.
Brief History of Solo

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