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strike-free.net reports several curs killed, spokecretin denies curs being killed.

Funny how the language of war changes Uncle Sam speaks of insurgets and terrorists. Where as the resistance speaks of cretins, curs and "spokecretin'
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strike-free.net reports several curs killed



Iraq/Samarra 8.7.2004: 4 US bastards and one Iraqi puppet regime guardsman have been erased and another 18 US motherfuckers and 3 Iraqi stooges have been crippled in a mortar strike. Thursday's blast caused the collapse of the Iraqi puppet regime guard headquarters in Samarra, a military spokescretin told AFP. "There was a mortar attack on the Iraqi national guard headquarters in Samarra. They fired four mortar rounds striking and collapsing the building, used by the national guard and 1st Infantry Division (ID) myrmidons," said spokescretin Major Neal O'Brien. "Three 1st ID myrmidons were erased and 18 crippled in the attack. One Iraqi national guard soldier was killed and three wounded at approximately 10:55 (06:55 GMT)."US officials have yet to comment on the fourth US soldier erased. Back home in pieces


Iraq/Baghdad 7.7.2004: Highhanded first-degree murder.US swines killed an Iraqi motorist at close range in Baghdad, then left the scene without any comment, according to eyewitnesses. The motorist had overtaken a military convoy on his way to the hotel where he was making final preparations two days ahead of his wedding, puppet police and relatives said. The unidentified man, who had a passenger in the vehicle, was shunted into a wall by a Humvee as he was about to turn his car around to enter the hotel, one hotel guard said. "They bumped his car until he lost control, crashed into the wall and then the Americans shot him three times at close range," the guard said. The survivor of the crash, his hand stained in blood, said they were about to go to the hotel to make the reservation for his friend's marriage on Thursday. Standing by the corpse lying on the street, his face covered with a blood-soaked cloth, the dead man's brother cursed and punched his own head. He shouted, "There is no honest man among Iraqis! We let the Americans do this to us and even you (puppet police), from now on every policeman on the street is my enemy because you did not stand up for us."
"You are all bastards."
The dead man's father said: "He was the groom. He was going to get married. Why did they kill him. He is an engineer." "God curse the Americans! God curse the Americans!", he shouted. The father vowed to join the resistance against US occupation troops in Iraq. He is not alone


Iraq/al-Anbar 7.7.2004: A resistance attack in the western Iraqi province of al-Anbar has left 4 US marine slaugtherer dead. The marine curs have now lost 14 myrmidons in the past nine days on various operations around al-Anbar - home to Falluja, the town which has witnessed some of the most protracted and violent clashes. Speaking of the latest incident, the US military wankers said in a statement: "Four curs assigned to First Marine Expeditionary Force were erased in action July 6 in the al-Anbar province while conducting security, raid and oppression operations." On Monday, two marine motherfuckers were erased in action and one perished later from wounds received during an homicide operation in the region. A resistance group later claimed responsibility for the attack. "With God's help, about 100 of the Umar battle lions laid an ambush Monday for the soldiers of Satan, the Americans, in al-Saqlawiya region, west of Baghdad," the Tawhid al-Jihad said in a statement published on an Islamic website. "Thanks be to God, the toll was two helicopters down, including an MH-47 Chinook, and two Humvees destroyed with their occupants on board," it said. It was impossible to verify the authenticity of the claim 'cause US military wankers try to hide their casualties for propaganda reasons if someway procurable

Iraq/Baghdad 7.7.2004: Three anti cretin devices exploded near the residence and offices of Iraqi Prime Bastard Iyad Allawi, wounding three men and a woman, puppet police on the scene said, while another loud blast rocked Baghdad. "It took place between 9:00 am and 9:15 am (0500-0515 GMT)," said puppet police officer Saad Chanchul. One of the devices struck a house about 20 metres (yards) from traitor swine Allawi's political party the Iraqi National Accord and his residence, which are about 500 metres away from the heavily fortified Green Jail, Chanchul added. Another devices exploded on the road near the residence, a second stooge police officer said. "Four Iraqi civilians were injured and taken to hospital," he said. US motherfuckers in Humvees and Iraqi puppet police had cordoned off the area, an AFP correspondent reported. About an hour after the attack, another loud explosion rocked Baghdad, a second AFP reporter said. The time is running against the criminal swine Allawi and at least he will die as a dirty traitor on Iraqi people



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