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Is Soros to Bush as Bush is to Saddam?

Soros owned Harken Energy when Bush came on. Did he create Bush like the Bush family created Saddam Hussein? Sure, but Soros and the Bush crew were in the Carlyle Group together, so they're more aligned than the Bush crew ever were to Saddam.
We have to consider this question in response to this article about how George Soros owned Harken Energy when GWB joined into it. The article spins this creepy connection between Bush and the Anybody-But-Bush soft-money master George Soros to try to convince us that Soros, since he played a part in creating the political viability of GWB back in the eighties, is the right man to take him down now. Well, that sounds a lot like the justification that the Bush family and their buddies like Rumsfeld were the right people to take down Saddam Hussein because they created his WMD-stocked political power back in the eighties.

The fact is, George Soros was in the Carlyle Group with Daddy Bush and the Bin Ladens, and they've now all resigned. Michael Moore doesn't mention Soros' involvement in Carlyle in Fahrenheit 911, but he's happy to have the Soros-funded MoveOn.org's help in promoting the film.

So the answer is no, Soros is a lot more aligned with the Bush family politically and financially (which to them is the same thing) than the Bushes ever were to Saddam Hussein.

Soros is not trying to stop Bush from trashing our rights. He's just trying to polarize this campaign to stop the majority of voters from realizing that corporate kingmakers like himself control both the Democratic and Republican parties, that they only keep control because of voter ignorance and fear, and that their one common enemy in this campaign is Ralph Nader.

A vote for Nader is a vote for America. A vote for Bush or Kerry is a vote for Big Brother.

Yeah right. 05.Jul.2004 16:44

Not gullible

Yeah right, GWB, son of the Pres., son of OIL, needed George Soros to "make" him. The Bush's were here, and on their way to the top long before George Soros arrived on these shores.

Is George Soros rich? Yes. Does he exert some influence just like other rich people? Yes.

Is he against GWB? YES. That's what this is all about. Bush/Rove/Cheney know just how to play you.

Where is the Soros-Kerry connection? 05.Jul.2004 18:20

politics as impossible

I mean, you have Soros has contributed to MoveOn, which is helping Kerry by going against Bush -- but that's the only Soros-Kerry connection that can even be read into all this. I don't know of any Soros-Kerry connection, but surely the authors of all this post could have come up with SOMETHING.

So I say to the authors ("IMPEACH BUSH NOW") -- go back and do your homework. Find something, however tenuous, that connects Kerry to Soros. Maybe Kerry's wife Heinz Ketchup connection, I don't know. It's just that such lack of the necessary homework degrades the standards even for rumor-spreading here at PIMC.

BTW: RIGHT ON! IMPEACH BUSH NOW! DO IT! DO IT! (But just let's not put it off until November!)

thank you for the article 05.Jul.2004 18:44


intriguing thoughts.

Soros, a hero. Is he? 05.Jul.2004 19:15


Soros seems to be against Bush for one reason; Bush is so clumsy and incompetent that he has exposed the NWO agenda to such an extent that any fool can see it.

Less easy to see is how the "Left' is being played. Are you being played by left gate keepers? You've got people calling him a philanthropist, a patriot, a hero. Is he?

You really ought to look into who he is, what he has done.






Soros-Kerry Connection 05.Jul.2004 21:33


Do your own research. You can Google as well as anyone else. It's not okay for you to sit around complaining about other people's lack of "homework" when your m.o. is to sit there swallowing corporate media swill whole until someone brings you the antidote and forces it down your throat. You're on Indymedia, take some responsibility. Post some information and we'll figure it out together.

The Soros-Kerry connection? This is what I've seen so far. The Sun Valley vacation home stuff was fluff -- lots of rich people buy homes in top ski resorts. The main thing is that Soros is backing Kerry's campaign with an enormous amount of soft money. He's not the only one, so let's not just focus on Soros. Here's a long list of the top 527 individual contributors so far this year -- there's a pattern. Virtually all of the 10 or 15 top contributors have given their millions to the same few organizations (not just MoveOn.org), all backing the Democratic Party's presidential nominee, expected to be Kerry.
 link to www.cleveland.com

If you assume that rich people contributing millions to the same organizations don't talk to each other about it, or that it isn't worth it for the voting public to look into business partnerships and common business interests of those contributors that might help explain what they're up to, then you really aren't interested in finding out who's really behind each candidate for the most powerful job in the world, which you are on the hiring committee for, are you?

So the Democrats say the Republicans are behind Nader. And you buy that without raising an eyebrow? Okay then, let's go with that. Now, who's behind the Republicans? Do Conservative activist groups control the Republican Party? Well, do they? Grover Norquist was labelled a "terrorist sympathizer" by the National Review last year. Did you know that? Do you have any idea what is going on in conservative circles? They don't have any more control over the Republican Party than Kucitizens have over the Democratic Party.

Indeed. 05.Jul.2004 21:40

anne frank

The War is the war against the poor and working class.Resources are getting harder to extract, and the global population is way too high. Time for endless war, famine, and pestilance!

Even Michael Moore connected the endless war to the war against us. Soros is one of the rulers. He feels he has a lot to lose

not gullible doesn't read 05.Jul.2004 21:41


not gullible, not,

if you had actually bothered to read my posting, you would have seen that I answered "No" to my own question posed in the title. Yes, it was a teaser title. No, in hopes that you read this shorter version: Soros is NOT to Bush as Bush is to Saddam. Soros is more closely aligned with Bush than Bush was with Saddam. The article I refer to in the Nation tried to deflect from that fact by framing the Soros-Bush issue as a Soros-made-Bush thing. That's obviously a red herring for the reasons you stated. If anything, I would guess that the Bush clan and their business connections made Soros financially, not the other way around.

Look, if all you care about is whether you have enough rich people backing your candidate, and having tons of rich people suddenly liking your candidate doesn't make you wonder why, then I really don't understand what you're doing on Indymedia. Just watch CNN and Fox and you'll get all you're looking for.

I read your post 05.Jul.2004 22:58

not gullible

The Soros to Bush as Bush is to Saddam was only a part of it. I wasn't addressing that small specific part of your post. I was addressing the whole thing. The whole thing serves to discredit Soros. The only person who serves to gain from that is Bush. That's what Bush's people do to all their enemies, cleverly discredit them with the people who count. They should thank you for helping them.

"The article I refer to in the Nation tried to deflect from that fact by framing the Soros-Bush issue as a Soros-made-Bush thing. That's obviously a red herring for the reasons you stated."

I'm glad we can agree on something... more than one thing if you really mean it. I also agree IMPEACH BUSH NOW.

"Look, if all you care about is whether you have enough rich people backing your candidate, and having tons of rich people suddenly liking your candidate doesn't make you wonder why, then I really don't understand what you're doing on Indymedia. Just watch CNN and Fox and you'll get all you're looking for."

How in the world can you jump to the above conclusions from my post? I said nothing that would indicate any of that was true. Who has to learn to read? Please read my post again. I can't address that last comment of yours at all because it doesn't apply to me.

Eyes Wide Shut 06.Jul.2004 06:34


So let's cut to the chase here.
Not Gullible you are a fan of Soros and you think that those who expose Soros are being played by Bush cabal?

It's possible of course, but have you checked Soros' background. If you want us to believe Soros is not part of the NWO you have to reconcile his past actions and statements to help us see your point.

The people who stand to gain from exposing Soros? If you really expose Soros you will in no way be supporting Bush, you will blow past both "right" and "left" gate keepers and take on those behind the gates.

If your going to take his money do it with your eyes open.






david icke? 06.Jul.2004 17:06


You're going to use David Icke as a source? He claims that most of the ruling elite are lizard-men from outer space. I don't buy it. Call me a reptilian shill I guess. But icke's book-selling pablum has no traction in reality. Although he uses truths to make his lie sandwiches, he is not the best source to cite. For example:


Hey Gringo, 06.Jul.2004 17:57


Hey Gringo, yeah take him as you like.
In spite of how much our leaders resemble lizards I don't buy it either. I think it has relevance, for me anyway, in the same way a myth might have relevance. It's just my opinion.
However, you need to address the evidence he presents about Soros or maybe start a lizard thread. Actually the article is by Jan Von Helsing No?

'lizards' is similar to that round world theory hoax that keeps popping up... 07.Jul.2004 19:19


The world is round? You got to be kidding. Just look outside, you fool! How can the world be round? I don't care if David Icke says the world is round, or if he reposts something saying the world is round, it's obviously untrue!