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2nd Annual GuitarZilla Festival and Benefit

The World's Largest Guitar Jam and benefit is coming up on Sunday, July 25th, 2004 in Pioneer Courthouse Square from 11 am - 3 pm. There will be family circus entertainment, and the jam session begins at 2 pm. Come help set the record, have a great time, and know that you are benefitting to a great organization!
The 2nd Annual GuitarZilla has arrived!! Grab your guitar and head over to Pioneer Courthouse Square at 11 am on Sunday, July 25th, 2004 and be ready to have a rockin good time! You can join upwards of 1,000 guitarists in playing "This Land is Your Land" in the key of D right in tune, and if you are a little out of key, no worries because there will be tuners on-hand.

If you are not a musical person and would like to showcase your talent for juggling, balloon art, face painting, or are a clown, we would love for you to come and be a part of the family entertainment prior to the Jam session.

Come celebrate Portland's awesome music culture and build community while helping Sisters of the Road. Sisters is a non profit organization who for the past 25 years has provided a safe place in the Old Town/Chinatown neighborhood. They offer dignity and respect to each and every person who walks through their door. Sisters exists to alleviate hunger in an atmosphere of non-violence and gentle personalism that nurtures the whole individual toward changes that will reach the root of his or her homelessness and poverty and end it forever. Goals for the 25th anniversary include taking leadership from our customers in the creation of long-term, innovative solutions to end homelessness and poverty in our community.

Come participate in an awesome event to support the community, and have a great time going down in history as a member of the World's Largest Guitar Jam Band!!!

homepage: homepage: http://www.sistersoftheroadcafe.org
phone: phone: (503) 222 - 5694