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9.11 investigation

Prime Suspect of the Largest Mass Murder in U.S. Nominated to Head C.I.A.

With hardly a critical word, the U.S. media has failed to realize that the nominee for one of the most powerful positions in the world is a prime suspect for the largest mass murder on U.S. soil. It is up to us to loudly complain about Porter Goss's nomination.
If there were honest, investigative newspapers in the U.S., this would be the appropriate headline, however in our Orwellian world, there is scant critical information published regarding the dubious history, associations, behavior of someone who should be under criminal investigation, rather than nominated to head the largest covert operations center in the world.

We are indebted to Michel Chossudovsky, a Canadian researcher, author, professor, for first drawing attention to "the Big Lies surrounding the events of 9/11- including the role of Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, Pakistan's ISI, the CIA, top U.S. Government Officials" (see-  http://globalresearch.ca/articles/CHO407A.html). Chossudovsky's research and articles inspired me to organize a march/delegation to demand a Congressional Investigation of 9/11 in January 2002. That is when Bush and Cheney asked Daschle to limit the investigations and have them overseen by the C.I.A., and the very men who we thought should be investigated for their own role in 9/11- Congressman Porter Goss and Senator Bob Graham.

The Senate/House Joint Intelligence Oversight Committee which Goss and Graham headed oversaw the "official Inquiry into 9/11" whose mandate was to reinforce the 19 fanatic hijackers narrative and the myth that 9/11 was the result of an intelligence failure, to justify the construction of Homeland Security and the Global Security State.

Once C.I.A.- Always C.I.A.

Examining the history of Porter Goss makes me wonder "Just how many politicians are on the C.I.A. payroll? (How did he manage to accumulate $53 million on his salary?) Did Goss actually use his dark C.I.A. past or connections to win elections? How many people would knowingly vote for a C.I.A. operative who had a hand in dirty tricks in Haiti, Santo Domingo, and Western Europe, who first worked for Army Intelligence? Looking at his pro-Bush, pro-Cheney record and his advocacy in Haiti, South America[1] and his work towards increasing the budget/power of the C.I.A.- especially the elevation of the Director to a cabinet post to become an Intelligence Czar with control over a $40,000,000 budget, concerns me. He believes in "political assassinations,"[2] exemplified by Operation Phoenix which killed thousands in Vietnam, and the Death squads so pervasive amongst U.S. trained military juntas installed in Central and Latin America.

Nevermind his close relationship with the "Money Man" behind 9/11 (the term was coined by the F.B.I.), the Head of Pakistani Intelligence, Lt. General Mahmoud Ahmad who had $100,000 wired to Mohamed Atta, alleged ringleader/pilot behind the September 11th attacks. Surely one must wonder about this relationship, and why the U.S. quietly urged the retirement of Lt. General Mahmoud Ahmad when this information was revealed to the press. However, the official Inquiry and the official 9/11 Commission avoided asking any questions that might thoroughly incriminate them and the White House personally in the attacks.

The Project for a New American Century's damning documents ( http://www.newamericancentury.org/) state that

"A transformation strategy that solely pursued capabilities for projecting force from the United States, for example, and sacrificed forward basing and presence, would be at odds with larger American policy goals and would trouble American allies.

Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event - like a new Pearl Harbor."

As the first Pearl Harbor gave rise to the need for and justification for the C.I.A. (whose mission is ironically to prevent another Pearl Harbor), so 9/11 is the foundation for the construction of a global American Empire which reserves the right to criminalize and kill all opposition to its rule.

A deep, critical examination of history reveals that Roosevelt wanted, provoked, and allowed the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor, to gain support for the U.S.'s entry into World War II; a deep, critical examination of 9/11 reveals striking parallels to other historical events where a government has actually dropped defenses and assisted an "attack" to terrify a population into sacrificing their liberties, and supporting unjust wars against other nations (Think Reichstag Fire). Who was behind Patriot I and Patriot II? Porter Goss... The chosen protégé of Senator Bob Graham who shares the same agenda.

Goss also spearheaded the Congressional Oath of Secrecy Proposal in 1987.[3] He was aware that the U.S. had procured Global Hawk technologies (unmanned aircraft flown remotely) by April, 2000, according to the General Accounting Office ( http://www.fas.org/irp/gao/nsiad-00-078.htm).

According to Al Martin, in 1983 Goss was involved in Iran-Contra profiteering with Jeb and Neil Bush's Destin Country Club development fraud - a fraud out of which he made about $3 million illegally. He then became involved with Carlos Cardoen and Swissco Management, and the fraud that Swissco Management committed, not only in Florida, but throughout the United States, in those so-called illicit 'tax-swap deals,' which Senator Bob Graham of Florida also profited in.

"You could compare it to the crime family where the soldier rises from the street to become the capo, which has taken the hits over the years for his superiors in the organization," Martin continues. "Of course, unlike an organized crime family, the difference between the Bushonian Cabal and your average, run-of-the-mill organized crime family is that the Cabal controls, not only the entire nation, but influences policy throughout the planet. They are above all laws and impervious to any action." [4]

More ominous is the concern that the Bush Cabal is scared and just might try to pull another 9/11[5] to further their dark agenda and nullify even a remote hope for an election. The psychological operations are underway, scaring the country into bracing itself for the next attack. In true fascist fashion, a new coalition of corporate/government/media leaders have launched a website that boldly asserts- "The America Prepared Campaign ... utilizes the expertise and energy of national leaders in emergency preparedness, media, marketing, government, and business to support.. the work already begun by the Department of Homeland Security Ready Campaign ... to give Americans useful recommendations for preparing... for a terrorist attack."[6]

Goss has warned publicly that the F.B.I. isn't capable of preventing more attacks, and has alluded to the value of the Madrid attacks to promote a more favorable climate for the international cooperation against "terrorist threats." Just who benefits from these threats and attacks, besides arms dealers, the transnational elite, and the architects of the "global security state"? Certainly not your average American, nor the vast majority of people worldwide, but Goss is most likely not terribly concerned about them.

According to the Washington Post staff writer, Richard Leiby,[7] Goss grew up in Waterbury, Conn. and wasn't working class. He attended Hotchkiss prep school and Yale, where he joined the Army ROTC. He trained as a military intelligence officer after graduation, and by 1962 he was working at the CIA. A health crisis precipitated a career change from a clandestine field agent in Western Europe to a weekly newspaper publisher working with a bunch of "ex-spooks." Graham crossed party lines to push him into "public service" which quickly elevated him into Congress and to chair the powerful House Intelligence Oversight Committee.

He initially opposed an inquiry into 9/11, until he thought it had a chance of averting a real commission. According to Sen. Richard Shelby[8], his threats to expose the inquiry as a sham and throw his weight into the support of an outside commission drove Graham and Goss to expand the narrow perimeters of the initial inquiry. When the inquiry failed to contain the victims' families outrage, the official Commission came into play; now the families are denouncing the Commission as a "Cover-Up Commission" rife with conflicts of interest that has failed utterly to address key questions raised by the victims' families.[9] (Noting the failure of the official investigations to even look for the truth about 9/11, we organized The San Francisco International Inquiry into 9/11, Phase One in March 2004.)

Global outrage over the first candidate to head the so called "Independent Commision into 9/11"- Henry Kissinger, as well as Kissinger's reluctance to reveal his financial ties, prompted him to resign. There should be a similar outrage over the suggestion that- Porter Goss, who should be thoroughly investigated for his own role in the 9/11 attacks- should be elevated to a position of extreme power that transcends that of the Presidency. Tenet "served Clinton and Bush," the funding for the muhajadeen began under Carter, Presidents come and go, but the consolidation of military and corporate power march on relentlessly serving the necrophiliac elite who believe that if they can't own or control something; they have the right to kill it. Only the raising of consciousness of the vast global majority, who respect life, truth, justice and desire peace, freedom, and a future for all, can, through their civic outrage- world opinion, put a halt to the utter criminalization of the state, by casting the spotlight on Bush, the Cover-Up Commission, and the proposed "Intelligence Czar"- Porter Goss. Outrage over Porter Goss's  nominationchossudovsky@videotron.ca would be a good place to start.

Written by the organizer of the San Francisco International Inquiry into 9/11, Phase One



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