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Ronald Says You Desrve to 'Go McFxxk Yourself'!!!

Ronald McDonald Imposter Stuns Diners With Diatribe at McDonald's in Southern Norway
Ronald McDonald Imposter Stuns Diners

The Associated Press

OSLO, Norway July 9, 2004 Diners at a McDonald's in southern Norway were stunned when a man dressed as the U.S. fast food chain's mascot Ronald McDonald launched into a diatribe criticizing its policies and food, the outlet's owner said Friday.

The man a performance artist was arrested by police summoned by restaurant staff when he refused to leave and continued his tirade against the Oak Brook, Illinois-based fast food chain. The incident made national news in Norway on Friday.

"He was screaming and yelling. It was very unpleasant," said Alf Floernes, owner of the restraurant in the southern town of Kristiansand, by telephone. "It was supposedly some sort of art. If that is art, I'm a truck."

Floernes said the McDonald's was crowded with customers, including children, when the man came in wearing an exact copy of the Ronald McDonald clown costume on Thursday.

"It was very organized," he said. "A big gang came in with him and was laughing and shouting in the back."

The stunt was organized by a troupe of alternative artists as a "sort of a demonstration against McDonald's," Norwegian media reported.

The imposter was identified by the Norwegian news agency NTB as Ole Bernt, which also said he was likely to be fined by police for causing a disturbance.

Younger restaurant patrons were shocked to see him dragged away by police.
Photos anyone? 12.Jul.2004 05:13

Tony Blair's dog

"Younger restaurant patrons were shocked to see him dragged away by police."

A photo of Ronald McDonald being dragged away by the police
would be brilliant :-D

Ronald the Pusher 13.Jul.2004 18:04


It's a surreal world when people's assumptions about Ronald McDonald the hamburger pusher are shattered! I, too, would love to see a photo of Ronald McManhandled & McManacled. Better, even, than the shot of him being "pleasured" by Ann Coulter.

Put a smile on, Ronnie!