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"Protest Warriors" check out the right wing response to us!!!

I was messing around and found this web page. These guys have posted three or four times on this site, and have not recieved a response. Anyway...
"protest warriors" is a new right wing group that has sprung up lately around the recent rush towards conservative ideals. We all know, yet some of us fear to admit, that the right has made majorly large steps in this country in the last 20 + years. One of the main tactics they use, is the co-option of our techniques, and "PROTEST WARRIORS" is the newest thing.

I heard about them on a conservative webpage. Their recent claim to fame is the infiltration of the Daily Show, and, much like the left, the following disruption that took place once they made it inside. So, I went to their page. Really interesting actually. They target youth, and they shove the typical right wing talk show host neo fascism down the kids throat. They then organize counter protests around ANSWER events and so on.

Some of you may have actually seen one of these "warriors" at one of our events recently. He was at the March 30 protest at Pioneer Square. You all know the guy, the one with "Besides fascism, communism, nazism, ext war has never solved anything". He had his own three person police protection unit, and a whole group of children...

Anyway just thought I would update you on the Right's most recent development.

The thing I find the most interesting is that they are claiming that they are "at war" with us. Yep you heard it. And that they have to "take the battle" to the "enemy" (us). They have missions with cute little names like "Mission Hawk", were they plan counter protests to events organized by the left.

Anyone else noticed that this country is kinda edgy lately? And kinda split down the middle???

anyway here's the link.


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Revolutionary Youth Collective
these guys are just trying to make a buck 29.Jun.2004 17:21


Don't waste your time with them.

Just trying to make a buck eh? 29.Jun.2004 20:30

just a citizen

You, dear Reader, are full of it. "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain" LOLOL. You slay me.

I looked at the website. I urge all who see this post to do so as well. This is a website dedicated to building an effective Right wing response to the Left on our own ground. I submit that if these folks gain traction, and I think they will, it's going to mean that all of us better get our facts straight. Passion is good, but unless one is informed and determined as well the PW will win by default.

Note their rules of enagement. They make no bones about being annoying. The person who loses their cool first loses the debate and any undecided citizens who may be standing by, and this is something they are taking into account. This is smart, although some of their comments are not. I have (I think) encountered some of these folks at a recent PPRC march and their statements were not hard to deflect, but yes, annoying as hell.

Enough from me for now. I will enjoy following this thread.

Can't help but wonder ... 29.Jun.2004 22:29


Considering they have adopted (or claim to have adopted) all the tactics of the left, I can't help but wonder if the "Protest Warriors" will also wind up being watched, infiltrated and harrassed as a potentially subversive or terrorist group by Ashcroft and his fearless defenders of democracy. Nahh ... didn't think so.

doubt it 30.Jun.2004 06:25


I doubt that this group will get any attention at all from the government. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they get support!

There is a pretty big chance that the cops will actually side with this group if a confrontation ever occurs. I've seen it happen in the past, not with the "protest warriors", but with others. You know the story right wing fascist attacks anarchist protester, only to have the anarchist go to jail...

I am surprised this thread got so little response. I've spent some more time on the site and have since found pictures of these protest warriors doing target practice (doesn't scare me, it's just posturing), a sign that says "Eliminate the Arab Enemy", and several other things that indicate how off their rockers, racist, and ignorant this group is. Which is scary to me, it seems to fit the picture of the goon squads of pre-fascist Italy pretty well...

operation wolverine 30.Jun.2004 08:01


did anyone see the full length movie operation wolverine on there site. im DL ing it now.
here what they have to say:
on March 20, ProtestWarrior unleashed Operation Wolverines, a national counter-strike against the recent round of anti-war protests, or as we refer to it, A.N.S.W.E.R.'s Hate Across America.

In each major city they marched, a PW Posse was there to confront
them and expose their sick agenda.
From Los Angeles to San Francisco to Chicago and finally NYC, you'll see what happens when you take the principles of the Left all the way. While American flags are burned, stepped on, and literally dragged through the streets,
hundreds of Palestinian flags wave among the throngs of anti-war protesters. And when confronted with anyone expressing a dissenting opinion, you'll see just how violent these so-called peace activists can get.
wow! this is like the clear channel counter anti war protests. i wonder who organized or sponsors them? and how can we oppose there tactics or use them to our advantage?
here the link for the film.

dandelion 30.Jun.2004 08:50

don't forget...

the Left also goes out for target practice from time to time.

Posturing typically leads to confrontation, which leads to conflict. Draw your own conclusions.

Protest Warriors exposed 30.Jun.2004 15:53


Do some research! 30.Jun.2004 15:58


If it can be proven that tax-payers money is being used to build and work this site.

You can shut it down.

If not crash the site.

Forget??? 30.Jun.2004 17:38


Hell, the shots of the kids with guns on the web page (and yes they were kids), was about as threatening as seeing a poodle on the street. Not even a mean poodle. The weapons they were holding were all close range automatics, which was scary, like a poodles afro. But, the way they were holding them indicated their ignorance. Two pistols in one hand, a joke!!! I guess if you are going for 75% less accurate hit ration that works...

Yea it's a joke!!! But it's a real joke because of the posturing involved. These kids could bring the level of confrontation at protests to a new level. I have seen what a heavy handed reaction can do at protests, and combine this with a group mentality? Damn that is scary!!! But, if they rush us, there is no doubt that the cops would tear gas if it got out of control, and I gaurntee my affinity group is a lot better prepared for this then they would be. Maybe that would wake um up a bit...

Sorry for the agro nature, the dandelion grew some thorns today, listening to right wing radio always takes some wind down time.


Protest Warriors fools 30.Jun.2004 23:15

PW slimeballs

Well they schemed their was onto TV this morning.

a joke indeed 01.Jul.2004 09:04


it's a good thing these people appear incompetent as well as thoughtlessly vindictive.

Notwithstanding, the appearance of various "brownshirt" factions (on top of the riot squads) speaks very ill for the future of dissent, protest, etc. As other posters have mentioned, cops often tacitly allow these sorts of goons to intimidate, and in some cases, attack peaceful protesters.

Oh yeah, I forgot standing in the street is an act of violence against commuters now... never mind, bring on the Bush Youth! Save our drive-throughs!

Insinuation of violence innapropriate 19.Jul.2004 13:05

jay jonwmiller@qwest.net


Even insinuations of violence are not appropriate and impinge your credibility even worse than losing your cool in a debate in front of undecideds. I briefly browsed the PW website and saw nothing suggesting violence in any way. If someone is going to slide in that direction they deserved to be watched by Asscroft and his minions. This is America and our message is for freedom of expression in all it's forms. Let the PW's do what they want, the American public is "the people" and will be the ones in the long run who determine who is correct.

Littleton, CO