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Venceremos Brigade Launches Travel Challenge July 4th

Group Will Travel to Cuba "Unlicensed" to Oppose Bush
Travel Restrictions
The 35th Anniversary Contingent of the Venceremos
Brigade will visit Cuba from July 4 - 19 without a
U.S. Treasury Department license in order to challenge
and oppose U.S. government restrictions on travel to
Cuba. At 8:30 AM on July 19, the Brigade will walk
together across the International Peace Bridge in
Buffalo, New York, to announce its return to U.S.
Immigrations and Customs.

The Venceremos Brigade is an educational work project
that has sent over 8,000 U.S. citizens to Cuba since
1969. It is the oldest friendship organization with
Cuba in the country. This year's contingent is
comprised of 81 participants from all over the United
States including San Francisco, New York City,
Northern New Jersey, Washington DC, Boston, Denver, Albuquerque, Seattle, Los Angeles, Kentucky, Minnesota, and Atlanta. According to a statement signed by Brigade members, "we are young and older; African-American, Latino, Asian and white; gay and straight; students from high schools and colleges; and workers and professionals."

The Brigade's statement further proclaims, "Cuba is
not our enemy and we hope to develop friendships with
as many Cuban people as we can during our stay... we are
united in opposing the travel ban and the U.S.
economic blockade of Cuba. We do not ask for a U.S.
Treasury Department license to travel to Cuba to view
the country, its people, its successes and its
challenges with our own eyes. We believe that current
U.S. policy towards Cuba is deceitful, in violation of international law, and harmful to the interests of our people and the Cuban people. And we believe, as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. taught us, that we have a moral obligation to break unjust laws." Brigadistas risk fines for breaking the travel ban.

Brigadistas will stay at a school in Santiago de Cuba
where they will work side by side with the Cuban
people to assist in the renovation of a local health
clinics. Brigadistas will also bus across the island
to Havana, where they will also work and meet with
Cuban workers and students. The "Travel Challenge" is
a joint effort with Pastors for Peace, whose caravan
will cross the border into Texas on July 19, and a
delegation from the African Awareness Association, who
will join in the Challenge with us at the Canadian
border on July 19. Altogether more than 200 Cuba
travelers will be openly defying the Cuba travel ban
on July 19.

Copies of the Venceremos Brigade Cuba Travel Challenge statement are available to the press. Members of the press are also invited to meet the Brigade as we announce our return from Cuba on July 19th at the International Peace Bridge in Buffalo, New York. Interviews with local participants can be arranged prior to our departure or upon return.

Contact: Venceremos Brigade
Phone: 212-560-4360
Email:  vbrigade@aol.com