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Disney's answer to Fahrenheit 9/11?

I believe it was someone on an indymedia site who said Disney might be releasing this movie--"America's Heart and Soul"--at this time as a response to Moore's latest film. That sounds plausible. But, if so, is it an effective reaction? Or is it too transparent?
See the link below for the Quicktime trailer.

homepage: homepage: http://www.apple.com/trailers/disney/americasheartandsoul.html

Hehehe... 04.Jul.2004 02:09

Tony Blair's dog

yes, that Disney stunt is definitely one of the most
blatant propaganda pieces so far in the 21st century.

If you can't make people "patriotically blinded"
through intimidation, contract Disney.

Remember, if you feel happiness or pride, thank
your "government" for those feelings.

Now I want to smile my cheekbones off too.

is this for real 04.Jul.2004 02:30



I mean his stories about just taking taking his camera on his shoulder and shoting the stuff. From what I've learned making movies like that takes a lot of time, money AND people. Something is very fishy here.

... 04.Jul.2004 10:23

this thing here

i'd rather read studs terkel...

interesting 04.Jul.2004 15:38


I don't know if this is Disney's answer to Fahrenheit 9/11. I mean if it is then they are just showing all the things we are going to lose if shit keeps going as it is. If it's just soppose to be propaganda it verry well may back fire.

A pollyanna Movie 04.Jul.2004 16:04


Just what we wanted - A so-called patriotic movie that overlooks America's problems and focuses only on the good stuff.

Of course, if we are not aware of America's problems, we will never be able to solve the problems, and America will go down the drain, thanks to the neoconservativea who hate the true spirit of America.

Microsoft gets a mention in 'Fahrenheit' 05.Jul.2004 14:44


Alot of corporations are mentioned in this movie, most interestingly the Carlyle Group, also Unocal, Harkin Energy Corp., Halliburton, et al. Microsoft gets one mention in the movie, along with DHL, for being a sponsor of the ReBuilding Iraq business conference last December. They were in fact a major sponsor of that event. Makes me wonder if that was another factor that went into Disney's "decision" to drop the movie. Comcast tried to buy Disney, and Microsoft owns a piece of Comcast. When that deal went through, rumors spread that Microsoft might try and purchase Disney, and Disney might like that idea, in which case even a mention of Microsoft in the movie would be "bad for business." It's a longshot though.

F 9/11 $72 million and climbing 12.Jul.2004 15:56


F 9/11 grossed $72,292,000 in 17 days according to The Numbers box office data website.


The same site places America's Heart and Soul's Total US Gross at $134,939 after 3 days. I think The Numbers speak for themselves.