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NATO summit in Istanbul - Part 2

June 29th -

Yesterday was the beginning of the NATO summit in Istanbul.
June 29th -

Yesterday was the beginning of the NATO summit in Istanbul. Leaders of the member nations met deep within the bubble of quiet that the Turkish state, with the help of intelligence agencies from its imperialist brethren, established for their bellicose repose. Meanwhile, in the streets of the city the police, gendarmes, and military began a direct and unprovoked attempt to stifle all dissent. Marches were attacked (sometimes before they began) with gas bombs, water cannons, clubs, and in the case of a small anarchist group that attempted to support an embattled socialist march, live ammunition.

The result of the state strategy is the reduction of resistance to either irrelevent chanting (like the humiliated rituals of caged animals), or a counterproductive battle to survive the assault of overwhelming force. Resistance to state oppression has not ceased since it began, perhaps with the occasional hopes that a miracle will occur and we will win, but more often than not, because it is the only option. It is the only outlet for the utterly dominated. It is the urge for justice and liberty, and the instinct towards mutual aid that guides us. But we are too few.

The message has been clear. The cabalistic meetings of the world's elite, whether economic or military (though personally, I have a hard time making a distinction) represent not only a self-contained society closed to outside participation, but also the natural apex of a self-objectifying social system. Physical space is removed from us as well. We have condoned it with our passive collaboration, and there is nothing left for us. All is contained within a superstructure of violence so commonplace, so mundane, that it has achieved a state of transparency. Safe access to and movement within this empyreal occupation is granted only when complete subservience to its nearly religious moral demands has been demonstrated. This is the total control of the slaughterhouse. Our definition of words like "dissent" and "opposition" must either evolve with the setting in which we use them or become dying bleats in the din of the machine.