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Let's Reject Normalization of Relations With the Zionist Enemy!

Let's Reject Normalization of Relations With the Zionist Enemy!!!





Let's Reject Normalization of Relations With the Zionist Enemy!

--- John Paul Cupp, Public Relations Officer, C.C. of
the North American Committee Against Zionism and

" The Only Good Zionist Is a Dead Zionist."- Kwame
Ture (Stokely Carmichael), (founder of the All-African
People's Revolutionary Party, and regarded as the
father of the "Black Power" Anti-Apartheid Movement)

1. On Anti-Normalization

We at the North American Committee Against Zionism
and Imperialism (NACAZAI), have come together to
reject the pathetic Zionist-controlled and
pro-Imperialist world in which we are living. One very
specific aspect of this is our militant and
uncompromising position of declaring firmly that there
is only one acceptable solution to the Arab-Zionist
Conflict, and to Zionism in General. This solution is
to reject the Zionist Entity's "right to exist",
coordinating support for the Armed Struggle against
not just Zionism's Entity, but Zionism itself, and
most importantly, standing by the ARAB identity of
Palestine, along its historic borders.

This includes:

1. Combating Zionist ranks of pseudo-"leftist"
infiltrators, via principled ideological combat, and
through raising awareness in the ranks of the
potential "weak links" of popular movements. This
includes defending the Human Bomb Tactic, defending
Arab Liberation and Anti-Zionist Militants from
accusations of "anti-semitism", rejecting the
"terrorist" blacklisting of Arab and Islamic Freedom
Fighters, defending the Arab Identity of Palestine,
and any and all vital or potentially useful
information that may be of help, both in our
educational outreach, and in our efforts at a United
PARAMETERS. Most important in this is penetrating the
minds of the Anti-Globalist psyche, the crucial link
Zionism plays in Imperialist Globalization, via acting
as a human base for Imperialism, in the heart of the
Arab World, and as an ideological poison for our mass

2. Working towards rejecting Normalization of
relations with the Zionist Enemy unconditionally - as
opposed to "divestment" which is tied to "until
"israel" does this or complies with that" - on all
levels, to promote, defend and build
anti-normalization efforts, to bring international
solidarity with anti-Normalization, and to safeguard
anti-normalization from "wolves in sheep skin".

Did you know, that the positions, (or, rather, the
lack thereof) of so called "Pro-Palestinian" groups
(most of which are Zionist-controlled, and take
advantage of self-loathing liberal/accommodationist
mouthpieces) do NOT represent the Arab People? History
has taught us well that there can be NO "peace" with
settler-colonialism. One destroys it or it destroys

We stand by the Arab Identity of Palestine, and the
assertion that the "Jews" are a religion and not a
nationality. Contrary to the disgusting liberal
accommodationists, who make illusions about appealing
to the "reason" and "morality" of FASCISM, we stand by
the correctness of the historic Kwame Ture quote: "The
only good Zionist is a Dead Zionist".

As Revolutionaries, the only logical and principled
conclusion is the militant stance of "Death to
Oppression and all Oppressors!" How is Zionism any
different? It is the height of egoism for the
collective membership of the "Jewish"
pseudo-nationality, to impose its lack of right to
self determination (just as Mormons and Agnostics do
not have a right to National self-determination) upon
us, and then to demand that we do not go "too far" (an
oxymoron, because you cannot be "too" anti-Zionist) in
condemning it; may death be upon them! Imagine
imposing this rubbish on South Africa or Vietnam, or
upon Armed Resistance to Nazism!

Not only are efforts at rejecting normalization of
relations with the Zionist Enemy fully legitimate, but
they are, as a contrary position to the lack of
exposure they receive by the Zionist-controlled US
press, extremely popular and effective.
Anti-Normalization Committees exist throughout the
Arab World, often facing grave repression in
Zionist/US controlled military dictatorships. They
play a key part in the struggle, and contain countless
lessons for us who live in the imperialist countries,
not just about Zionism, but also organizing in

2. Combat Opportunism!

Our Chairman, Ziad Shaker ElJishi, has pointed out
that ARMED STRUGGLE is necessary to liberate
Palestine. This includes the HUMAN BOMB TACTIC. More
Importantly, he has pointed out, the need to "root out
opportunism", much the same as Lenin did several
decades earlier. Let's take a look at our Chairman's
Essay "Opportunism on the Left with Regards to the
Palestinian Struggle".

"V.I. Lenin spent a good deal of his effort in his
book "What is to Be Done" to expose opportunism in the
left. Today we see the wisdom of Lenin in the pathetic
state of the left in the Western hemisphere countries,
and specifically inside the belly of the beast, the
United States of America.
"Nowhere has this failure been more evident than in
the Zionification of the communist movement USA. We
are shocked on occasion to discover how deep and far
are the tentacles of the Zionist monster amongst
leftists in the United States.
"Under the guise of being opposed to anti-Semitism
many in the left are terrorized into accepting the
state of "israel" and the fascism it practices on a
daily basis onto the Arab people of Palestine. Worst
still many will work hard to justify it and reconcile
it with their internationalist character.
"We on the other-hand standing firm in our
Marxism-Leninism and our commitment to expose the
Zionist state of "israel", have not been terrorized
and will not relent in making sure that the state of
"israel" will no longer exist. Not in the communist
movement nor anywhere else for that matter."

It should be noted here, that one does not need to be
a communist, per s?, to understand this truth.
However, it does show, to the defeatists, and those
controlled by "the enemy within" two important

1. Zionism is a far greater qualitative and
quantitative aspect in the epoch of world reaction
than the mere civil rights "issue" it is presented as
by "anti-Zionist" Zionists.

2. Popular Movements in the past provided clear
stances against the opportunism of their era
(including Zionism) or they failed.

Further down, the following is also asserted, by our

"We assert what the Palestinian people have done for
the last four decades and more, in the original
Palestinian National Charter, that Bill Clinton tried
to tear up with the help of the Palestinian comprador.

We say Palestine belongs to the Arab people, we do not
recognize the Zionist state of "israel", and maintain
that the Arab unification socialist project is the
only answer."


"We work hard for this un-recognition of "israel" by
opposing normalization of relations with it. We
maintain as the Palestinian National Charter did that
armed struggle is the only negotiation with Zionism we
advocate, and that it alone will lead to the
liberation of Palestine and its return to the Arab
"We consider for this to take place as a major blow
for imperialism in the region.
"We call on principled Marxists to join the call for
exposing this opportunism amongst the left and to work
on establishing a more principled position in support
of the liberation of Palestine.
"Let us throw the fascist Zionists out of Palestine
and out of the communist movement.
"Let us work on creating a principled and meaningful
communist movement in the USA built with the Mexican
migrant workers, the African poor, and homeless in
this nation to turn them into the next proletarian
army of the revolution."

We at NACAZAI, invite your esteemed organizations and
personages, though out North America and the world, to
stand with us, as one, under the banner "Death to the
Zionism Entity!!! Death to US Imperialism!"
Furthermore, to the Zionist Enemy, whether under the
banner of the right wing reactionaries, or
pseudo-"leftism", we declare "The Only Good Zionist Is
a Dead Zionist!", just as boldly and proudly as Kwame
Ture before us.

In our hearts, must be a healthy, grounded, liberating,
and uncompromising hatred of the Zionist Enemy. Is not
the essence of humanity, as the only creature that
places principles above one's life, such that anything
but liberation from oppression is unacceptable? Oh
"israel", the treacherous height of insult and egoism,
may death find you in the harshest way possible,
leading the way for Intifadah against all oppressors
that prey upon the masses!

Long Live Palestine, Free and Arab, From the River to the Sea!!!
Death to the Zionist Entity!!!