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bad news from Italy animal experimentation (macaques)

please send a letter to the pharmaceutical company of Nerviano, they have the same monkey of Covance.....
from Ursula Mazzucchetti


8 JULY 2004

Eighteen enclosure hours on a lorry.
A long journey, in slaughtering conditions, to finish neo laboratories of a pharmaceutical company of Nerviano. The transfer from the airport in Paris To Malpensa of 120 Macaques concluded himself yesterday morning at six o'clock
macaques coming from the Mauritius island. At Malpensa airport to wait for the precious one ( value declared 306 thousand euro ), there were the men of the forest body of state to which the task to verify the validity of the licences and the regularities of the authorizations for the importation is assigned. The macaques' traffic is forbidden in the context of the European Comunity as kind to high extinction risk. But everything turned out in rule on the basis of a dispensation concerning the animals destined to the research laboratories.
Protected and often worshipped in the zones of origin, the macaques represent on the international market especially valid and sought-after animals to be used for the experimentation. And the Farney-Maherborug ( Mauritius islands) Noveprim Group is specialized in the stock farm in captivity of these primates then to export them in all the world. The "match" reached yesterday to Malpensa, (Italien airport) was destined to a pharmaceutical company of Nerviano Medical which is responsible for studying the toxicity level and then the tolerance degree of
new antitumoral products.
The transport of the 120 monkeys had to happen in the maximum discretion. From several directions in fact, they took for time protests and requests for the suspension of the research off on the Primates. And it is maybe to avoid disputes by the animalist than the journey took place on a motorvehicle and not the plane.
Soon after the arrival to Malpensa the unloading operations are begun.
The 120 monkeys, everyones strictly with a recognition number tattooed on the chest, are in clear situation of stress and torpor for the efforts and the uncomfortable of the journey. It's painful lets see them move with difficulty, their so agile on the trees. A monkey is wounded to a hand, it loses blood. The lesion seems both been caused by the metal net of separation between a container and the other. Probably the macaque hurt himself trying to go out. The clearanced practices are sped up to the maximum. The cases are loaded in a hurry.
The researchers are ready to isolate, in quarantine, all the animals.
The motorvehicle left again with his macaques load. For the last journey.

The letter to send to the "criminals"

Nous demandons que l'importation, la détention et l'expérimentation sur
> les macaques des Île Mauritius (destinés aux laboratoires de Nerviano)
> Nous sommes horrifiés par cette cruauté, notamment sur des espèce très
> sensible, et surtout très proches aux être humains.
> Nous demandons donc d'arrêter d'être complices de ces TORTURES.
> nom, prénom,
> adresse
> pays

Michel de Claviere
> 25, rue du Mont d'Or
> 69450 Saint Cyr au Mont d'Or
> Frankreich
> 0033/ 4 72 19 46 26
>  claviere@aol.com
> Gérald de Senneville
> Harbour Front Building - 6e etage
> Place d'armes
> Port Louis
> Mauritius
> Tel: 00230 / 211 26 86
> Fax: 00230 / 211 31 59
>  gds@cielgroup.com
> DE M. BESTEL J.J. Eric
> Le Vallon
> Ferney
> Tél. : 00230 /25 11 022
> Fax : 00230 /63 45 648
> E-mail :  jjedmb@intnet.mu


We ask that finishes immediately the importation, the detention, and the

experimentation on the macaques of the Mauritius islands, directs to

medical laboratory of animal sperimentation of Nerviano in Italy . destined to linger and die in laboratories.


We are been horrified of a lot of cruelty used on kind animals very sensitive and very near being

human. Therefore we ask to stop it to being accomplices of these

tortures. please feel ashamed

name surname