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Bike tours of North Portland Underway

The City of Portland's Summer Cycle 2004 program will feature bike rides through North Portland. The program also teaches bike safety and touring Portland's bikeable neighborhoods
The schedule for the North Portland bike tour:

..North Portland Neighborhoods, 6 to 8 p.m. Tuesday, July 20, Arbor Lodge Park. Ride the new Interstate Avenue bike lanes, say hello to Paul Bunyan in the Kenton neighborhood and visit the North Portland library.

.. North Portland Neighborhoods, 6 to 8 p.m. Wednesday, July 21, Unthank Park. Ride the new Interstate Avenue bike lanes, smell the roses of Peninsula Park Rose Garden and explore the Mississippi Historic District.
These tours will run again through Aug. 25. No registration is required.

For more information call 503-823-5266 or visit  http://www.portlandtransportation.org/ and click on ""Current News.""

homepage: homepage: http://www.portlandtransportation.org/

blue collar 13.Jul.2004 20:43

St. Johns

please keep your candy -yuppie asses out of our neighborhood. we don't need you = we don't want you andf we don't welcome you.

fuck off granolas 18.Sep.2004 23:45

i hunt librals and sell their hides for money.

hey everyone. i really hope this will be community activity with lots of cool people. but please dont even fucking come if your a bike-poser. we dont want u near this event.

-have fun guys (going to all normal people)

all geared up 06.Apr.2005 19:48


my bike has 21 gears, are we allowed to drink on this two wheeled love fest through old portland?
My ass is like candy sir, and I will thank-you not to ride up it.