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Siskiyou Rally Tues. July 6 - Call In Day Info

Rallies & National Call-In Day
for the Wild Siskiyou - Tuesday, July 6th

In response to the impending release of the Record of Decisions (July 8) for the largest logging project in the modern history of our National Forests, citizens across the nation will participate in a day of action for Oregon's wild Siskiyou forests.

In Portland and Medford, Oregon on Tuesday, July 6, there will be fun, family-friendly rallies to make our voices heard. On that same day across the nation, people will be calling elected officials to prevent a Biscuit "salvage" rider and to protect this special place for future generations.
Portland "Save Our Wild Siskiyou" Rally
Tuesday, July 6th at NOON
Battleship Memorial at Waterfront Park (SW Naito and Oak Streets)
This family-friendly rally will feature a Biscuit Beret Brigade, biscuits to eat, and we will present the Forest Service and Bush Administration with a "Golden Stump Award."
Contact the Siskiyou Project at 503-222-6101 for details

Medford "All Out for the Wild Siskiyou" Rally
Tuesday, July 6th at NOON
Siskiyou National Forest in Medford (meet at Alba Park, 6th and Grape
Contact Klamath Siskiyou Wildlands Center at 541-488-5789 for details and carpooling info from Eugene and Ashland.


Call in Day:
Whether you can attend a rally or not, please call your US Senators at 1-800-839-5276. This is the toll-free number for the US Capitol switchboard - you'll have to ask for your Senators by name. To find out who your Senators are, go to:  http://www.senate.gov. Of particular concern are Oregon's Senators: Ron Wyden and Gordon Smith. Once you have reached your Senator, ask to speak to the staff that works on forest issues.

Tell them:
1. Oppose any legislative efforts to exempt the largest timber sale in history -- the Biscuit post-fire logging project in Southern Oregon -- from environmental laws and from judicial review.
2. Please protect the Siskiyou Wild Rivers area in southwestern Oregon as a National Conservation Area for future generations.
3. Please urge the Forest Service to protect all ancient forests, old-growth reserves and roadless areas such as the Squaw Mountain and North and South Kalmiopsis.
4. Name real places. Urge them not to allow logging in the Key Watersheds of Indigo, Silver and Lawson Creeks or in our Late Successional (old growth) forest reserves such as Fiddler Mountain.

To send instant, free faxes to elected officials, go to:  http://www.siskiyou.org/get_involved/action.cfm

Also look for Biscuit updates and articles, info on how to write letters to the editor at  http://oregon.sierraclub.org/conserv/biscuit/index.asp