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Fahrenheit 9/11..

Farenheit 9/11 is about is accurate a documentary as the Godfather is a true story...
For instance, in one often-showed clip, Moore claims that President Bush was on vacation 42 percent of the time during his first several months in office — but that estimation included weekends at Camp David, a common practice for presidents. Without those days figured in, Bush actually spent 13 percent of his time on vacation.

The movie also criticizes Bush for staying inside a Florida classroom full of kids for a full seven minutes after he learned that the country was under attack on Sept. 11, 2001.

However, the vice chairman of the Sept. 11 commission has said that Bush did the right thing. "Bush made the right decision in remaining calm, in not rushing out of the classroom," said Lee Hamilton, a former Democratic congressman from Indiana.

In "Fahrenheit 9/11" Moore also claims that the White House approved plans for planes to pick up relatives of Usama Bin Laden right after the attacks. But according to terrorism czar Richard Clarke (search), he alone approved the Saudi flights.

In addition, Moore says that the departing Saudis were not properly processed by the FBI when leaving the country. That too is contradicted by the Sept. 11 commission, which said the Saudis were properly interviewed.

Finally, Moore shows prominent members of the Taliban visiting Texas, implying that they were invited by then-Governor Bush. The Taliban delegation, however, was invited to Houston by UNOCAL, a California energy company.

Moore also doesn't mention that the visit was made with the permission of the Clinton administration, which twice met with Taliban members — in 1997 and 1998.
A reading list for you 29.Jun.2004 13:51


There are many sources from which to get your information - where did you get yours?!?

Try: Democracy Now!, Pacifica, oilempire.us, vermelho.org.br (fabulous if you can read portuguese), Oregon Peaceworks, the Guardian, The Independant,
and how about reading Greg Palast, Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klien, Arundhati Roy,
etc etc etc.

You have to know that when you listen to corporate media you will get a very fuzzy picture at best, outright lies or censore at worst.

The timne is now to WAKE UP!!!!!!

7 minute delay 29.Jun.2004 14:12


That slug brain some call "president" is a complete idiot.

Some say his 7 minute wait was to demonstrate thoughtful reserve. Bullshit!

The country is under attack (so he says) and he wants to demonstrate reserve to a class full of kids? If he had to take a dump he would not have waited one minute.

Whatever your politics, 29.Jun.2004 16:08


Whatever your politics, the president comes off looking like a rich prick, variously confused, arrogant, and overall, immensely vulnerable.

actually... 29.Jun.2004 16:53


so are you saying that weekends at camp david aren't vacation? camp david or not, bush has spent a higher percentage of his time in office on vacation than any other president in our history. he also works the least hours per day of any president we've had, as he relies mostly on his cabinet and various advisors when making decisions. he even tivos the news in the morning to help him decide how to spin things in upcoming speeches and press releases (this according to ari fleischer).

you're right that it was probably a good thing that bush stayed calm in that classroom when he was told about the attacks. any other president probably would have got up right away and done something about it, but that would've freaked people out if our president was that concerned about something. he wasn't even afraid to fly out of florida after that. but he must've been stressed or shocked or something because he couldn't even remember what happened that morning. he gave press several contradictory accounts of the events that took place in florida that morning when he was informed. he even claimed to have seen the first plane on tv crash into the world trade center, which was impossible because that clip wasn't caught live and was not even broadcast until the next day.

also, according to sources at the fbi, bush himself approved those flights evacuating the bin ladens. if you view the actual documents, which have been declassified, you can see that this is the case.

and have you read the report of the sept. 11 commission? because it shows concern that the saudis were NOT properly interviewed.

and one more thing, the taliban has been invited to the united states and texas in particular a number of times at the request of various energy companies. the last time was actually in 2001, not 1997-1998, although they were there at that time as well. energy companies had been pushing for a pipeline through afghanistan for years, and the u.s. government, according to the washington post and l.a. times, had begun preparing for a possible intervention in afghanistan since july of 2001.

whether or not the facts are entirley accurate 29.Jun.2004 17:54

hoping for a real, free america again

Although one can squabble all day and nite for the rest of our lives about the accuracy of the facts, what Moore is trying to do is give us the alternate view point: critical thinking about the Bush Administration.
And it is working. If that movie can make people look harder at the moron the current president is, then it should be applauded. Actually, it should make all of us look critically at how we have let things get to this point. Finger-pointing is easy, the next question is: How responsible am I for this shitty adminstration? I had better vote, at least, and speak out, and donate my time for freedom and democracy, at least. If I do not, I am just a puppet who has no power and that is exactly what has let the current regime go as far as it has. It is what
the Bush admin wants. Sheep.

how stupid is he? 29.Jun.2004 20:32


After recieving a memo entitled 'bin laden determined to attack in the US' is seems highly unlikely that even the dumbest of people would continue a photo op not remembering that planes do not usually fly that low in New York, and that the WTC is high on the list of terrorist targets, Bush actually said he thought it was an accident! He should never have entered the classroom in the first place. It is ridiculous that americans have not marched on washington already to thrown the treasonous bastard out!

hee hee 30.Jun.2004 07:30

haw haw

"Finally, Moore shows prominent members of the Taliban visiting Texas, implying that they were invited by then-Governor Bush. The Taliban delegation, however, was invited to Houston by UNOCAL, a California energy company."

Hee hee!! You sure slipped up! Bet you didn´t think about that one before you wrote it, eh?

ah, faux news 30.Jun.2004 13:36


Always fairly biased.

to sum up and expand 30.Jun.2004 17:08


1) Vacation Time:

Bush Jr. - 500 days (as of April 8, 2004)
Clinton - 152 days in 8 years
Bush Sr. - 543 days in 4 years
Reagan - 335 days in 8 years
Carter - 79 days in 4 years

Clearly, Bush is heading for a new record.

2) Bush on the morning of 9/11

First, Bush is told about the first plane prior to the photo op. Why does he continue with the photo op? Is it because he was aware that something was going to happen and therefore not a shock? Even if Bush's claim that he thought it was an accident, don't you think that the accidental flying of a plane into the World Trade Center deserved some attention from the president rather than a photo-op?

In other words, either Bush was briefed and knew it was an attack and continued calmly with his photo op or he wasn't briefed on the impending attacks and thought it was an accident that didn't require his attention. Which of these defenses do the Bush supporters really want to embrace?

Second, as Bush is told about the second plane, the most obvious thing for him to do would have been to excuse himself and begin getting more information and making decisions. Time was a factor in the attacks, as anyone can attest. No one is claiming that Bush should have made a scene, that is just a straw-man. He should have apologized, excused himself, and immediately been brought up to speed on what had happened. That's not unreasonable or irrational to expect from the commander-in-chief in that situation.


I'll address the other claims in a future post since I am not able to complete this at the moment.

to Black Asp, why make The Big Dance then? 01.Jul.2004 21:42


You sort of forgot to mention that the Bush Administration put out that 'made for TV movie' where ACTORS played a decisive Bush, etc.. The Nazi propoganda film they made was called The Big Dance. And Bush even had it made in Canada so Canadian taxpayers would subsidize it according to some of their laws there. Believe it! Canada! You were screwed: you funded Bush's political propoganda on us here!

Three films that should be played back to back, in this order for Black Asp:

1. The Big Dance (Bush Administration SHOWTIME movie to create 'Bush was active!' memes in the sheeple)
2. Farenheit 9-11 (Moore), for peeling off only a small part of the onion skin, so you can cry a bit,
3. 9-11: The Road to Tyranny (Jones), your total deprogramming treatment