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9.11 investigation

"Liberty Bound" goes even further than "F911"

Liberty Bound - A US Citizen's journey of discovery into the lies, oppression, and corruption that has invaded her country since 9/11. Theatrically released in France and now available on DVD in USA & Canada


With all the recent press about Michael Moore's new documentary Fahrenheit 911, very few people have yet to hear about a powerful independent film called Liberty Bound. Very few, that is, except for the large crowd that attended the premiere of the film in Paris on June 23rd.

Christine Rose, the documentary filmmaker, was present to answer questions about the film for over an hour after the screening to an inspired audience of young and old. Unlike Moore's film, who has several other documentaries under his belt, this is Ms. Rose's first film; and yet she couldn't have picked a more powerful subject, or for that matter, a more controversial one. Even though there are similarities among the two films, Rose gets very personal with her investigation. She takes us to her home town and allows us to accompany her on her trip across the US to discover the great loss of liberty the American people have suffered since 9/11. She at once shocks us with her observations, and leaves little doubt that we are living in a different world: a world where the freedoms we once took for granted are becoming more tenuous and harder to hold onto day by day.

The film, which was picked up for international distribution by a French firm called Take Off, is being shown at Espace St. Michel, and numbers are increasing every day in all four screenings. The film premiere was covered by every major media outlet in Paris. It even appeared on the cover of Liberation, the New York Times of Paris. With the tremendous success of Moore's film, which grossed over $21M it's first weekend out, it's becoming obvious that people all over the world are wanting and needing to see and hear the truth, which is every bit as entertaining and shocking as anything Hollywood releases.

Ms. Rose is just getting her career started, but with the success of her first film, it's a sure bet that there will be more films in the works from this talented and dedicated young woman who is becoming known as the "independent alternative to Michael Moore".

To find out more about future projects, check out her website at www.libertybound.com. Included in the website are photos from the Paris Premiere and a unique opportunity for citizens of the US and Canada to purchase a limited release DVD of the film. Just follow the "Photo Gallery" and "Get the DVD" links, respectively, on the left sidebar.



Hand out these flyers at showings of "Fahrenheit 911" - then save your ticket stubs and send them to George Bush with a note saying: "I know what you did last summer." George W. Bush, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington DC 20500

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homepage: homepage: http://www.libertybound.com

Only 1000? 03.Jul.2004 20:02

Average Joe

Maybe if the first thousand copies of "Liberty Bound" go quickly, it will encourage the distributors to make more copies available. I watched the trailer under the "Get DVD" link. It looks promising.

People have criticized Michael Moore for not going far enough in "Fahrenheit 9/11" but for those who have not been paying attention to what's happened to our country since well before the 2000 elections, it will be an eye-opener and perhaps will make enough people think "Maybe I should've been paying more attention."

We simply have to get Bush and his cabal out of power. It's very unfortunate that this country is so bound to the two-party system that our choice is between two former members of Skull and Bones. But we may have to settle for the lesser of two evils once again. Once we get the lesser of two evils in power, we'll just have to work to make further steps toward a more decent America, one more of us can be proud to call our home.

I hope that 365 days from tomorrow, July 4th, I will have at least some small reason to celebrate Independence Day. But if Bush gets a second term, I'll consider it a day of mourning. I'm really hoping that November 2, 2004 will be remembered in history as the day America turned its back on fascism.