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Seattle Grand Jury Imprisons Kim Berardi!

Kim Berardi is a well known activist who has played a strong role in many struggles. Yesterday she was jailed in Seattle for "civil contempt of a grand jury" for refusing to give up her constitutional right to remain silent.
Thursday, July 1st, activist Kim Berardi appeared before a federal grand jury in Seattle, Washington under subpoena. Tonight, she sits in a jail cell after failing to answer questions about her political beliefs and the two people supporting her outside of the court room. Today, it's Kim. Tomorrow it'll be you... unless you act today.

Stop the political witch hunt!

Now is a crucial time in determining how things will proceed for Kim. Let us now set the stage and demonstrate that jailing AR activists for contempt is more trouble than it's worth. At least make one telephone call... Kim's freedom truly depends upon our support.

Sea-Tac Federal Detention Center

Telephone: (206) 870-5700

The jailers don't seem overly annoyed at this point. That generally means they haven't been getting many calls. Demand that Kim be released or at least allowed to make contact with her support committee. As a vegan, we want to make sure that Kim is also receiving food she can eat. Just call the jail today!

Additionally, the feds are refusing to release almost any details about Kim--they're not even stating what she's been charged with.

Kim can receive mail at:

FDC Seatac

Kim Berardi

Inmate #34385-086

PO Box 13900

Seattle, WA 98198

Andrew C. Friedman, AUSA

US Attorney's Office

601 Union Street, Suite #5100

Seattle, WA 98101

Phone: (206) 553-7970

Fax: (206) 553-0882

Feel free to drop Friedman a line and let him know that he should be ashamed of himself.

More details will be released in the next couple of days with new numbers to call and ways to express your outrage to those responsible for this travesty of justice. But more than anything, just get out there and get active, there's no stronger message of solidarity than ACTION.

For more info, feel free to contact:


(323) 993-5720

homepage: homepage: http://www.nocompromise.org
phone: phone: (323) 993-5720

Jail Support Protest Tomorrow 02.Jul.2004 11:38

Free Kim

Join activist from all over the west coast to protest the unjust jailing of Kim Berardi!!!

When: July 3rd at 2pm

Where: Federal Detention Center-Seatac: 2425 South 200th St. SeaTac, WA 98198

more info 02.Jul.2004 11:44


Some feedback 02.Jul.2004 14:37


Officer Peterson (Spelling unconfirmed) said at 2:30pm that "you can tell eveyone who is calling that she is getting the proper nutrition, to the best of our ability."

The female officer who answered the phone originally handed off the phone to Officer Peterson, a male, who was fairly short with me on the phone.

Since I did not yell or get upset with him, he had to assume I might be an attorney or someone not to F with... so he did make nice after a while.

Please note that it is not his fault she is there.

Asst US Attorney 02.Jul.2004 14:54


Andrew Friedman's number is shared; you will want to call the 206-553-7970 number and be transferred to his voicemail or his assistant.

His assistant's name is Christina Morton and she is back on Tuesday July 6th,
while Friedman is back on July 14th - so there should be plenty of opportunity for those of you who test voicemail system capacities.

Friday of a holiday weekend, HA! Callers could maybe try to social engineer the cell phone... that would make a nice vacation gift.

When I called the number 02.Jul.2004 15:14


I was told she was under the auspices of the Marshall's Service, at 206-553-5500

McCarthy lives! 03.Jul.2004 00:16

Wise old woman

Lest anyone EVER wonder why or if learning of world
or local history is important, the story of Kim is a
perfect reason to pay close attention.

Like the styles of the 70's (that were ugly then)
now returning, so is the arrogant and ruthless
attitude of Joe McCarthy, the infamous 'commie' hunter of the 50's coming around for another go at
stepping over our constitutional rights as if they
were just so much litter in the street.

It is always difficult to spot a trend at the start
of one. We are shy to draw a line over which we
say not just 'no' but ''HELL NO!' at the jump. We
really need to have a conversation with our souls
and come to terms with the courage and boundries
of our lives and just what we will NOT let them take from us.

As a little girl I rode segrated bus in Mississippi
and joined the group in the back of the bus and
daily was ejected from the bus. At 10 yrs old, I
knew they were wrong, and did the only thing I could. Today, I do the same. We know what Kim is
enduring is WRONG. Lets do what we can, or, as the poem says, who will be there when they come for us?

Lets sing them our phone song of fredom...

wait a minute 03.Jul.2004 02:07


"the arrogant and ruthless attitude of Joe McCarthy, the infamous 'commie' hunter of the 50's..

By the way, there were commies in the 50s--lots of them all through the US gov't. It was an early NWO putsch. It did get out of control and it did serve the WWII escaped fascist supporters, though let's be clear: there were indeed communist spies all through the U.S. government. Harry Hopkins, FDR's right hand man, was one of them. And the original 56 or so that McCarthy identified--well, they were indeed immediately OUT OF GOVERNMENT, or transferred, quietly. It's sad to see lefties ignore history, simply became it came with a right wing messenger. Hell, even Al Smith, loyal to the Democratic party in the 1930s, totally was against FDR!

Protest?? - Make it count!! 04.Jul.2004 10:40

Doug doug@funkypretzel.com

I appriciate every move people make in trying to bring about liberty as we should know it, but protesting will not work. It may make you feel better, so by all means, do it. But, if you want to make it count, read the few short articles titled "Steppin Out" at funkypretzel.com, commentary page (6). We're an army shooting "blanks" in our rifles. We think we're strong. We'll never be strong until we "step out" of their system and step into the original, organic Republic that was given to us. It was taken away by deceit and lies. It will be taken back by truth and honesty. The ONE THING that ALL bureaucrats fear is truth. Truth is the weapon and knowledge is the ammunition. The strength of your pulse is not your willingness to die for what you believe, but your determined position to LIVE for what you KNOW. Get educated, then do the job that needs to be done. Practically NOTHING in conventional politics and most religion (as we have been taught) is real. I'm just trying to help. I'm learning, just like you. Throw out a life-line, help others where you can, but don't tie that life-line to yourself, you might get pulled into the mud. Tie it to a well rooted tree. Remember, funkypretzel.com/steppin_out_3.htm I think you'll be surprised. Doug

RE: Wait a minute 05.Jul.2004 13:56

John Ashcroft

Somebody seemed to think that this was a good forum to defend Joe McCarthy - unfortunately they did not seem to feel that this is a good forum for accurate data.

First off, the 56 "infiltrators" that McCarthy "rescued" America from were accused of communist sympathies four years prior to McCarthy's smear campaigns. Many of them were considered communist because of acoholism, sexual deviance and other characteristics that had nothing to do with their politics. McCarthy just exploited their misfortune because he was an unpopular Senator and feared that he had little hope for re-election.

Second of all, it was not left wing ideologues but the rather the US Army that served as the catalyst for McCathy's downfall. Republican president Dwight Eisenhower and Secretary of the Army Robert Stevens frantically leaked damning evidence of McCarthy's misconduct to the media because they feared that his uncomprising camapign to destroy anyone who opposed him was a threat to national security.

Finally, the communists and the rest the world watches the developments of the United States' witch hunt very closely. Had McCarthy's inquistion been the only force standing between communist infiltrators and the US government, then the Soviet Union would have surely eclipsed the US shortly after McCarthy's downfall.

Depriving people of their freedom and rights is no way to gain security. It is a quick and convenient solution for those who lack the character to take reponsibility for their lives. However, just as McCarthy was deemed a threat to national security, the demogoues who persecute animal rights activists
while serious threats to national secutrity loom will very likely find themselves replaced by more pragmatic leaders.

More info please 06.Jul.2004 14:20


Can someone familar with the court proceedings, please tell me more about Kim's case?
I understand she is in prison for not disclosing information, but what is the larger case about?

re: more info 08.Jul.2004 06:20

kim berardi

First, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who made calls to the Federal Detention Center, to the Judge and to the AUSAs. I greatly appreciate it.

In regards to the investigation, we are not sure what it is about. The government is not disclosing that information.