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Taking a look at The LCV

I have been campaigning for 2 straigt weeks with the Nader campaign here in Oregon, and something caught my attention as strange and sad.
After seeing the League of Conservation Voters at many of the events we were at as well as front and center in obstructing and intimidating voters at the Nader Convention, I thought I'd do a little research. You see I thought it strange from the begining that this group would be so active in partisan efforts. They were well organized and well supplied with expensive materials, t-shirts etc and were recruiting volunteers for the Kerry campaign. Not exactly what you see in a run of the mill "Grassroots" organization. I called the local office (the OREGON League of Conservation Voters) and was told by a worker there that they are not the ones that are organizing the partisan efforts. There is supposedly a seperate group run by the national NPO that is running them. I will continue my investigation and post here as I find more. At the very least, working under the name of a repected local NPO is misleading, and the worst it may threaten the 501(c)(4) tax exempt status.

Here's one thing I turned up. A little dated but it answered some of my questions.....

Read on True Believer.


League of Conservation Voters Endorses Husband of Teresa Heinz Kerry
Key Environmental Groups Funded by the Heinz Endowments
By John K. Carlisle

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Q: What Ties Philanthropy to Politics?

A: Marriage and Money

The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) is an environmental activist group which seeks to influence legislation and support political candidates who favor its positions on the environment. On January 24 LCV endorsed John Kerry for the presidency. While it's hardly a surprise that the liberal LCV would endorse Senator Kerry, the early timing of the endorsement raises certain questions.

In 2000, the LCV waited until April to endorse Vice President Gore, a candidate whose advocacy for LCV's positions on environmental issues is much stronger than Kerry's. Why did LCV jump so early on the Kerry bandwagon?

A clue may be found in grants the Heinz Endowments of Pittsburgh made to environmental groups whose leaders sit on the LCV board of directors. Teresa Heinz Kerry, wife of Senator Kerry, is chairman of the Howard Heinz Endowment (HHE) and a board member of the Vira I. Heinz Endowment (VHE) as well as chairman of the Heinz Family Foundation. The LCV Education Fund received $10,000 from the Heinz Family Foundation in 2001. More importantly, at least four members of the LCV board of directors lead environmental groups that received more than $1,000,000 from the Heinz philanthropies in the past three years.

What follows are the organizations receiving Heinz Endowments grants whose leaders sit on the LCV board.

Natural Resources Defense Council - John Adams, president of NRDC

2003 -- $50,000 to address environmental hazards in Greene County, PA (VHE)

Wilderness Society - William Meadows III, president of WS

2003 -- $50,000 to promote certified wood products in Pennsylvania (VHE)

Environmental Defense - Fred Krupp, president of ED

2003 -- $200,000 for Conestoga Watershed Project (HHE)
2002 -- $200,000 for water pollutant trading (HHE)
2001 -- $200,000 Pennsylvania [Watershed] Project (VHE)
2001 -- $1,000 from Heinz Family Foundation

West Harlem Environmental Action - Peggy M. Shepard, Exec. Dir. of WHEA

2003 -- $250,000 recipient of the 10th Annual Heinz Award

League of Conservation Voters
2001 -- $10,000 - Heinz Family Foundation (General Operating Support)
LCV Says That Kerry Voted Wrong 47 percent of 2003 Enviro Votes 29.Jun.2004 19:48

Former Democrat

Why would the LCV endorse, and claim that he's so great on the environment when they also say that he voted wrong on environmental issues almost half of the time last year.

This is a direct quote from Project Vote Smart:
On the votes that the League of Conservation Voters considered to be the most important in 2003, Senator Kerry voted their preferred position 53 percent of the time.


This means that he voted wrong 47 percent of the time. I guess Kerry is not much of an environmentalist, even by the League of Conservation Voters' own standards.


Vote Nader 04

I actually called them up and wrote them demanding to know why they endorsed Kerry when if you look at the records on their own website, Dennis Kucinich had a better record for the last congressional year and has missed fewer environmental votes, I cancelled my membership with them as well as with Move On who never endorsed Kucinich when they should have/could have , they just keep sending us Kerry donation crap nowadays.

Say one thing and do another.

Give your time and money to real groups.

As Senator, Kerry actually voted "wrong" only 8% of the time. 14.Aug.2004 23:33

independent voter

LCV endorses Kerry because his lifetime voting average in the Senate for voting pro-environment is 92, which is an AMAZING record. Kucinich's average is only 90.