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Blairs gov sell electric shock belts to Israel

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A War for Israel
Jeffrey Blankfort

The Neocons' War
Relax, because now we're allowed to talk about the real reason for the Iraq war
June 2, 2004


Israel Unleashed
The real reason for the biggest foreign policy blunder in American history ... .
July 5, 2004


The Unmentionable Source Of Terrorism
by John Pilger; New Statesman ; March 19, 2004


"In its current human rights report, the Foreign Office criticises Israel for its "worrying disregard for human rights" and "the impact that the continuing Israeli occupation and the associated military occupations have had on the lives of ordinary Palestinians".

Yet the Blair government has secretly authorised the sale of vast quantities of arms and terror equipment to Israel. These include leg-irons, electric shock belts and chemical and biological agents. No matter that Israel has defied more United Nations resolutions than any other state since the founding of the world body."

Israeli interrogators 'in Iraq'
The US officer at the heart of the Abu Ghraib prison scandal says she has evidence that Israelis helped to interrogate Iraqis at another facility.

Mosad stole my name
"Zev Barkan, who has fled New Zealand and escaped the justice faced yesterday by his two co-accused spies, lived within 300m of the man in whose name he applied for a passport to assume a New Zealand identity."
"Two men believed by senior Government figures to be Israeli secret service agents are behind bars after pleading guilty in the High Court at Auckland yesterday to a charge of trying to obtain a false New Zealand passport. "