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One man in tree shuts down logging for the day at Nugget Timber Sale

Logging is active at the Nugget Timber Sale in the Mckenzie Ranger District in the Willamette National Forest. Some of the units were logged last summer, but upon learning cutting had commenced within the sale again in the past week or so, one man decided he had seen enough. In an action that should be an inspiration to all Cascadians, he went to the area determined to do what he could to halt the operation and occupied a tree in unit 8 of the sale.

When fellers arrived for work the next morning, they found him perched high in the branches of a large Douglas Fir. Evidently the fellers attempted to tell him he needed to come down and leave the area immediatly-he replied that was not going to happen and he was going to be there for an undetermined amount of time. There was a lengthy discussion between members of the felling crew and after a while they decided they could not cut with him there and jumped in their trucks and left the area.
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