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woah,what just happened?

moving,to canada its pretty stressful,but its fun.
I'm moving, yipee!! Wait-oh crap,mum,do we have to move? yes dear.she says cru-uuuud I whisper under my breath, y'know its kinda hard moving as you might know pack up and say good-bye to your old house and most of all, my parents being all uptight about packing and stuff, but when I find out where I'm going,my parents,escpesally my dad,get all uptight again! I just don't understand it my dad is about getting boxes and checking out the nooks,crannies, and features of the house, while my mom is about making sure forget,screw up, and go the wrong way, and,saying how pretty or ugly the house is,and my brother is just go with the flow my dog just dosen't have a clue, but when it comes to me I just want to stay,it's hard for me and part of the reason is beacuase i'm young, and haven't had much expeirience but now it's my second day here in canada, and I think it was worth moving.
Canada is nice 04.Jul.2004 03:29

I moved when I was young too

Don't worry about a thing. You're going to learn a lot of things you wouldn't have had a chance to if you'd just stayed in one place. Make a few good friends, stay close to your family and you'll be okay. You're so lucky to have a dog. Good luck in everything up there.


smile for me... 04.Jul.2004 23:51

if you only knew.

I wish I could have the chance to get out of America now! I work full time and still live in poverty... There are crazy people here who always want to tell others how to live. You have moved to a better place. I think there must be something in the water here? I can't figure it out but we do live near the columbia river and "Hanford" is just up stream. There are too many problems to list... here for instance if you would have stayed you could be drafted... or shot. So live in peace and smile because you are lucky to leave this money crazy country now! I feel trapped like a slave. Working to make money to eat to pay for a place to sleep so I can rest to work to get some more food to eat and nothing is left to save as time passes my youth and life is slowly being wittled away... enjoy the days when things are still fun.

thank you mr.canada is nice. 05.Jul.2004 20:42


thanx for your comment,it was very warming,I liked it alot,again,thank you.

Hey Kid 05.Jul.2004 23:04

I moved when I was young too

I'm so happy you liked what I said. I answered your post because I could tell you're a sweet kid, and I remember what it was like when I was your age. I'm a girl though, not that it matters much.

Be careful on the internet though. Not everyone here is so nice. I hope you let your Dad see everything you write and everything that's written to you. You gotta stay safe!