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where are the peace buttons anti bush stickers and posters?

Looking for a website i thought was linked to Indymedia that has downloadable images for peace protests, stickers posters and buttons.
Anyone able to help me find a site that has free dowloadable graphics to make posters, flyers and to purchase bumper stickers and buttons that are pro peace and anti bush?
I used to see it here on indymedia but i can't find it, the images were great!!!
I lost my bookmark!
Thanks for the help.

Lets get out and make noise we have only till nov. 2nd!!!

try northern sun 29.Jun.2004 09:19


At www.northernsun.com

I've also had luck doing a google search.

Kerry, Bush both Hawks 29.Jun.2004 09:27


We'll have to keep those peace signs up AFTER Nov if Kerry OR Bush win.. But I have been wondering about the absence of peace signs also.

Check Out Cafe Press for Items to Buy 29.Jun.2004 10:40

North Portlander

They aren't free, but most are affordable - check out Cafe Press and search for "Bush". It's a remarkable gauge of the public anger and frustration when a "grassroots" product distributor like Cafe Press (which represents many individuals) can offer up thousands upon thousands of bumper stickers, mugs, t-shirts - even thongs and baby bibs - with election-related slogans. Some of them will have you on the floor, helpless with laughter; others are thoughtful. And - YES - there are items with the peace symbol:


Some of the product pages have links to even bigger pages full of an endless amount of creativity. People should check these out for sign ideas the next time the shrub or his minions invade Portland.

Here are some free sites 29.Jun.2004 16:44

tsalagi red

Some sites for free artwork and posters:

WAR -- antiwar artwork

Never Calm Posters



free music 29.Jun.2004 20:29


Lots of T-s + posters 01.Jul.2004 15:42

Camp Shut Down

There are lots of good T-s and various products ( a Bush head doormat!) at


and there are downloadable posters & art at




I make anti-bush stickers & buttons 21.Aug.2004 05:59

this guy pantsforbreakfast@yahoo.com

You can purchase them at Laughing Horse Books on SE Division, 360 Vinyl (214 NW Couch St.), & at citybikes annex on SE Ankeny.

more bumperstickers 30.Aug.2004 13:29

lnmassaro alan.massaro@verizon.net

seyageorge.com is a good one. From Bush's back yard, Austin, by Two Unemployed Democrats.