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IndyMedia at the DNC '04

Boston Independent Media Center
Democratic National Convention Projects

Are you coming to Boston for the Democratic National Convention this July? Are you planning to work with the Independent Media Center?

The Boston IndyMedia Center is working on several projects in anticipation of the workshops and events of both the Boston Social Forum (BSF, http://www.bostonsocialforum.org/) and the Democratic National Convention (DNC). All are welcome and encouraged to participate! We have public and private spaces to help facilitate each particular project. Please contact us as soon as possible to let us know your plans for coverage, and how we can accommodate your Indy Media needs! The Boston IMC listserve for DNC discussion is located here: http://lists.indymedia.org/mailman/listinfo/imc-dnc-discuss

Check in with the Boston IMC Office to reserve a DNC-IMC press pass: imc-boston-office(no-spam)indymedia.org

The Boston Independent Media Center is a consensus-based, open-publishing, not-for-profit collective with the goal of providing an alternative to mass media, for-profit reporting. Our news is by the people, for the people.

Print Project:
The DNC Print Project is creating and distributing a 12-page, full color paper during the DNC. The deadline for submissions is July 10th, 2004. Writers, editors, illustrators, layout and distribution folks are needed! Point-person is Pete Stidman, email PStidman(nospam)Yahoo.com to find out more about getting involved!

Radio Project:
The Boston IndyMedia Radio folks are planning radio shows and coverage of both the Boston Social Forum and the Democratic National Convention. Audio recording specialists and radio broadcasters welcome! Point-Person is John Grebe, JGrebe(nospam)TecsChange.org

Video Project:
The DNC Video Project is working in collaboration with the Cambridge Community Television (CCTV) to create a series of short segments for sattellite uplink during the DNC. The deadline for segments is July 15th, 2004 with late submissions considered. CCTV has also expressed interest in airing a daily 20-30 minute show produced by the IMC. Video also has dubbing, upload and editing facilities for IMCsters for the DNC. A long-term documentary project is also planned for release after the DNC. Editors, Videographers and Distributors are needed! Point-person is Svea Eppler, dncvideo(no-spam)yahoo.com

Web/Tech Projects:
The Web/Tech Team is working on several projects to improve speed, stability, and accessibility of the Boston IMC website during the DNC. Web Developers proficient with Linux/Apache configs, PHP and MySQL are encouraged to contact us! Tax-deductible donations of computers and peripherals are always welcome! Contact Joe Slag, joe(nospam)sl4g.com and Robert Baker, robert(nospam)riseup.net.

Boston Social Forum Space:
Boston IndyMedia has space available at the July 23-25th Boston Social Forum. Located at U-Mass Boston, there are a Mac & PC computers available for IndyMedia journalists. Please contact the IMC Point-person to register for access at: bsfimc(nospam)yahoo.com

Public DNC-IMC Space:
Boston IndyMedia has arranged for public internet access at the Bl(a)ck Tea Society's Convergence Center (htpp://www.blackteasociety.org) in the Back Bay during the entire week of the DNC (Mon-Thurs). Within walking distance of the DNC and many DNC related protests, events and rallies, this public location will also include space for medical folks from the BALM Squad (http://www.bostoncoop.net.balm/), legal assistance from the National Lawyer's Guild (http://www.nlgmass.org/), free activist food from Food Not Bombs (http://www.fnbnews.org), informational pamphlets about the Boston area. Priority computer access will be given to IMCsters. Computers will have internet access, web browsing software, e-mail.

TecsChange Web/Print/Editorial Space:
Located near public transportation in Roxbury, the non-profit TecsChange has volunteered it's computer workroom for the Web, Print and Editorial projects. Space is limited, please contact the IMC team to learn more: imc-boston-office(nospam)indymedia.org

CCTV Video Space:
Located near public transportation in Cambridge, the local access Cambridge Commmunity Television has donated computer and A/V facilities for the IMC Video Project. Space is limited, dubbing and video workstations are available, please contact the Video point-person for more information: dncvideo(no-spam)yahoo.com

Housing & Transportation:
We're sorry, but Boston IndyMedia doesn't have the facilities to coordinate housing for these events. Boston IMC recommends the Bl(a)ck Tea Society's Forums for rideshare and housing information in the Boston area during both the BSF and DNC. Also, as of the end of June two dormatory-style hostels in the area still have dozens of co-ed beds available at rates of approximately $35/night, if you don't have housing lined up, you should probably find it soon!

Bl(a)ck Tea Society Forums - http://blackteasociety.org/forums/index.php?c=2
Hostelling International - 12 Hemenway St., near Prudential Center. Close to Black Tea Society space and Brookline. (617)536-9455
Hostelling International at Fenway - 575 Commonwealth Ave, near Fenway Park & Brookline. (617)536-1027

The MBTA public transit authority, also known as the T, have announced dozens of closures, reroutings or delays, and an added "security" measure that will allow police to "stop & frisk" users on *any* public transit including bus and trains. Some lines have even limited baggage and parcel size to nothing bigger than "a loaf of bread".Over 1 million people travel using the MBTA (also known as the T) public transit system, and the supposedly random stops have been estimated by authorities at 1 in every 8 people - expect delays across the board! The official MBTA description of public transit changes for the DNC is located here: http://www.mbta.com/traveling_t/DNCbrochure.asp

If you can, bring your bike and a good strong bike-lock. Bikes Not Bombs of Roxbury (http://www.bikesnotbombs.org/)has offered affordible tune-ups and maintenance for IMCsters, and bicycle may be the best way to travel around the city with the expected street closures, detours, protest detours and other transportation woes. Boston has many pot-holes, but is very bike friendly!

Childcare, Medical & Legal:
The Bl(a)ck Tea Society is providing childcare service for free during the convergence. They need people to help shoulder the weight of this task. If you are interested in receiving or helping this project please contact childcare@blackteasociety.org.

The Boston Area Liberation Medics (BALM Squad) are a local street medic collective. Their website is located here: http://www.bostoncoop.net/balm/ The BALM Squad will have a resource available at the Bl(a)ck Tea Society's DNC Convergence Center.

The Massachusetts Chapter of the National Lawyer's Guild (NLG) has several protest related resources available on their website at: http://www.nlgmass.org/ They also have a resource available at the Bl(a)ck Tea Society's DNC Convergence Center.

Translators needed!
We need english/spanish translators for all projects! Other languares are also welcome. If you have time to translate one or more documents or recordings, we'd love to talk to you! Contact the IMC Boston office at: imc-boston-office(no-spam)indymedia.org

Donations needed!
The Boston Independent Media Center needs your help! In order to successfully meet the needs of evch project planned for the DNC we need money! Boston IndyMedia is a non-profit organization that offers a tax-deduction for your financial contribution. Please help us be the media! Secure on-line donations can be made through our website at: http://boston.indymedia.org

Let us know you're coming!

We need estimates of how many bodies to expect, and what use of our facilities will be needed! We also need to know if you are planning to donate time to help the various IMC spaces serve the larger IMC community. Let us know what you're planning! Let us know what you want to do! Let us know your needs and we'll try to make sure they are met! Contact the various Projects to find out how you can plug into the existing projects, and let the Boston IMC Office know if you're able to help us wherever we need it. imc-boston-office(no-spam)indymedia.org

Thank you!

homepage: homepage: http://boston.indymedia.org