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Open letter to Michael Moore


since Michael Moore's newest documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11" succeeds even in all of those states where "President" Bush actually won the election in 2000, we want to suggest Michael a new issue to write about. He needs a new "enemy" when Bush is gone, doesn't he? *wink*

Well, we need a massive letter campaign, because as some of us know, Michael is not too keen on dealing with the prison issue, even less with individuals, unless it is Mr. President.
So, I have read a couple of drafts/letters directed to Michael (by Debs Barton and John (webelievegroup)) and I like both. I now have written a third sample letter using passages of these mentioned letters above and adding something that will be of Michael's taste. *wink*

Please, help us with this letter campaign and spread this email as widely as possible. This sample letter below also is on our website  http://www.innocentinprison.org => NEWS .

Please, feel free to use this sample letter and contact Mr. Moore yourself at:

Michael Moore
c/o Greater Talent Network
Inc 437 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10016 .

Thank you, :o)


Dear Mr. Moore,

Congratulations on your roaring success with "Fahrenheit 9/11", and achieving the previously believed, unachievable. That of making the general public sit up and take notice, and start to question. That of embarrassing the Government and hammering home the clear and true message that the people are people - and not sheep, and WILL start to think, and question, and demand answers. And that they have the right to do just that. You have my deepest respect.

I am writing to you as a member of the Prison Reform community, that is growing each day, because more and more people are affected by the penal system directly or also indirectly.

Crime is dropping, but more and more prisons are built throughout the United States of America and prisons are still overcrowded. As you already described a little bit in your documentary „The Big One", prison industry is big business, in particular for those, who already make enough money. Prisoners are overcharged for grocery and their loved ones cannot afford the high expenses for an inmate's phone call that is by far beyond all appropriate fees and therefore many calls are not made. Transnational corperations profit by building, running and supplying prisons and by employing prisoners. Repressive laws, long sentences, state executions, anti democratic activities by the FBI and the CIA. It includes even the media. Yes, we actually can claim, „to fight the Prison Industry Complex is to fight the World Trade Order".

Innocent inmates are in prison, because they are poor and can't afford proper representation. They try to work on their release „pro se". Way too often they are denied legal assistance through legal mail that is withheld in mail rooms. Only those who admit to their crimes, whether or not committed, have a chance to get paroled. An innocent person will not admit to anything they have never done! Medical care and hygienic supply are unsatisfactory, sometimes resulting in death. Constitutional rights are violated each day!

Please - consider making a documentary that rips apart the lies that Bush is spouting about the Abu Ghraib treatment being "not the American way". It IS the American way. People imprisoned on hearsay. People convicted despite alibis that are true and factual and place them miles away from the scene of the crime. Harsh and „ridiculous" sentences for non violent crimes as drug trafficking or robbery. Real big shots, who make millions of $$ with crimes will never see any prison from the inside. Kickbacks and bribes by prison officials. Corrupt police, prosecutors, lawmen, judges, attorneys. Prison staff that steal, do drugs, deal drugs, kill, maim and abuse on a day-to-day basis and escape scot-free. If the prisoner complains about the abuse, the abuse gets worse.

Even as I write this - and Mr Bush does his part for American public relations, including espousing loud and clear that Abu Ghraib is NOT the American Way - the "Death Row Poet" Ronald Wayne Clark Jr commences a Hunger strike in a desperate attempt to try and bring notice to these conditions. Under the jurisdiction of Mr Bush's own brother, Jeb.

Please consider "blowing the whistle" loud and clear. With inmates, their relatives, friends and all involved - you'll have several million highly thankful people blowing right back at you. Mr. Moore, we need you to shed some "light" on an ever growing problem that is affecting all of us - the U.S. American Prison System.




"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an inrate, tireless minority keen to set bush fires in people's minds...."
- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. -