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Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project needs your help in late July

Blue Mountains just recently surveyed the Five Buttes Interface (FBI) timber sale in the Crescent District of the Deschutes. Soon we'll have info and pictures on CascadiaRising.org of what they found. But in the meantime, we need to get the word out about help BMBP needs for later this month and in early August: volunteers and materials for building a Straw Bale office, experienced ground-truthers who can continue to survey sales while energy is taken up with construction, and high-clearance vehicles which can be used for that checking. More details below:
As we now monitor 4 National Forests and a BLM district and sometimes host many volunteers, our office shed is overflowing and on its last leg. We need a larger, better insulated, fire-proof work space and for storage. We've decided that a small, simple strawbale office fits our criteria perfectly and is also non-toxic and durable.

We are planning to start work around July 17-18th, and continue through the first week of August. Although we will be able to keep the costs of this project very low, we need donations (of money and labor) since we have no budget for it. Donations so far
include: 1-2 experienced strawbale builders, tools, windows and doors.
Here's what we need:
--$ for building materials (strawbales, nails, recycled lumber, rebar, cement, rock, etc.)
--volunteers to learn and help with construction, including cob
plastering, roofing, etc.--for about three weeks

Also, during this time, experienced field checkers and those with high-clearance vehicles will be needed to continue the work that BMBP would normally do if the construction weren't taking up so much energy.

For inquiries and donations, contact: Karen Coulter (541)385-9167
(messages- please leave a time and phone number where you can be reached.)
**BMBP can also be contacted via email through Cascadia Rising:

homepage: homepage: http://bmbp.cascadiarising.org