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corporate dominance

"They caved into the money"

Went down to the "eastbank esplanade" to watch and photograph the independance day fireworks last night.
In the past it's always been off a barge in between the Hawthorne and Morrison bridges. This is the best location as many people can see the display from the morrison and hawthorne bridges, and both sides of the river in free, public spaces.

The paper said something about the fireworks being attached to the "blues festival"

Upon arriving three hours early to get the best spot for my home made tripod I found that they were going to have the show south of the Hawthorne bridge...

Not really a problem for me as I could scramble down the riverbank near Omsi for a good view. However many many all different kinds people come from all over the place to see the show, and for folks with less "mobility", and families with children, the location between the hawthorne and morrison bridges is far superior.

My suspicion that they wanted the people who paid $5 to get into the blues festival to have the best views.

On my way back to the bike rack this suspicion was confirmed when I stopped and talked to an older woman waiting for her husband to drive around to pick her up. She said "they caved into the money"

So my point is that there are some major outrages going on in this country, like the actions of the bush regime. Theres also some minor outrages, like when a po-dunk west coast town puts a special interest commercial (even if it's a benefit for charity) tourist drawing festival above the independance day traditions of thousands of local families, and people who just want to watch the fireworks.

Shame on you Portland!!!