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Put peace on the ballot.... Road trip for Ralph!!!

look what showed up in the SMF inbox...
Don't have a summer job yet? Not happy with the job you have?? Here is your chance to help Ralph this summer!!!

We have 45 state ballots deadlines facing the campaign by the beginning of September! If we want Ralph to be part of the debates and have his and your voice heard, we have to be on as many state ballots as possible.

To achieve this, the Nader 2004 campaign is launching our Summer Road Trip for Ralph to collect thousands of signatures across the country. Our tagline is "See More of the Country, Meet Great People, and Make History With Us."

We're looking for people who can commit from one week to two months.

Petitioners will be sent to states close to their home states to keep transportation costs down.

It's a great way to spend your summer, meeting like-minded people and making lifelong friends. Everyday is an adventure!

We'll make sure you're taken care of and have a safe place to stay.

Petitioners will be compensated for their work.

To Join the Roadtrip or Get More Info Please Contact:

Lucretia Krause




Where's the money coming from? 05.Jul.2004 09:13


Petitioners will be compensated for their work.
I wonder where the money is coming from. Could it be The Republican Party?

Soros, MoveOn, Carlyle, paid petition-gathering 05.Jul.2004 12:34


Where's the money for MoveOn.org coming from? Could it be George Soros, Carlyle Group buddy of the Bush and Bin Laden families? Oh -- you mean when all those people attended their MoveOn.org townhall meetings about Fahrenheit 911, nobody bothered to mention that MoveOn.org is FUNDED by Carlyle Group crony George Soros?

As for compensation to petition-signers, the Nader campaign has raised a million dollars in small donations from people who actually value democracy unlike you, and it's difficult to get enough people well-off enough to work for no pay for the Nader campaign in states where a ridiculous number and kind of signatures are needed (e.g. Texas where only voters who didn't vote in any primary can sign, and 80,000 must be collected in 60 days), considering people are out their promoting the faking of signatures on Nader petitions, slandering anyone who sounds like they might vote Nader, libeling them, systematically silencing them by tearing down their posters, actively propagating corporate media propaganda against Nader, spitting at them, shoving them, and in one case bashing someone's head into the pavement --  link to www.democraticunderground.com
(I give you both the DU and FR threads on this news report, to show you just how irrationally terrified of each other, and pliantly gullible to their corporate sponsors, both the Democrats and Republicans are. Do the posters to either board realize that MoveOn.org and Bush's soft-money groups are both funded from the same cabal of buddy-buddy Carlyle Group profiteers?)

defense industries giving to dems and republicans! 06.Jul.2004 12:11

nader fan

While Nader takes no pac money both parties are happily taking big bucks from the defense industries.... No wonder Kerry is pro-war. Where's the outrage, Democrats?

for more on campaign buying this election check out opensecrets.org

impeach bush here 06.Jul.2004 12:14

Impeach Bush Now II


Join the Call for an Impeachment Inquiry of Bush and Cheney
Help us Get Congress to Take Action
You can help the call for an impeachment inquiry of President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.
Sign the Petition <a href=" link to votenader.org.

George W. Bush and Dick Cheney should be impeached for two reasons:
They led the United States into an illegal, unconstitutional war in Iraq.
They misled the Congress and the American people with five falsehoods that led to war.
All it takes is one Member of the House of Representatives to call for an Impeachment Inquiry to start the process to investigate the two grounds. If the House then votes by a simple majority for Articles of Impeachment, the Senate would then undertake a trial of the President and Vice President. They would only be convicted, and impeached, if two-thirds of the Senate agrees.

Ralph Nader has issued a press release urging an impeachment inquiry that provides more details on these points.

The purpose of this petition is to show Congress that people in their district support an impeachment inquiry of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney and will stand up for fact-finding for truth if a member of Congress has the courage to start the Inquiry.