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Don't feel like celebrating with friends this year? Maybe it's social anxiety disorder...

Brought to you by ?
This 4th of July you don't feel like going anywhere. Maybe just stay at home and watch a movie, or read a book. You tell people you're just not up to it, you're not feeling good, or you just want to be alone.

You don't really know why you want to be alone. And you don't know that this may be a symptom of social anxiety disorder.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Social anxiety disorder affects millions of people, and it doesn't just go away on its own. You can pretend like it's gone, but it's probably still there.

And it doesn't have to be like that. It shouldn't be like that.

You can do something about social anxiety disorder, so you can get back out there to the barbecue, or the school function, or the meeting at work, etc...

This 4th of July, don't let social anxiety disorder come between you and your friends, or if you have no friends, don't let it come between you and the possibility of making friends.

Talk to your doctor today.


Toys 04.Jul.2004 11:43

World Order

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whoa there jk 04.Jul.2004 13:12


i reject outright your paxil advertisement.

i dont like to meet tons people but that just means the ones i meet know me more.

of course, if youre gonna kill yourself over it, eat the damn drugs.

i remember an onion radio parody that went along the lines of:

"today the young next picasso was cured by paxil, he no longer draws for hours and is

healthily watching tv."

i don't get it 04.Jul.2004 13:55


I can see that you are parodying a media ad, that paxil is the easy solution for anxiety, and I think you are trying to say that it sucks for people to give in to societal pressure and accept what everyone is trying to feed them. But what's your damn point?! This isn't funny for people (like me) who have social anxiety disorder and feel caged inside their brains and try and try to heal them selves in every possible way except corporate pharmeceuticals. I'm really trying, and I don't need you to trivialize my problems, and my friends who have felt like they would die if they didn't try drugs as a last resort don't need you trying to alienate them from the community they need to stay alive. Maybe you don't have any problems (I seriously doubt it) but having problems doesn't mean someone is lesser than you, it just means that they are a real human being who is suffering in this sick, fucked-up culture. Stop trying to turn people against each other and do some real work.

Smoke a bowl 04.Jul.2004 14:04


Paxil, wow what an idea... when you have a problem just POP-A-PILL that is the answer! Yeah right, why is it that people who are on a pills always want others to join them?

Pax = Random House College Dictionary: kiss of peace.

If you have a social anxiety disorder maybe it is because you know how much this world really sucks! Okay, so you see reality for what it really is, good. If you want to stay home and spend some time with yourself, good. Forget all the political games at work or even just driving down the road that person who just has to get ahead of you, to one up you, even if they don't really get anywhere at all... Yeah the one who speeds up to redlights.

You probably get six paid vacation days a year, and they are your days off. Then there is big Brother and the corporations there to tell you what to do and suggest how you should spend your time and money. I propose you get some chronic and just do what comes to mind. Or you could pay more taxes and get addicted to a perscription, and not get high. Hey, if you are on pills, I challenge you to quit. You may need the good herb to help you thru those dark days. I used to smoke weed and I quit with no withdrawls I am clean and do not need anything now... but if I wanted to live life in a high, I would only go green. Yeah!!!420

Stinking rotten order 04.Jul.2004 17:01


The current state of affairs in this country makes it so if you don't have a social anxiety problem there seriously is something wrong with you. In fact I do not trust anyone without one at this point. Any sane person person living in the US will soon be afflicted. Our problems are due to the society we live in mainly and the rates of these afflictions will decrease if society gets more livable.

fear of normal 05.Jul.2004 01:16


i have social anxiety about: the couple...everyone has to be in a couple these days, to be valid, to exist, to have companionship; i have anxiety about the sharp, cavemanesque, retrogressive groove i see people plunging headlong into...the church, marriage, buying stuff and more stuff, forgetting, like, wow man, we already tried all that and it failed, or, as oscar wilde said, for the idiots playing romper room all around him, 'must a christ be crucified for each generation?' apparently, mr. wilde, the answer is yes. gen x, the most put-upon, robotic, brainwashed, mainpulated generation of all time. i have anxiety about 90% of you, chasing after the crumbling delusions of power, acquistion, prestige, worshipping yourselves in each cell phone call; like, can you even live without it; if you are always on your cell talking to someone, somewhere else about what you are doing, right this second, while they tell you what they are doing, then you are never really anywhere at any time. do the words 'be here now' mean anything. more like, 'be somewhere else now., scary stuff. that is.

alas, i am no longer afraid of the pod people; i have evolved to the point where i allow the pod people to be pods and allow me to be me. now here is a concept, can you live without fear, without judgement. ahhh, the words of the the late great marlon brando in the film 'apocalypse now'. indeed, is it even possible. it is all the judgement i see hurled at everyone and everything and their mother everyday that concerns me the most. but i allow for that too. i see the activists bickering like children at a playground and thank god i'm an artist, unmedicated, changing the world by manifesting my art. i would just give up, but life is so insanely, tragically and brutally beautiful...not to mention, we are all going to die, the cruelest aspect of life of all, and i can only say to everyone who has made it this far, throw your heart open; hurt, laugh, scream, cry, whatever, but let the energy out. and don't give in to fear, to judgement, to pharm-chem engineering; there are many empathics in the world just like you who are suffering. there is so much willfully obscene energy being hurled in our faces everyday. and scotty has diverted power away from the shields. you must go onward. forward, at all cost. i swear, the darkness is behind, the worst of it has passed. congratulate yourself and those around you who have made it thus far. and light a candle for all those who could not. without judgment. the birthing of the light in the next seven year cycle (according to the mayan calendar) begins now. journey onward and upward to the next octave; give assistance to fallen comrades, but, not at the expense of yourself. after a time, if they refuse to release all the crumbling idealogies, systems, beliefs that are being shattered all around us, you must release them with love and go forward.

a buddhist monk once said you have a greater chance of swimming upward from the bottom of the ocean, and sticking your head up into a life preserver, floating somewhere on the surface of the ocean, than to be incarnated human for just one life. the time is now. and it is so precious.

... 05.Jul.2004 12:00

this thing here

there are valid uses for paxil and all other SSRI's, and for that matter, even viagra.

but the problem happens when people who do not have legitimate, serious, medical and mental health conditions start taking these drugs. then, they become a "consumer choice", a lifestyle drug. there are many reports of young guys, who in no way need a drug like viagra to have an active sex life, taking viagra as if it was a party drug.

and certainly, the pharmceutical industry would just love for this to happen. this love is explicitly exemplified by the indiscriminate bombarding of t.v. commercials featuring pharmaceuticals. the commercials are, like almost all other commercials in existence today, very good at pushing psychological buttons and creating in people a want where there may not have been one. people who have a legitimate need for the drugs obviously see the commercials and develope a want for them. o.k., fine. but people who do NOT legitimately need the drugs ALSO see them, and also develope a want for them.

this is no mistake on the part of the pharmaceutical industry, which cares not about legitimate or illegitimate uses for their drugs, only for the maximization of market and profit. look at how the maker of oxycontin was more than a little resistant to changing oxycontin so that it could not be crushed and injected. they could care less. it's all the same money to them.

so imagine if psychoactive drugs like SSRI's started to get taken more and more by people "who just wanted to". what if a majority of americans started taking SSRI's because they "just wanted to". this essentially creates a nationwide false consciousness, a medicated mental state, of the kind described in huxley's "brave new world". fake emotions, fake feelings, fake interactions, a giant chemical mind fuck. pills to get up in the morning, pills to feel happy in a shitty world, pills to eat, pills to work, pills to shit, pills to fall asleep. a chemical form of social engineering.

are those your real feelings, or is it just the medications speaking? if pharmaceuticals are required for people to feel happy, do they own that happiness? is it genuine? and if the drugs are good enough, will people even care about what made them unhappy in the first place and try to make the neccessary changes in their lives? or will they just fall back on the easy way out, a convenient little pill...

"just take your soma, and all will be well."

there is some new anti-sleep drug (who's name i cannot remember, dammit!) which is very effective at keeping people awake, but does not have the same addictive and chemically harmful side effects of amphetamines. so let's look at the social engineering implications of a drug which keeps people awake, in a capitalist society where productivity is godliness. what if all your peers and co-workers took this drug, worked 24 hours a day, produced more and made more money. employers LOVE workers who never get tired, who never have to leave the factory floor for those special 8 hours. and of course, if no one has to sleep, people could shop for 24 7 too. imagine the effects this would have. 24 hour shopping, 24 hour working, how this miracle anti-sleep drug would be heralded as "the wonder drug that keeps america productive". there's no law that says you have to take this drug, but... don't want to take the drug? lose your job then, or live in a slum...

the pharmaceutical industry knows all this. but they only care about money, and the social impact of their products are for someone else to "deal" with...

What's my point? 05.Jul.2004 14:20


To anonymous:

I know this wouldn't be funny to people who are taking an anti-anxiety drug, but perhaps it's hilarious to people with anxiety who are NOT taking the antidote. Anxiety is perfectly natural and healthy, unless it's totally crippling, and there's no harm in poking fun at it. Take a movie like What About Bob with Bill Murray--in that character's case his anxiety is crippling, but he finds a way out of it, to the detriment of the Richard Dreyfuss character, and it's hilarious! Crippling anxiety can be turned into cheap laughs, but my parody isn't even about the crippling forms of anxiety, it's just about normal behavior that becomes a "symptom" to the pharmaceutical company, and makes the consumer begin to question his/herself.

I was inspired by the parodies in Adbusters magazine, in particular the Paxil-oriented one a few months back in which a businessman-looking character is facing the wall, and the word "can't" is used heavily. It's a brillaint ad, and I like alot of stuff in that magazine. The actual ads on t.v. for anti-anxiety or anti-depressant drugs are often so silly and insulting that they're not even worthy of parody--for instance, the one where a woman is sitting down crying "for no reason" and similar ones.

My philosophy echoes the previous commenter, as to the motives of Big Pharma. I don't think they're really helping anyone, they're just contributing to this giant vacuum of frustration.

By the way, I have plenty of problems, you might say I have all of them. Med students often develop the symptoms of afflictions that they are studying, and the dilemma is: is it real, or is it just mockery? I'm not a med student though.

Define "real" 05.Jul.2004 20:30

George Bender

I found that antidepressants were effective in snapping me out of it when I was so depressed I was nonfunctional. Otherwise, for me they do nothing at all. Reminds me of what Freud said about psychotherapy being ineffective in treating "mere unhappiness."

The rate of depression is much higher among poor people.

distress 06.Jul.2004 00:18


This topic seems to inspire quite an amazing range of responses...some quite creative....but look...people do go kind of crazy because they can't deal with the social routine...and those who can do the social thing, either don't care, or aren't aware of the problems those having it face...we could all probably help each other out a lot by just considering the possibility that someone cowering or flipping out, could use a little support and consolation instead of the typical, nonchalant, cut your throat if you can't be cool and composed mentality.

Be more supportive 06.Jul.2004 02:38


I like the previous comment about being supportive of others when they are obviously in trouble. In my parody, I'm not making fun of people because they have anxiety, I'm making fun of the methods that Big Pharma uses to lull people into dependency on drugs.


The question of what is anxiety, depression, rage, or other is important. There are as many definitions of these ailments as there are people in the world, but Big Pharma seems to have exclusive authority to define these things. If a person looks deep inside and questions the ailment or problem, studies it and isolates it, it ceases to exist at some point, because with understanding comes the power to simply change the ailment into something else--to funnel it like wind into some other aspect of life. The deeper one looks, the more one sees that there is no anxiety or depression, there are just things and movement in a meaningless world.

But many people don't have that introspection to transform neuroses into something else (take Woody Allen as a good example of someone who did it successfully). Big Pharma especially preys on kids and teens who mostly aren't yet equipped with the introspection to deal with things.

well actually 06.Jul.2004 11:07


In our wonderful market economy, everything is up for monetary exploitation, including people with a disposition to what may arguably be normal anxiety at elevated levels. I think many people not dealing satisfactorily with anxiety, do have the desire to analyze, resolve, and reassign the energy that goes into that experience to a more constructive and satisfying use. They do have that introspective capacity, but the degee of their anxiety overwhelms that capacity, and they are hard pressed to summon enough of it counter the ill effects. So, they are very exploitable, thanks to the coutless millions of fellow humans without the problem, who are willing to let them be so. We all need to slow down and attend to our neighbors with greater consideration for normal human frailty.

Democracynow link for the 4th 06.Jul.2004 15:18

Bird dog

History says it all!

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