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Remember this on the fourth

How to properly display a flag in the us.
Just a reminder. For those of you planning to display their flags tomorrow,(and from now on)
please fly them upside down.For those who don't know,flying a flag upside down is a
sign of distress.Certainly something this country has been in since
dimwit took up residence in the white house.

Hehehe... 04.Jul.2004 01:37

Tony Blair's dog

Can you imagine how powerful a protest like that would be?

Imagine seeing flags all over the place that were hanging
upside down.

Thank you 04.Jul.2004 11:03

red suspenders

The upside down flag is a powerful distress symbol. It's also respectful of the flag and our great country.

Get the word out 04.Jul.2004 21:07


Thank you for your comments.That is,of course,the idea.To get as many people as possible to display
their Flags upside down,until we have a President elected by the PEOPLE.Please feel free to pass this info along to others,and also to keep all of our protests non-violent.Violence only begets more violence,and is itself,no solution.Fight,yes,but with leaflets,blogging,and most importantly,our votes.Remember The White Rose,and what they stood for.They were fighting pretty much the same spawn of Hell as we're dealing with now.Read their leaflets.