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A Plan to extricate U.S. from Iraq

Since the Bush administration appears to be totally perplexed on how the U.S. can disengage itself from the Iraqi guagmire, this plan hereby is being offered
Who owned the vast oil resources in Iraq prior to the U.S. invasion? According to the best of my knowledge, Saddam did by simply claiming total possession of those resources. And he used much of the revenue from that oil to build some fourteen luxurious palaces for himself. He most likely had difficulty in investing his profits outside of Iraq.

It is no wonder that Saddam had no wish to build weapons of mass destruction. He did not want to stir up animosity and suspicion of the western powers, particularly the U.S. And that is the reason that there was not a trace of WMD in Iraq. He had totally destroyed them all. He knew that he was on the road to becoming the world's richest man through his ownership of all oil resources in Iraq. But his greatest obstacle was regaining from U.S. leaders the respectablilty that he once held prior to the first Gulf War. Fullest cooperation with UN inspectors simply did not pay off for him.

After the U.S. invasion of Iraq, western oil companies claimed possession of (stole?) Iraq's oil reserves without purchasing those reserves from any party. With U.S. troops stationed in Iraq and risking their own lives to guard against sabotage of the oil wells and pipelines, the oil companies can feel confident that their investments will be well protected. And the U.S. will be stationed in force in Iraq as long as the oil companies are there, which can be many decades.

So how can the U.S. get out of this quagmire? The answer is to win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people and thus greatly reduce their threat to us. The answer is not to force a type of democracy on them in which the elected strongmen must meet U.S. approval. To do so will only intensify their hatred toward us, and more and more atrocities will be performed on both sides. So what is an alternative?

The solution appears to be quite simple in winning the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people. Simply force the oil companies to offer the Iraqis half of the pie. The "pie" in this case is half the revenue from oil sales. Of course, a better solution would be to give the Iraqis all oil resources in their country. Then the western oil companies would negotiate with an Iraqi oil ministry. But it appears that the first solution would be easier to implement.
Geeze guy...if you post something on a significant topic... 05.Jul.2004 13:39


Geeze guy...if you post something on a significant topic, put at least a bit of thought into the content, not merely a simplistic idea....

A REAL Plan 05.Jul.2004 17:35


Step 1: Re-deploy all seven U.S. carrier groups now on the high seas to ports in the vicinity of Iraq.

Step 2: Load all U.S. military personnel, contractors and their equipment on these ships.

Step 3: Return to U.S.

Step 4: Order these military forces to occupy Washington, and to capture and detain all officials of the Executive and Legislative branches of government, together with their subordinates, advisors, etc. who ordered, promoted or in any way shaped policy in invading Iraq or enacting the many laws that have made America less "free."

Step 5: Strap these bastards down in C-130s and relocate them to secure cells in the newly constructed prison complex at Guantanamo.

Step 6: Throw the keys in the ocean.

"A REAL PLAN" misses the Judiciary 05.Jul.2004 18:27

politics as impossible

"Me" has a good proposal, but omits the Judicial branch. Let's not forget the Supreme Court, the Circuit Courts and the District Courts. A good broom sweeps clean.

Ya NEED the judiciary! 05.Jul.2004 21:30


The judiciary are needed, if only to rule as they did in the recent case that people can't be detained indefinitely without access to counsel, and that they have the right to request the reason for their detention be reviewed by the courts. This will give them the same benefit they gave the Guantanamo prisoners (i.e. NONE). Of course, neither would the new batch of detainees be "people" in the strict sense of the term, since that implies some degree of humanity notably absent in this predatory bunch ... Guess that means that judicial rulings wouldn't be needed after all, since they'd be irrelevant.

Okay, you convinced me - we don't need the judiciary! Send them to Guantanamo as well. With all three branches equally represented in the prison population, maybe they'll establish a system to govern each other. At least that'll keep 'em off the streets and their hands away from the levers of power.